West Kingdom

[WES] Feast of Long Nights X

Join the Northernmost branch of the SCA, in the darkness which comes with the territory and with the New Moon, for the Tenth annual Feast of Long Nights!

We're planning a long Saturday afternoon and evening of reveling, games and feasting.

The event theme will be a Country Feast and our Tenth Year. Wear your most comfortable garb! Contact the event host if you need to borrow clothes!

Canton Ynys Taltraeth (Kotzebue, Alaska)

[WES]Rivenoak Championship Tourney

Games, Glory, and Goodies! Down in the dumps because you didn't get enough fighting at Mists/Cynagua War? Ready to hang out with friends, but depressed because you have to wait for Crown? Then rejoice, because the Rivenoak has come to save you! It's time, after all, to select new champions!

There will be heavy tournament fighting, rapier fighting, melees (of course), games in and out of armor, and merriment (you Location:
Barony of Rivenoak (Chico California)

[WES]Mists Fall Coronet

It is time once again to choose the new heirs for our fair principality. We will have a full schedule of events all weekend long. Listed below is just a sample of what is in story for you.

For more details please go the Principality website http://mists.westkingdom.org/2007FallCoronet.shtml and get the latest information.

Principality of the Mists (Napa, California)

Oertha Fall Collegium

Come, join the Barony of Eskalya and the incipient College of St. Guinefort for Oertha's Fall Collegium, a day of classes and workshops designed to broaden your understanding of the Medieval and Renaissance world.

For your learning pleasure, you will find four tracks available to you: Fiber Arts, Language and Culture, Miscellaneous Handicrafts, and Fighters/Fighting.

The Collegium will be held the Saturday the 17th of November, 2007 from 9 AM 'til 6 PM on the UAA campus (3211 Providence Dr./ Anchorage, AK 99508). Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)

Purgatorio 2007 photographs online

Gelis has published an album of photos from the recent Purgatorio 2007 in the Kingdom of the West.

Eskalya Yule

Please join the Baron and Baroness of Eskalya in welcoming the New Year at our Yule celebration December 8, 2007. The site will open at 11am with opening court held at noon. A full feast will be presented, including drink; menu will follow. Space is limited so you must RSVP and pre pay for feast no later than November 25, 2007. No feast gear will be necessary; the populace need only bring a drinking vessel and eating utensils. Location:
Baroney of Eskalya (Anchorage Alaska)

Enjoying the medieval life on the Kenai Peninsula

SCA life in Alaska is a family affair, as reporter Jessica Cejnar of the Peninsula Clarion found out recently when she spent the day at the Court of the Prince and princess of Oertha and experienced an SCA Coronet tournament.

Cynagua/Mists War

His Highness of Cynagua, Dregel Alewolf calls for his troops to prepare for WAR! For yet even as the mighty (but doomed) forces of the Mists prepare for the day of battle, Cynagua's kindred stand strong to make support of their Prince and His Mighty, Mighty army!

Join us for the day in a good fight with friends both on and off the battle field! Whether you are fighting or not, consider bringing a toy for the Toys for Tots Location:
Principality of Cynagua (Sacramento, California)

Far West Coronet Tournament

Alas, our oriental soothsayers (who are never wrong) predict that our fair Palatine Baroness Katherine’s coronet will be lost by 15 September AS XLII (CE 2007). Therefore we will hold the coronet tournament of the Palatine Barony of the Far West at noon of the 15th day of September AS XLII at Tama Hills, Tokyo, Japan.

The site will open at 1800 14 Sep and close at noon on 16 September. Troll is $20 for adults and $10 for children. Child care is available for $10 per child. The feast fee is $20 for four meals ($5 per meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and breakfast). Non-military personal will have to show a valid picture ID card or passport at the gate. Please email the autocrat for a map to find Tama Hills if you are not familiar with its location. Military personnel can obtain the map from their local MWR travel facility. Location:
Palatine Barony of the Far West (Tokyo, Japan)

Byzantine Bash

The Barony of Selviergard invites the Knowne World to attend a feast honoring Constantine the Great in traditional Byzantine style! Please bring your banners, flags, tapestries and other decorations to make the hall more colorful.

The victor of the heavy combat tournament will be awarded the purple chlamys, a traditional gift from the ancient Basillius' of that time as a show of his great prowess and favor from the powers that be. Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Chugiak, Alaska)

Time for Tudor

Once again it is Time for Tudor! It's time for an evening of dancing and merriment; a time to revive the pagentry of the Elizabethan costume party with a Grande Masked Ball.

Come dressed in your Tudor and Elizabethan fashions and show off how creative you can be in your costumes and light on your feet across the dance floor.

There will be dancing lesson and several contests including Best Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage Alaska)

Baroness' Champion

Come! It is time once again to gather and enjoy the choosing of the new Champion for the Baroness of Selviergard! Pitch your pavilion within the Selviergard encampment and enjoy the most excellent fighting, dancing and fireworks!

On Saturday please join Baroness Katarzina in watching all the fighters come together and by right of heavy weapon combat compete for the chance to become Her Excellency's new Champion. No claimant shall be Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Houston, Alaska)

Oerthan Summer Coronet Finals 2007 on video

vvestfirzka has posted a video of the finals of the recent Coronet in the Principality of Oertha (Alaska) in the Kingdom of the West on YouTube.

John Patten elevated in the West

On Friday July 27, 2007, John Patten sat vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican by Their Majesties of the West.

Sir Dietric new Prince of Oertha

Ragn Solvi reports that Sir Dietric fighting for THL Bianca Rose was the victor of the July 21, 2007 Coronet in the Principality of Oertha (West Kingdom).

Great Western War X


The 10th Anniversary of Caid's Great Western War will be celebrated from Tuesday, October 2 through Monday, October 8, 2007

WEB PAGE: www.caid-gww.org -- Get accurate information!

Event details will be posted here first. Read the articles and announcements and check back regularly for changes and updates.

Kingdoms of the West & Caid (Bakersfield, California)

2007 West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tourney

Come take part in fantastic classes under the shade of beautiful trees and on cool grass.

Site Information
Ed Levin Park
Spring Valley Pond area
2100 Calaveras Rd
Milpitas CA 95035

Site opens at noon Friday
Site closes at 5 PM Sunday

Site Fee
Members: $8
Non-members: $11
Children under 12: $4
Note: Class fees are payable directly to instructors. Location:
Kingdom of the West (Milpitas California)

Mists Bardic

Come join us for a delicious feast and beautiful bardic performances as we choose the next Bard of the Mists. The site opens at 10:00, and the competition starts at 1:00. Between rounds there will be opportunities for dancing.

This year the competition will consist of the same traditional five rounds:

  • First round: A period piece.
  • Second round: A piece in a period style.
  • Third round: Bard's Choice. This year the piece should be in praise of Laurels, either the entire Order or a particular Laurel or Laurels. Location:
    Principality of the Mists (Santa Clara California)

Japanese Kimono & Hakama Sewing Class

On July 21st-22nd, Mistress Ella Gajewi von Pommern will be teaching a sewing class on Japanese Kimono and Hakama. The costumes are planned for our Fettburg's Midsummer Feast on August 18th, which is going to be a traditional Japanese Feast.

Japanese Kimono & Hakama Sewing Class

July 21 -22, 2007

United Lutheran Church
649 Northgate Drive, Manteca

SATURDAY CLASS 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Location:
Barony of Fettburg (Manteca, California)

Almost an Ocean View

Almost an Ocean View, originally scheduled for 7/27-29, has been changed to 8/17-19 to enable our members to participate in the fighter's workshop in Eskalya.

Sponsored by the Incipient Shire of Pavlok Gorod (previously known as Pavlovsk Gavan), this event is a outdoor event on the scenic shores of Pasagshak, on Kodiak Island. We will be camping on a private lot on the far side of the river. As there is a locked gate, and no street Location:
Incipient Shire of Pavlok Gorod (Pasagshak, Alaska)

An Tir/West War: a review from His Majesty Jade

His Majesty Jade of the West Kingdom writes about his experiences at the recetn An Tir - West War.

Cynagua Spring Coronet Video Clips

Aeschine has posted a number of videos from the recent Spring 2007 Coronet in the Principality of Cynagua (Kingdom of the West).

An Tir - West War at Lazy J Ranch

The An Tir/West War brings the sound of medieval battle to Gold Beach, Oregon the last weekend in June, 2007. Hannah Hoffman of the Curry County Reporter has the story.

Esmeralda's photos from Cynagua Coronet

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted her photos from the recent Coronet in the Principality of Cynagua (West Kingdom).

Melee in Alaska

Aelshan has posted a series of video clips from the recent Border Wars which took place June 16-17, 2007 in Glennallen, Alaska.

Cynagua Summer Investiture

Their Highnesses Gunther and Juliana invite the populace to witness the Investiture of their Heirs, the Lord and Lady of the Swan Sir Dragel Alewolf and Lady Bronwen Lorelle. Saturday will be the tourneys for the Princesses Champion and the Torchlight tourney. Sunday will be the Lord Defenders tourney and the Prima Spada. RV's are welcomed but there are no hook ups as we only have the back half of the fair grounds. For presentations at court, please see the Court Herald. Location:
Principality of Cynagua (Woodland, California)

Combative Arts Retreat

Chateau de Camville, residing in the lovely lands of the Shire of Mountain's Gate (El Dorado County California), is hosting its second Combative Arts Retreat on NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007.

Chateau de Camville's
Combative Arts Retreat
November 2-4, 2007

Note: This is not an official SCA event. It is being hosted and sponsored by Chateau de Camville at a private residence.

INVITATION: Chateau de Camville, residing in the lovely lands of the Shire of Mountain's Gate (El Dorado County California), is hosting its second Combative Arts Retreat on NOVEMBER 2-4, 2007. The focus of the weekend will be to improve the skill sets of the attendees. Each day will begin with fighting classes in the first part of the day and armored drills/focused sparring in the latter part of the day. Sunday we will conclude with a mock-tournament. Please note that this is not a "beginner class" and all attendees should have a basic grasp of the foundational skills used in armored combat. Attendees should have a complete suit of armor and their own weapons. For the newer fighter (still needs to have armor/weapons mind you-grin) a Friday Basics Review Class will be offered. Various guest instructors will also be on hand. If you missed the first Combative Arts Retreat in February don't miss this one! Location:
Chateau de Camville (Cool, California)

Four elevated in the West Kingdom

Viscount Richard de Camville and Viscountess Elisabeth Renee de Champagne reported that four subjects from the West Kingdom were scheduled for elevation to Peerage at Crown Tournament on June 23, 2007.

Protectorate and Captain of the Guard

On July 14th Tarnmist will be holding its annual Protectorate Tourney. This year we will also be holding the Captain Of The Guard Tourney at the same event. For the first time in the history of the Barony Captain of the Guard will we vied for with rapiers, and in order to lure some rapier fighters down here I am providing a prize for the incoming Captain of the Guard. As the Captain of the Guard will be the commander of The Baroness's Personal Guard and will hold a position of command in the Army of Tarnmist he or she will require a token not only of the Captain's authority but a symbol of what happens to the unruly Tarnmist fighter who does not follow orders. Location:
Barony of Tarnmist (Santa Maria, California)

Crosston Performing Arts Fete 2007

Music, dance, theatre, singing, storytelling, and more! If they performed it, then chances are that you'll see it at Crosston's Performing Arts Fete. Crosston will host a day of dance (with instruction) along with singing and revelry for all to take part in. In the evening, we'll take some time to have a light meal in the form of a period potluck before we get back to the festivities (and we hope you're hungry!). Location:
Shire of Crosston (Santa Clara, California)