West Kingdom

[WES] Westermark’s Feast of St. George

Here there be Dragons (Well there where, until...)!  With the wise council of St. George, the noble hunters of the Westermark tracked down and vanquished the dire beasty that had been terrorizing our dear vast forests, friends, comrades, small children, and stuffed animals...

Miles Fitz-Rauf placed on vigil in the West

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf reports that His Majesty King Jade of the Kingdom of the West has offered Miles Fitz-Rauf membership in the Order of Chivalry. The offer was made at War Collegium on February 5, 2011.

[WES] Fantastic Fairytale Fete VIII

My Lords and Ladies, join us as we celebrate the eighth annual Fantastic Fairytale Fete.

[WES] Golden Rivers Championship

It is time once again to choose a new Lord and Lady of Golden Rivers. Come and join Viscountess Annora Raines and Baron James Skalli in a day of fighting and fun.

[WES] March Crown 2011

Come join Their Majesties Jade and Catherine as they bear witness to the grand tourney to choose the next Western Heirs! Look for many events and activities in the page and also on this website as we draw closer to the event.

[WES] Archery Hunt & Novelty Shoot

The Shire of Windy Meads welcomes the archers of the known world for a pleasant day of hunting in the woods.

[WES] Falcon's Treaty

Greetings to one and all who wish to lift their rapiers high. Come to Falcon’s Treaty to learn the art of defense, fight in tournaments, participate in games of chance, and to fight in Guild Prizes!  So come join us in fighting, games of chance, and much, much more!

Polderslot Winterfe(a)st photos online

Vrank reports that he has created an album of photos from Polderslot Winterf(e)ast, which took place recently in the Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West.

Renaissance raised heel shoes web site upgraded

The website "Chopine, Zoccolo, and Other Raised Heel and High Heel Construction," created by Master Vyncent atte Wodegate (OL), has received a major overhaul recently.

[WES] Armor Workshop

On Feb 11 & 12, 2011 (Sat and Sun) there shall be an armor workshop located at Selveirgard Baronial Keep.  The workshop shall open at 10:00 AM on both days. There will be a baronial meeting at 12:00 on Saturday.

[ANT] An Tir - West War

Their Majesties of the AnTir invite the Known World to take part in the grand War between the great and noble Kingdoms of An Tir and the West.

West Kingdom 12th Night photos online

Esmeralda of the Lakes reports that she has created an album of photos from 12th Night which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West.

Tunics shop on Etsy.com

Hailing from the Barony of Fettburg, Jerry, the owner of Tunics specializes in the making of Viking style tunics based on the Birka pattern. Using only the best wools, linens and linen blends, he creates a garment that is very comfortable to wear, durable and affordable.

"Clinking armor and furious fighting" marks Oertha Coronet

"Through a series of courts, battles, dances and feasts at the JACC, the people of Earngyld rang in the new year with clanging armor, unique devices, and flowing gowns," writes Richard Radford of the Capital City Weekly (Juneau, Alaksa) about the recent Coronet Tourney in Oertha. (photos)

[WES] La Prova Dura

Harken to the call that sounds forth from the dry expanse of Cynagua to the far reaches of the Known World.  Send us your most valiant warriors and their inspirational consorts for three days of fighting, revelry, and pageantry.

[WES] Hearts Revel

Come One come all to Winter Gates' festival of the Heart. This is a time of warmth and gaiety, a time to show your stamina at dancing, and your talent in the art of chivalric love.

[WES] Collegium Eskalyae

Come join the Barony of Eskalya for our spring collegium. Classes will be available in the topics of clothing, jewellry making, cooking, and more! 

[WES] Quest to Defeat the Enemies of Love

The Shire of Cloondara announces a quest. The Chalice of Cloondara is to be returned. It will be gained by the most chivalrous of champions. There will be many trials along the way. There will be fights as well as subtler challenges.

[WES] Spring Equestrium

Come on up the hill and enjoy a day of equestrian classes, interaction and FUN! Spring Equestrium will be held at Pioneer Equestrian Park (6740 Fairplay Road Somerset, CA. 95684) in the shire of Mountains Gate!

New Prince and Princess in Oertha

Baron Khevron reports that Viscount Kenric Maur was the winner of the recent Coronet tournament in the Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West.

[WES] Court of Love

We invite everyone to our annual Court of Love given in honor of M'lady Alaine ni Deorin and her champion, our Lord Protector, Lord Drell McIan Blackwood.

[WES] Cynaguan Winter Investiture

Their Highnesses of Cynagua, Loclan and Vigdis, invite the populace to come and bear witness to the Investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Swan, Takeshi and Sora.

[WES] Crosston Dance Ball

Dancing and merriment are the cure for the short, cold days of winter, and you are cordially invited to the Crosston Dance Ball. If you enjoy period dance to music by live musicians, good food, and fine costumes, then this is the event for you! 

Arabella McQuharg elevated to Pelican in the West

At Their recent Twelfth Night Coronation, Their Majesties of the Kingdom King Jade and Queen Catherine of the West offered admittance into the Order of the Pelican to Baroness Arabella McQuharg.

Loy Schiemann der Kleine knighted in the West

His Majesty King Jade of Starfall reports that Loy Schiemann der Kleine has been admitted to the Order of the Chivalry in the Kingdom of the West.

Cynagua Coronet, May 2010 photos online

Esmeralda of the Lakes reports that she has created an album of photos from Cynagua Coronet, May  2010. The photos are available on her website.

[WES] War Collegium

Knights Errant combat will take place from 11am to 1pm the morning of War Collegium.

[WES] Knights Errant 2011

This will be taking place at Sir Bjorn's home in RivenOak (Chico, CA). He has a covered area for fighting so weather will not be a problem. There will be food and drink provided. If you would like to stay Saturday night, there is crash space available and RivenOak's regular practice is Sunday. Hope to see you!

West Kingdom "Deceived" at Twelfth Night

Those attending West Kingdom Twelfth Night were treated to a performance of The Deceived by the Golden Stag Players. A bawdy trailer video is available on Facebook for those who weren't able to see it live.

[WES] Mid Winter Collegium

Join the Barony of Selviergard as we host our Fifth Baronial Collegium! Hot beverages will be provided. There will be an hour and one-half set aside for a brown bag lunch in the middle of the day. No food will be provided, so please bring your own!