Arts and Sciences

Activities and research related to trades, crafts, occupations, or daily life in the Middle Ages, as well as performing and fine arts.

Pounce V

The Incipient Canton of Catteden and the Barony of Red Spears invite you to join us for Pounce V: Curse of the Cats September 22 - 24, 2006

Riverbend Park
16618 Twp. Rd. 208
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Event Autocrat: Lord William the Seafarer, mka: Damian Myers

Site Information
Events Scheduled for Saturday Morning and Afternoon: Location:
Incipient Canton of Catteden (Findlay, Ohio)

Flight of the Falcon II Photos Online

Antonio Felluci has posted photos from Flight of The Falcon II, an event in the Kingdom of Atlantia that emphasized classes for newcomers.

Politarchopolis Baronial Changeover

Come to give thanks to Baron Edmund and Baroness Leta for the past two and a half years they have lead the Barony. Come to celebrate the Spring with the Fourth Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis, Alessandro di Firenzi and Isobel le Breton. Come for the food, the cheer and the Market Fair fun with friends.

Saturday morning Archery site:
Tuggeranong Archery Club
end of Soward Way Tuggeranong UBD 87 L16 Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Forrest, Australia)

Baroness' Champion

The lovely Baroness Katarzina invites one and all to come to Peters Creek in Chugiak to vie by right of heavy weapon combat for the chance to become Her new Champion. No claimant shall be denied, yet only one shall prevail.

Peters Creek Community Park
Chugiak, Alaska

There will be an Arts & Science table set up to display the fine craftsmanship of Oerthan's skilled artisans. Please bring your A&S Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Chugiak, Alaska)

Battle At Dragon's Lake

Just wanted to send this out again for anyone who missed it. The Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,IL) will be having a NEW camping event on September 8-10, 2006.

The event site is set in a Primitive wooded area that is beautiful, peaceful and secluded.

We are having a Quest Tournament that will be great for fighters to participate in as well as for the rest of us to watch. There will be a Location:
Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,Illinois)

November Faire

The weekend of November 10 – 12 the Shire of Wyrmgeist is hosting a Regional Faire featuring an Arts & Science Faire, classes and fighting for those martial of mind. What is the name of the event you ask? It is called November Faire. Where you ask?? It is at the (you know it, you love it, you can find your way there blindfolded) WoW site in Hattiesburg, MS

There will be two A&S Faires – a regional Faire based on Kingdom standards and a November Faire where the entrants will get to judge each other in their category. Everyone gets a chance to participate. So get those projects ready. Location:
Shire of Wyrmgeist (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

Southern Crusades VIII

The Barony of Tir Ysgithr and the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus, the two Great Baronies guarding the southern regions of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, are proud to sponsor SOUTHERN CRUSADES VIII – HEROES OF THE CRUSADES. This 8th annual gathering of warriors, archers, rapier fighters, merchants, dancers, bards, and those interested in things Medieval, combines the most Glorious activities offered by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a not-for-profit educational organization that studies western European history by recreating the "best" pastimes and crafts of the Middle Ages. Location:
Barony of Tir Ysgithr & the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus (Winkelman, Arizona)

Hunter's Moon

On behalf of our Industrious Shire of Hartstone wish to invite one and all to join us for our annual "Hunter’s Moon" on October 21. Our site this year is the Wellsville Elementary School, 98 School Street, Wellsville, NY 14895, some may remember the site from last fall, when we were honored to host Crown Tournament there last year. The site will open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Among the activities planned for the day include an opportunity for instruction from the Order of the Chivalry, as we are honored to carry on the "Gold Chain" Series. For those who prefer the gentler arts, a regional scriptorium is being planned. Location:
Shire of Hartstone (Wellsville, New York)

Schola in the Hinterlands

The Shire of Montevale invites you to make the long trek through the colorful Autumn forests and across the mountains to reach the furthest south and west corner of the Kingdom of the East and help us as we prepare for another Winter.

Event Focus: The winter snows will soon be blowing across our land, and our classes this year are focused on those things which pertain to preparing a medieval keep for the winter months. Location:
Shire of Montevale (Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania)

Thousand and Two Nights: The Tale Continues

Scheherazade regaled the Sultan with tales of adventure and fortune for one thousand and one nights to save her life. Storytellers have retold her stories around campfires for a millennium. Join Sheik Barre, Sheika Cordelia and the entire populace of the Barony of Bright Hills as we spin the yarn for one more night.

Website: Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Hampstead, Maryland)

Innilgard Baronial 20 Year Celebration

Innilgard celebrates 20 years as a Barony with a fabulous feast! Memories and tales of the past blend with the present to create a night of food, song and laughter.

Innilgard Baronial 20 Year Celebration
When: 25th November 2006, Hall opens 6:30, Feast starts 7:00
Where: Clovelly Park Memorial Community Centre
16 York Ave, Clovelly Park
Adelaide, SA, AUS.
Steward: Lady Collette de Harcourt (Rebecca Tonkin) Location:
Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, Australia)

Spring War XII

The Barony of Mordenvale is proud to announce that Spring War XII is approaching to held on from 29/09/2006 to 02/10/06 at Standen Road Lower Belford NSW.

Prices as follows
To September 23: $80.00 M $75.00 NM
After September 23: $110.00

This is fully catered event

For more information contact me at or go to the Mordenvale Website Location:
Barony of Mordenvale (Belford, New South Wales)

First Mates Tourney

It is that time of the year again! For the past twelve months, Lady Ruth (Helmet Hackforth) has valiantly served my Captain in defense of my ship. The Gardian will now be requiring a new and loyal First Mate whose job it is to protect the Captain and the Ship. The First Mate will be chosen by means of a Rapier Tourney, defending the ship from all rougues. The victor will hold the titleof First Mate for the following year. (We will be reporting this event for points towards the Lochac Rapier Championship.) Location:
Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, Australia)

Al-Barran Champions

Lords and Ladies, we pray your attendance at this, our yearly tournament. Fighters, we pray you bring your strengths. Archers, we pray you bring your skills. Bards, we pray you bring your talents. Artisans, we pray you bring your crafts. All peoples, we pray you bring yourselves. Come, join us at this, The al-Barran Champions Tournament!

Al-Barran Champions

September 15th, 16th and 17th 2006. A.S. XLI Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Stanley, New Mexico)

Black Equinox

Please come and join thre of Hammerhold as st time in Japan....... The Shire of Hammerhold presents: Black Equinox: Return of the Longest Running Japanese Event

September 22-24, 2006
Sleepy Bend Campsite, Sardis Lake, Sardis, MS

FIGHTING? Of course, how could we be Hammerhold without it?

  • 1st List: Katana (bastard sword) limited to single weapons (less than 48")
  • 2nd List: Mountain Warrior Li Wu Jin Memorial List - 7.5 foot glaive. Location:
    Shire of Hammerhold (Sardis, Mississippi)

Havoc in Hastings VI

Come and join us for this three-day event in which we pay homage to the Battle of Hastings and perhaps re-write history. Which will you be, Norman or Saxon? This is a family friendly event so please bring the kiddies!

Charleton Park Historical Village
2545 S. Charleton Park Road
Hastings, MI 49058-8102

Site opens Friday September 1, 2006 at 4pm. It's a holiday weekend so feel free to stay until Monday, September 4, 2006 when site closes at 12 noon sharp. Location:
Canton of Three Walls & the Incipient Canton of Templemead (Hastings, Michigan)

Papers by Re-enactors Sought for 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies

The organizers of the 42nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, which takes place May 10-13, 2007 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, have announced that they are seeking papers from re-enactors for this year's conference.

Atlantia A&S Photo Albums Online

Lady Martelle von Charlottenburg has posted photos from the past two Tempore Atlantia A&S competitions.

Pax Axe

Friends and neighbors, you are cordially invited to frolic in play with us for a day of games and fun at a one day event for all the family. 10: a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
St. Louis King of France School Cafeteria (air-conditioned)
1600 Lake Ave.
Metairie, LA 70005

Knowest thou the most formidable methods to procure a triumph many times over in the gaming of Nine Man Morris? Then thou must valiantly battle all Location:
Axemoor (Metairie, Louisiana)

Attack Laurel Academy

Laurels, are you bored? Looking for something to do? Not enough strife in your kingdom? Then "this could be the career for you!" Join the Attack Laurel Academy!

Slay the Dragon 2006

The Humble Shire of Vogelburg cries out once again for a Champion. The evil dragon once again terrorizes the populace of Vogelburg call forth all brave warriors to champion our cause. Call on the Artisans to try and placate the beast with there beautiful works of art. Bards come and sooth the savage beast.

For information on classes and other things go to Location:
Shire of Vogelburg (Pineville, Louisiana)

Pennsic to Feature Laurels' Prize Tourney

Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon has announced that a Laurel's Prize Tourney will take place Friday August 18, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. on the Blue Tourney Field.

Delftwood Championship Event

It's time once again to choose among the battle hardened fighters to see who the fiercest, strongest, and most honorable of them may be. As Lord Conrad MacCallum wearily steps down from his appointed place, he searches for a worthy replacement. Who will it be? Will it be the savvy and deadly Sir Yngvar, Earl Aethelmearc or the good natured Olafr Thorvardarson? Perhaps our young Ulfar of the Sword will rise to the challenge. Above all, a strong protector of the baron must be found! Fighters are encouraged to bring an SCA list legal dagger. Join us for what looks like an extremely entertaining tournament. Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Clay New York)

Mists Rapier Tourney and Salon

Come and join The Divines as we frolic amongst the trees in Scotts Valley on Aug. 12 at the Mists Rapier Tourney and Salon.

For non-fighters we have a theme: Come dressed as a 16th C Courtier masking as a Greek god. Costumes can be pretty simple: wear a chemise (with a bathing suit under it, perhaps, for modesty) and drape yourself with garlands. Use your imagination and have fun with the Location:
Principality of the Mists (Scotts Valley, California)

Raptor War XV

Their Excellencies Tor von Bütterburg and Rachel Ravenlock ask you to gather with them, their friends and cousins, as they mark Raptor War XV.

There will be activities for all!

  • Family Friendly Camping Event
  • Heavy Fighting Tourneys with woods battles
  • Rapier Fighting
  • Equestrian Activities
  • Many Children's activities
  • Laurel's Prize Tourney
  • Reverse Laurel's Prize Tourney Location:
    Barony of Arn Hold (Centerville, Idaho)

Scope of skills and responses honors Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa

At the Spring Mists Investiture, Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke of the West Kingdom issued a challenge to a quest of learning, in loving memory of her recently-departed namesake, Mistress Siobhán ní hEodhusa.

Newcomers' Collegium

The Shire of Windy Meads, in league with the Principality of Cynagua, is hosting a newcomers' collegium on Saturday, August 5, at the Masonic Hall in Esparto. That's about 15 miles West of Woodland.

We have numerous instructors already, but we could use help in a few subjects. We need instructors for cooking, heavy fighting, dancing and "fun in the SCA", an overview of all the different things you Location:
Shire of Windy Meads (Esparto, California)

Artemisia Kingdom Collegium& Equestrian Championship

Kingdom collegium and Kingdom equestrian championship IN THE Barony of Arnhold August 4th-6th 2006

Elmore County Fair Grounds, 855 E. 1st Ave. Glenns Ferry, ID 83623

SITE OPENS: 4pm Friday Aug. 4th
SITE CLOSES: 4pm Sunday Aug. 6th

$10 for Day Trippers for the weekend OR $6 per single day, $15 per camper for all weekend, $20 per RV for the weekend. Children, ages Location:
Barony of Arnhold (Glenns Ferry, Idaho)

Stefan's Florilegium for July 2006

THLord Stefan li Rous has posted updates to Stefan's Florilegium for July 2006.

Inter-Shire Collegium

The Shire of Granite Mountain will host the Inter-Shire Arts & Sciences Collegium. This is an opportunity for those living in the far reaches of Atenveldt to attend a learning experience created just for you! Location:
Shire of Granite Mountain (Prescott, AZ)