Martial, Military, and Combat

Period history of warfare and personal combat, as well as re-creation or re-enactment of same

Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense

The Shire of Ravenslake presents the Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense-Ravenslake (8), Labor Day weekend 2-4 September 2005 at the Fritche Resort and Country Club, 325 Herbert Road, Lakemoor IL 60050.

Schola Saint George offers weapons training class

The Lewisville Leader reports on a series of classes taught by Brian Price on swordsmanship based on historic texts, taking place at the Civic Circle Recreation Center in Lewisville, Texas.

Flight of the Falcon: Heroics for Newcomers

The Canton of Aire Faucon in the Barony of the Sacred Stone will be hosting an event to welcome newcomers to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in Western North Carolina near Rutherfordton on August 27. All interested members and friends of the SCA are encouraged to come and bring along a friend.

Aphar Faire XIII: Arts and Superstitions

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Shire of Lagerdamm would like to present Aphar Faire XIII: Arts and Superstitions (bring your crosses-- bring your garlic *grin*)

Online SCA demo

Diomedes Sebastianus provides a clearing house for information about the SCA, especially newcomers and those interested in finding out what the Society has to offer.

Algarada en la Frontera (Border Intrusion)

The incipient Shire of Alcazar (sponsored by Holmrike) welcomes you to help us make this year’s Border intrusion even more successful than the wonderful event we had last year. It will be a weekend in a rural Spanish small-town with narrow alleys, rustic taverns, historical buildings, and ruins from as way back as Roman time.

Shire Eresborg's Summer Camp

Welcome to the Incipient Shire of Eresborg's summer camp. (This is not an official event, but you are all welcome anyway.)

"It's Only a War" Photos Online

Shava has posted photos from the recent "It's Only a War" event in the Kingdom of Northshield.

South of the Border Raids

Join Their Majesties of the Middle and Meridies for a sparkling weekend of fierce combat and contests, of chivalry and challenges.

Desert Wind Photos Online

Lord Tal has posted photos from Atlantia's recent Desert Wind event.

Defender's Tourney

Courtly Love has inspired great deeds of chivalry and valor both on and off the field. The Shire of Sylvan Glen invites all to come and continue that tradition at our annual Defender's Tourney. The theme for the tourney is "Courtly Love and the deeds it inspires." Come and show your unwavering devotion to your Lord or Lady through feats of martial, artistic and courtly grace.

Murder Melee in the Meadow XXII

The Barony of Ben Dunfirth proudly presents Murder Melee in the Meadow XXII.

Early SCA Photos Online

William of Bellwood has posted several albums of vintage SCA photos on the House Bellwood website. The photos begin in the year 1976.

Glory VIII: On Wings of Glory

From glorious dawn to the last glimmer of firelight, there will be fighting, fencing, archery, bardic, dancing, feasting, and revelry. Come one, come all to Glory VIII: On Wings of Glory!

Multiple slideshows from Potrero War posted

Jim Engebretson has posted multiple slideshows with photos from the most recent Potrero War, held recently in the Barony of Calafia in the Kingdom of Caid.

Northern Oaken War Maneuvers IX

The Barony of the Cleftlands and the Shire of Falcon's Quarry Present Northern Oaken War Maneuvers IX

Summer Hunt

Sound the trumpets! Sharpen your swords! A beast is loose in our woods and the Summer Hunt is afoot! We need your agility, your keen eye, your trackers and beaters, your hounds (your children cleverly disguised as hounds) to find and slay the beast who has invaded our territory. Afterwards we shall celebrate the hunt with feasting, dancing, bardics and contests.

Double Wars XVIII Photos Online

Aulus Flavius Britannicus has posted photos from the recent Double Wars event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Wedding Tournament & Feast

While the rest of your friends are preparing for winter next November, head to Australia and enjoy a marvelous spring weekend celebrating love and partnership at the Wedding of Crian and Kareina.

Stromfels' 10th Anniversary

10 years by the River
"We almost drowned, but we made it."
Stromfels' 10th Anniversary
Hosted by the Shire of Stromfels

SCA Summer Camp

As the temperature rises its can only mean one thing, summer is here. What would summer be without summer camp? Come and join the Barony of Axemoor as we enjoy a weekend of classes, fighting, and a dip in the pool at SCA Summer Camp, held at the WOW site in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Quad War XI

Come one and all, war has once again come to our lands. Join us for this great and ever expanding annual event (sponsored this year by the Shire of Borealis) located in the happiest place in the known world. Heavy/light and combat archery scenarios are available in this exciting war fought in and around a continuously growing castle.

Incipient Shire of Wyndhame Seeks Help with Ren Faire Demo

Laird Stuart Joseph reports that the Incipient Shire of Wyndhame will be participating in the Vermont Renaissance Festival in Guilford, Vermont this summer and needs volunteers to help with crafts, fighting and fencing.

Pennsic Battlefield Activity Schedule posted

The schedule of activities that will take place on the Pennsic 34 Battlefield has been posted on the website.

AEthelmearc War Practice Photos Online

Darter the Chronicler has posted photos taken at the recent AEthelmearc War Practice.

Shire of Darach celebrates anniversary with tournament

In the Kingdom of Caid, the Shire of Darach celebrated their 30th anniversary with a tournament. THL Eilidh Swann Stralachlan has posted photos from the tourney.

Central Cohort War Practice

The Shire of Loch Cairn is hosting a Central Cohort War Practice on June 10-12, 2005 at the Woodmen of the World Camp in Royal, Alabama. This event is not just for the fighters of the central cohort. Come one, come all and prepare yourself to fight the Mid-Realm pig-dogs.

Teachers Needed for Great Northeastern War

Mistress Anastasia Gutane, Classes Coordinator, Great Northeastern War XIX, has announced that instructors are needed to teach classes at the War.

Stierbach's Baronial Birthday

And in the summer of the year A.S. XXXX, as Colum and Brianna made their yearly progress through their Stierbach lands, stories came to them of bandits hiding in the forests to the south. No traveler had escaped rough treatment at the hands of these rogues, and no cattle were safe. His Excellency called forth his landholders to gather to flush these vermin from his lands. And he sent messages to his neighboring cousins, that they might know of this menace and help him keep the King's highway clear of miscreants.

Melee Madness in the Meadow & Central War Practice

It is once again time to prepare for war. In preparation, we must practice. In order to practice, it is best to have MANY Melees. We should therefore Melee until the Madness is upon us!