Religion and Philosophy

History of religious and philosophical institutions, beliefs, and customs

Long Arm of the Law: Medieval Crime and Punishment

After a week in absence, Dame Aoife is back, with links on medieval criminal justice.

Medieval Spring Celebrations

Aoife is just in time this week, with an Aoife's Links edition devoted to Spring Equinox rituals and customs and other celebrations of the season.

"Kingdom of Heaven" Trailer Released

A trailer previewing Ridley's Scott's epic film on the Crusades, Kingdom of Heaven, has been released online.

Begin the Beguine: Medieval charity began at home

Dame Aoife starts the holiday season with thoughts of charity, both in the Middle Ages and in the modern world (but with an historical twist).

East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild

The Soothsayers' Guild is for those interested in all forms of divination, both as practiced in SCA period and as practiced in the Current Middle Ages. While based in the East Kingdom, membership is open to all interested gentles.