Creation of articles from leather, fur, or hide

Garb the World

Garb the World provides custom made clothing and period shoes for all body sizes. Choose your own styles, colors, and trims. They offer a wide variety of goods, including tunics, pants, cloaks, dresses, kilts, shirts, robes, veils, etc., and they have leather goods, including long ring belts of all colors. Featured items include "First-Time Specials" as well as outfits for Vikings, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, and even Jutes.

Stuart Corporation of America

SCAboots.com is "Stuart Corporation of America", a family-owned business in the state of Washington (U.S. west coast). They import mass-produced boots that are suitable for use in many living history organizations. Levels of authenticity vary; some of the boots have zippers and some do not, as described on the product catalog pages.

Quarry Dig Reveals Iron Age Shoe

The oldest Iron Age shoe ever discovered in the United Kingdom has been unearthed at a quarry near Wellington, England. The 2,000-year-old shoe has still visible lace holes.


Armlann offers footwear, forgework, castings and leather goods.

Cursed Boots of Pain for Sale on eBay

SCAdian Lord Gustav Jameson is selling a pair of "cursed boots of pain" on eBay, and therein hangs the tale....

Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises

Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises is a source for historical military & civilian clothing, footwear, and books on arms & armor, medieval history, and Western martial arts.


Shrewwood sells uniquely carved items with an eye to the past in horn, antler, wood, leather, amber and bone. Designs are influenced by Celtic and Scandinavian Dark Age artifacts.

Talbot's Fine Accessories

Talbot's offers replica medieval jewelry and accessories, historical artifacts and antiquities, and books and pamphlets on topics on shoemaking, metalworking, and other topics.

Blackwood Jewellery

Replica jewelry, belts, garters, and other accessories are available from Blackwood Jewellery.


Urweg specializes in Nordic-themed items, including jewelry, hairpieces, belts, pouches and bags, and drinking horns.

House Morningstar

House Morningstar supplies hand-made garments of natural fibers, costume accessories, books, leather goods, and pewter feast ware, along with various other medievalist items.


Realeather provides bulk and specialty leather, hides, strapping, tools, and supplies. Leather is available in a variety of weights, textures, and colors. They also carry armour-weight leather.

Medieval Holiday Gifts

Dame Aoife presents her guide to historical holiday gifts and their modern counterparts for the medievalists on your list.

7th Century Scottish Book Bag Found

The earliest example of a book bag has been found in Scotland.

Book bag reveals the education of ancient Scotland

Archaeologists have discovered that an extremely rare leather artifact, thought to be 1400 years old, was actually a satchel for books.

Medieval shoes: best foot forward

This week's edition of the Links List is all about Footwear.

It Pays to Accessorize: Medieval Hats, Belts and Shoes

What sets us apart from the animals is our ability to accessorize. This week, Dame Aoife has researched an extensive list of links relating to medieval accessories.