West Kingdom

Takeshi Reikoko winner of Cynagua Fall 2010 Coronet

Leohtulf reports that Takeshi Reikoko was the victor of the October 30, 2010 Coronet in the Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom of the West.

More photos from Great Western War

Miyake Nobuhiro reports that he has created an album of photos from Great Western War which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on Flickr.

Great Western War and West Kingdom Crown Tourney photos online

Esmeralda of the Lakes reports that she has posted several albums of photos from Great Western War 2010 and from Fall 2010 West Kingdom Crown Tournament.

Mikolaj and Vittoria new Heirs of the Mists

Her Majesty Arianwen, Queen of the West Kingdom, has announced that Sir Mikolaj de Bracy was the winner of the recent Principality of the Mists Coronet. He was inspired in his endeavors by Vittoria Aureli.

[WES] Collegium Occidentalis XLV

Collegium Occidentalis XLV The West Kindgom's autumn educational event.

[WES] Vinhold All Hallows

The Barony of Vinhold invites you to a potluck feast of Myths and Legends on October 23, 2010. The Barony will be providing meat. Please bring a PERIOD PLAUSABLE dish according to your mundane last name A-H appetizer/salad I-R side dish,S-Z dessert. 

[WES] Yule of Cloth of Gold

Pageantry, contests, fighting, and fabulous food! All are invited to join the Barony of Eskalya as we celebrate the turning of the year in grand style.

Jade and Catherine new West Kingdom Royals

Duchess Megan nic Alister of Thornwood reports that Duke Jade of Starfall was the victor of the October 2, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. His Highness was inspired by Countess Catherine Lorraine.

[WES] Northern Hawk Tourney

Have you ever wished you could have a practice tournament before signing up or helping out for a real one? Are there any Herald's out there who'd like a chance to practice Tourney litany before the real thing? How about any budding List coordinators. I'll even take those who'd like to practice being a Marshall in Charge!

Oertha Summer Coronet Tourney 2010 videos online

Merewyn reports that she has posted a series of videos from the Principality of Oertha's (Kingdom of the West) Summer Coronet Tourney. The videos are available on YouTube.

[WES] West Kingdom Equestrian Championship

To the populace of the west, the time has come for us to gather once again and take part on the equestrian arts on September 25, 2010 in Lodi Ca. It will be a day full of pageantry, games, and classes for everyone. There will also be the second annual West Kingdom Equestrian Championship.

[WES] Selviergard Samhein

Celebrate the last harvest of the season and the coming of the dark times…woooooo-hoo! The hobgoblins and little people will be about, and making merry with the traditions of the season. There will be a heavy weapons prize tourney, with an additional contest for the Most Realistic Death.  Additional fun will include a turnip lantern carving contest (Bring a turnip as only a limited few will be available).

[WES] Samhien Masked Ball and Tourneys

Come one, come all to enjoy a celebration together on All Hallows Eve Samhien. Wear your best garb and mask. Enjoy a day of Fighting, Courtly Graces, Classes, Dancing and Camaraderie. The Contests are listed below. Looking forward to sharing time with everyone.

[WES] Mists Bardic Competition and Feast

Come witness and/or participate in the selection of the next Bard of the Mists while eating a delicious Mediterranean feast. Bards from all over the Principality will compete to become the next Bard of the Mists, and the feast will be cooked by James MacAllister and Mische Nadler and their merry minions. The menu will be posted to sca-west and also to the Principality website once it is finalized.

Purgatorio 2010 video online

Miriam bat Yehudah ha Levi reports that she has posted a video featuring a performance for the Queen at the West Kingdom's summer 2010 Purgatorio event.

[WES] Siege Cooking Pirates

Now bend your ear to this! Our beloved shire is under siege from traitorous swivel tongued pirates! We have successfully negotiated a parley, but our pantries are depleted Come and defend our Shire's honor or join the pirates and convince these scurvy knaves they can be defeated!

[WES] Newcomers' Feast

The Shire of Pavlok Gorod invites one and all to attend the Newcomers' Feast: "A Royal Feast in Germany."  Savor the simple yet sophisticated dishes of German cooks of the 15th and 16th centuries.

[WES] Eskalyan A&S Day

All are invited to the home of Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor for a day of sewing, chatting, food, and movies (requisite to the sewing, naturally!).

Photos from Purgatorio posted

Miyake Nobuhiro reports that an album of photos, taken by himself and his lady wife Sedony, from the West Kingdom's summer 2010 Purgatorio, are now available to view online. The photos are on Flickr. Photos taken by Duchess Megan are also available.

[WES] Rapier Championship and Mini Collegium

One and all, come join the fun as we celebrate our First Annual Rapier Championship and Mini Collegium. Enjoy the various classes and watch as we choose the first Rapier Champion of Danegeld Tor. It will be a fun filled day for all.

[WES] Michaelmas Feast

Come join the Barony of Winter's Gate for our annual Michaelmas Feast. This year we will be focusing on England of the 1500's, with roast goose, plum pudding and other culinary wonders in store. This is an event focused around the joys of period cooking, and all helpers of any skill level are encouraged to join in the fun of the kitchen.

[WES] Knights Errant

Knights Errant will be 9/4 at De Laveaga Park in Santa Cruz. We have reserved the Twisted Tree site and will Mark the roads as well as the site for ease of locating us. There are BBQ Pits on site and I will be providing BBQ meat and some Drinks. Please bring sides or food to share if you feel generous.

[WES] Chuseok Revel

Chuseok Revel
Saturday September 4, 2010
All Day
Location: Yongsan Garrison, Seoul, South Korea

[WES] St. Sebastian’s Archery Hunt

Come to Westermark and enjoy the noblest of pursuits, the hunt! Bring your stout arm and keen aim and take part in novelty shoots, walk in the forest and ‘hunt’ our quarry – 3d targets of deer, boar, bear and more. Sunshades are welcome.

[WES] Barony of Tarnmist Harvest Feast

The Barony of Tarnmist invites all good gentles and nobles to celebrate the beauty of the fall season at our annual Harvest Feast on October 23, 2010.

[WES] Rivenoak Championship Tourney

Baron Gregory has lamented upon the fact that the swords and bows of his warriors have been so active in lands beyond the sheltering boughs of our mighty riven oak but have been silent of late within its shade.

[WES] Winter's Gate Captaincy

Come join us in the Far North as we once again choose a mighty Captain for Winter's Gate's brave militia! Find out who will succeed our handsome and dashing Heart of Winter's Gate! Find out if the ladies will swoon with joy again!

[WES] Festival of the Nine Worthies

"Festival of the Nine Worthies" is being presented by Thistletorr Shire on Saturday, September 18, 2010. Site opens at 10:00 Am, Armor inspection begins at 10:00 AM, Fighting begins at 11:30 AM.

[WES] Oerthan Winter Coronet

The Shire of Earngyld is pleased to host the Oerthan Winter Coronet of A.S. XLV on January 15th and 16th, Gregorian 2011. The following should provide some basic information for initial planning. There will be further information posted as the details become available.

SCA brings 16th century to Southeast Alaska State Fair

The Shire of Earngyld provided a public SCA demonstration, including armoured combat, at the recent Southeast Alaska State Fair. Richard Radford, a reporter for the Capital City Weekly, interviewed participants at another demo preceding the fair.