West Kingdom

Mists-Cynagua War photos online

Sedania de Corwyn reports that she has created an album of photos from Mists-Cynagua War which took placde recently in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on Flickr.

West Kingdom Crown Tourney videos online

Aeschine reports that she has posted a number of videos from the March 2010 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the West. The videos are available on YouTube.

Medieval Sock Wars at West/AnTir War

This year's West/AnTir War will feature a unique competition: Medieval Sock War, a contest to create knee-length, SCA period style stockingsduring the event.

[WES] Mid-Summers Revel

Tis a beautiful place, well into the mountains bordering Rivenoak, so many trees that everyone can have a shady camp. The Feather River but a short stroll from your camp. Large Tree covered Eriks. A street of stores, nooks, craneys and balconies, oh what a wondrous battleground.

West Kingdom Beltane photos online

Miyake Nobuhiro has created an album of photos from the Beltane event, which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available to view on Flickr.

Pictures from the Far West A&S Coronet Tournament

Ii Toonishi-no-kami Katsumori reports that photos from the Far West A&S Coronet Tournament, which took place in Vale de Draco, Camp Zama, Japan, are now available online.

[WES] Winter's Gate A&S Collegium

The Barony of Winter’s Gate invites you to an A&S collegium weekend, June 4th through the 6th.  Sir Geoffrey Scott and Countess Étaín du Pommier, OL will be visiting from central kingdom to share their knowledge and skills with us. 

[WES] Baronial Changeover

There comes the time when an old chapter ends and a new one begins. Come bear witness therefore to the passing of the Baronial circlets as Georg of Glacier's Edge and Katarzina Porjaski complete their reign as Baron and Baroness of Selviergard and hand over the care of the Barony to Their successors. T'will be a time of remembrance, tourneys, feasting and games for all! 

[WES] Summer Tournament

Please come and join the fighters of the Silver Desert in a tournament to celebrate the coming of summer and get in some good fighting before journeying to June Crown.  This will be a day event, with plenty of fighting for all.

Photos and video of historic knightings in Oertha

Masheli has created an album of photos from the recent knightings of Kennric Maur, Viresse de Lighthaven, and Soren j'Alborg in the Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West. Video of the knightings is also available on YouTube.

Photos from Southern Shores Newcomer's Tourney

Sedany de Corwyn has created an album of photos from the Province of Southern Shores Newcomer's Tourney which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on Flickr.

[WES] Cynaguan Coronet

Greetings to everybody! These are words from your lowly autocrat to shed some light on the Cynaguan coronet coming up at the end of the month.

Photos from March Crown Tourney in the West Kingdom

Duchess Megan reports that she has created an album of photos from the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the West. The photos are available on her Flickr website.


Join us at our annual camping event to marvel at the wide open ocean, play games, and experience outdoor A&S adventures. There will also be an as-yet-to-be-determined rapier activity. The A&S competition is for a documented period dish for the Saturday evening potluck.

[WES] Far West Baronial Birthday

Come celebrate the birth of our far flung barony in our newest territory, the Incipient Canton of Golden Playne.

[WES] Baroness's Champion

Their Excellencies invite you to tournament to determine the Baroness's heavy and rapier champions. Tournament style for both is double elimination with best two out of three for finals.

[WES] Duchess' War and Mists Games

It is time once again to unleash the dogs of war and the puppies of play. Wolfscairn calls upon all Ladies of Estate to assemble their armies and take the field to win glory, honor and treasure. Wolfscairn also calls upon all those who love to play. This year we also are hosting Mists Games! A day of medieval fun and games.

Marc and Patricia new Heirs to the Mists

Rachael Zavala and Hirsch report that Marc d'Arindel, inspired by Patricia, was the winner of the recent Coronet in the Principality of the Mists  in the West Kingdom. (photos)

Whiteshield photos online

Ghislaine has created an album of photos from Whiteshield 2010, an even which took place recently in the West Kingdom. The photos have been posted on her SmugMug website.

Vigils to be held for three Chivalry candidates in Oertha

Caitriona reports that vigils will be held at her home on April 16, 2010 for Kennric Maur, Viresse de Lighthaven, and Soren j'Alborg to contemplate their elevations to the Order of the Chivalry.

Alpha Officium -- An online mint and SCA Moneyer resource

"If you need a reign coin, site token, or mercenary pay coin-we have it here." After 25 years of Moneyers Guild work throughout the SCA, Master Emmerich of Vakkerfjell, OL, OP, has opened the internet doors on his very own online "Mint." For those that need a coin from almost any period, for almost any event-he suggests, "pay a visit."

[WES] Oerthan Summer Coronet

Their Highnesses Kennric and Rolynnda, Prince and Princess of Oertha, do invite all to participate in or bear witness to the Coronet List to select the next Prince and Princess of Oertha, the weekend of July 16th thru the 18th, 2010.

[WES] Winter's Gate Fool Revel

The Fools are coming! The Fools are coming! Cabin fever is rampant and the call has gone out for PLAYTIME!  Come join the Barony of Winter's Gate on Saturday April 24, 2010, as we celebrate the return of warm sun and spring renewal in our own silly way.

[WES] Fools Revel

Unexpectedly, the Inquisition has been spreading through the Kingdom and has arrived on the frozen shores of the hinterlands of Selviergard!

[WES] Collegium Eskalyae

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Please join the Barony of Eskalya for a Collegium on the 17th of April, 2010.  Classes will include Viking Clothing, Viking Embellishment, Anglo-Saxon Women's Clothing, Mentioning the Unmentionables, Coil Pottery, Leather Shield handles, and much more. 

Stolen trailer in West Kingdom

Viscount Leon reports that his trailer containing SCA gear was stolen from his home in Santa Clara, California on March 26, 2010.

Alfar and Kiffany new West Kingdom Royals

Vlasta reports that Viscount Alfar Uthersson, fighting for Kiffany of Canale, was the winner of the recent Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the West.

Golden Rivers Championship photos online

Aine de Lacy reports that an album of photos taken at the recent Golden Rivers Championships in the Kingdom of the West have been posted on the Cynagua gallery website.

Pre-registration open for West An Tir War 2010

Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, Autocrat, reports that pre-registration is now open for West An Tir War 2010

[WES] Great Western War XIII

We're gearing up for the THIRTEENTH celebration of the Great Western War!