Martial, Military, and Combat

Period history of warfare and personal combat, as well as re-creation or re-enactment of same

Great Northeastern War

Ealdormere Crown Tournament

Border Raids XXXIII

Atlantia Crown Tournament

Atenveldt Crown Tournament

Great Western War

Artemisia Crown Tournament

An Tir/West War is a web site devoted to helping female warriors from all kingdoms to achieve their best possible proficiency.

Legio Draconis

Legio Draconis is a publication of a fighting household in the Middle Kingdom. The site is primarily devoted to armoured combat, but also includes other martial arts and some general news items.

Dame Aoife's Links on Espionage and Warfare

Dame Aoife's weekly links list presents seventeen selected web sites with information about spying, strategy, and tactics in the Middle Ages.

Keeping Up with the Crusades

Dame Aoife shares links dealing with the Crusades.