West Kingdom

[WES] Newcomers' Event

The Barony of Selveirgard invites the Known Worlde to join us in the continuing celebration of our Fifth year as a Barony. Come as the Medieval Hero or Heroine that inspires you. Whether this be Beowulf, Charlemagne, or King Arthur, Eleanor of Aquitaine, perhaps Joan of Arc or Guinevere herself. Even King Henry IV and Queen Victoria I would be pleased to be your inspiration. We will have tournaments both heavy and rapier as well as A&S that will all inspire us in this the Fifth Baronial year. Location:
Barony of Selveirgard (Chugiak, Alaska)

[WES] Principality of the Mist Fall Coronet

Their most noble Highnesses, Sigifrith and Kamiilah, invite all combatants to present themselves and their consorts on the field where They look forward to the displays of chivalry and honor worthy of Their lands.

The Coronet tournament will be a standard double-elimination list in the classic tradition of the Mists and the West Kingdom. Concurrent with the later rounds, Her Highness will be hosting a Grand Rose Location:
Principality of the Mist (Tres Pinos, California)

West Kingdom June Crown 2008 photos online

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted a nice gallery of photos from the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West.

Westermark Madness 2008 photos

Lizabeth has posted an album of photos from the recent Westermark Madness event which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West.

Morgan Rowanwaif to be elevated to Laurel in the Outlands

On July 26, 2008, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands offered Morgan Rowanwaif elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

[WES] Toys for Tots Tournament

This year, to help the West show the rest of the Known World the overwhelming generosity of the first of Kingdoms please donate unwrapped toys worth no more than $10 at the incipient College of St. Guinefort's Toys for Tots Tournament.

Prizes will be up for grabs in both a heavy and light tournament, the entry fee for which shall be one toy, and an Arts and Sciences Contest in honor of the Nine Worthies (for more information see Location:
Incipient College of St. Guinefort (Anchorage, Alaska)

[WES] Hastings Event

Dead on January 5, in the Year of Our Lord 1066, is Edward king, of Angles lord, his steadfast soul sent to Christ. In the kingdom of God a holy spirit! He in the world here abode awhile, in the kingly throng of council sage. Four and twenty winters wielding the sceptre freely, wealth he dispensed. Until suddenly came the bitter Death and this king so dear snatched from the earth. Angels carried his soul sincere into the light of heaven. But the prudent king had settled the realm on high-born men -on Harold himself, the noble Location:
Shire of Champclair (Woodland, California)

Four elevated to peerages at Oertha Coronet

At the recent Court of Their Majesties of the West at Oertha Coronet, four citizens of the Principality were elevated to peerages.

Gelis' photos from from West Kingdom events online

Gelis of Balwery reports that she has created several albums of photos from recent events in the West Kingsom.

Cynagua Summer 2008 Investiture photos

Aine de Lacy has posted an album of photos from the recent Summer Investiture in the Principality of Cynagua (Kingdom of the West).

West Kingdom June 2008 Crown Tourney and Golden Rivers Rapier Championship photos online

Aine de Lacy reports that she has created an album of photos from the recent June Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the West. She also sharea an album of photos from Golden Rivers Rapier Championship & Collegium.

[WES] Selviergard Family Day

Selviergard is having a Family Day at the Mat-Su River Park on Saturday, 2 Aug. We have Pavilion A reserved for the whole day. There will be lots to do for all, including but not limited to: fighting, A & S, children's activities, chit chatting.

Food as well; the Baron and Baroness are bringing hamburgers and hot dogs, Fathir and Etain will bring a mix of sodas, diet green tea, water and juice, Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Palmer, Alaska)

Viscount Karl Helweg wins Oertha Summer 2008 Coronet

Baron Khevron reports that Viscount Karl Helweg inspired by Lady Élise von Sophey, was the victor of the July 19, 2008 Coronet in the Principality of Oertha (Kingdom of the West).

[WES]Fletching Day and Garbecue

Fletching day with Garbecue

I will be hosting a day for the crafting of arrows for both target and combat archery. We will also have a garbecue and a showing of the Battle of Agincourt and the Longbow for those that are able to remain later. Come in garb and bring any arrows to be fletched.

Send me an email or pm if you would like the names of some of the places I obtain my archery supplies if you would like to bring your Location:
Shire of Mountains Gate (El Dorado Hills, California)

[WES] Warders of the Western Gate

The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable is seeking their newest Vert Warder for the upcoming Warders of the Western Gate, August 29th - Sept 1st. This year's Warders event will be held at the Elks Campground, Navajo Lake.

For more information, visit the web site at: http://www.fontainesca.org/warders08/index.jsp

The Vert Warder carries a great deal of honor and esteem, holding Location:
Barony of Fontaine dans Sable (Navajo Lake, California)

[WES] 25th Annual Protectorate Tournament

Fighters, let your consorts inspire your to greater valor and chivalry, all to make them this year's Lady ( or Laddie! ) of Love and Beauty! This year's Protectorate Tourney is only open to local fighters, but the Prize Tourney is open to all. There will also be a Rapier Tourney. All Protectorate entrants must have their consorts present to be eligible, per Crown Tournament Rules.

What: 25th Annual Protectorate Tournament Location:
Canton of Borderwinds (Santa Maria, California)

[WES] West Kingdom Work Party

There will be a work party at Ed Levin Park on Sunday July 20th from 10am to 2pm.

The park would like us to paint kiosks and help dispose of some black plastic tarping. Since we have used up most of our volunteer credits for the year any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in attending please meet me at 9:45am at the main ranger station located at 3100 Calaveras Rd, Milpitas 95035. Please bring gloves or paint brushes, and wear work clothes. Location:
West Kingdom (Milpitas, California)

Elaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate elevated to Laurel in the West

Dame Francesca von Hesse reports that Elaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate was elevated to the Order of the Laurel at West Kingdom Crown Tournament June 21, 2008.

Photos from West Kingdom's Beltane

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted an album of photos from the recent Beltane event in the Kingdom of the West.

Esmeralda's photos from La Prova Dura

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted an album of photos from the recent La Prova Dura event in the Kingdom of the West.

[WES] Volcanalia

The Romans sacrificed annually to Vulcan, god of fire, so that he would avert harmful fires from their crops. Vulcan is considered to be the manufacturer of armor for the gods and heroes; he also made the thrones for the other gods on Mount Olympus. Come join the Shire of Hrafnafjordr as we fight, feast, and build fire.

The tourneys will be gladiator style, with Roman weapons. Rapier is more than welcome. Arts and Science competition will be most creative fire (materials will be provided on site). Feast meat will be provided, please bring your favorite Roman dish to share. There is plenty room for camping. Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Kenai, Alaska)

Anna de Serra to be Laureled in the West Kingdom

Master Wulfric of Creigull has announced that his apprentice, Lady Anna de Serra, has been placed on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel. The elevation will take place July 12, 2008 at Cynaguan Investiture.

[WES] Selviergard Fighter Practice

Fighter practice Saturday, June 12 st at the home of Sean Ridlon, (373-1907) 1-3 pm.

Go on the Parks Highway through Wasilla, turn right on Church Road (1/2 mile past SBS), go to the end (4 miles) to West Schrock Road, turn left, go 1 mile, turn left again on Sitze, right on Soft Wind. Just past the Swiftwater Creek bridge is Solitude (no street sign), turn right. Sean's Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Wasilla, Alaska)

Uther and Kara new Heirs to the West

Dan reports that His Grace Duke Uther was the victor of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. He was inspired by Countess Kara.

Mists Investiture and Mists-Cynaqua images online

Lord Martin of Rivenstar has posted an album of photos on his SmugMug website from Mists-Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West. The pictures were taken by Martin, Johanna, and Victoria.

Mists/Cynagua War images

Gelis of Balwery has posted her album of photos from the recent Mists/Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West.

Equestrian photos from Mists/Cynagua War

Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia has posted an album of photos of equestrian activities at the recent Mists/Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West.

Principality of the Mists Investiture photos online

Gelis of Balwery has posted photos from the recent Investiture in the West Kingdom's Principality of the Mists on her SmugMug website.

[WES] Turnagain Wake

The Borders of Eskalya and Selviergard have both seen battles, and though the threat to test these borders has been subdued, the memories of those lost in battle have not. With these memories, comes the yearning to honor all those who have graced the war fields, and those who could not share this moment with us.

The Shire of Hrafnafjordr opens an invitation to come revel in the art of war. We wish to fight along side Infantry, Squires and Knights Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr

Update on stolen gear in West Kingdom

Moira O'Connor and Aine ingen Fhinn report that the van stolen recently with most of their SCA gear inside has been recovered, although much of the gear has not.