Kingdom of Trimaris

Trial begins for accused murderer of Florida SCAdian

Prosecutor J. Ryan Will contends that on March 2, 2012, Scott Austin Stuut II broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Margaret Gee, of DeLand, Florida, and murdered her. Gee was an SCA member and Seneschal of the Shire of Vaca Del Mar. The trial began March 4, 2014.

Hanging with "the hard-core SCA"

The Kingdom of Trimaris can be a forbiddingly hot place in the summer, especially in 40 pounds of armor. Kyle Swenson, reporter for New Times in Broward County and Palm Beach, Florida, tried his hand at SCA fighting... with mixed results. The story was reprinted in The Week.

In Trimaris, "it's about honor"

Miami New Times reporter Kyle Swenson took the opportunity to hang out "with about 500 Trimarians in ornate medieval tunics" over Memorial Day to see what medieval re-enactment was all about. What did he find? "It's about honor." The feature-length article includes photos. PG-13

[TRI] Canton of Amurgorod Annual Market Day and Pennsic Pity Party

On Saturday, July 27, 2013, from 9am to 7pm, join the Canton of Amurgorod at Coehadjoe Park - 4225 NE 35th St, Ocala, Florida, for a day of marketing and merrymaking!

Gunnar and Bryndis new Prince and Princess of Trimaris

Bran Buchanan reports that Gunnar and Bryndis are the new Prince and Princess of the Kingdom of Trimaris.

[TRI] Spring Coronation

Come one, come all! Join us as we The Kingdom of Trimaris celebrate the joyous Coronation of Duncan and Larissa as our new King and Queen! VIVAT TRIMARIS!

Norse Horse equestrians to appear in Ocala Christmas parade

The Norse Horse Medieval Equestrian Group, many of whose members are also in the SCA, will appear again this year in the 2010 Ocala Christmas Parade.

Duncan and Larissa new Heirs to Trimaris

Séaghdha mac Roibeaird reports that Earl Duncan Arthur Ross the Black and Duchess Larissa Alwynn Clarewoode are the new Heirs to the Throne of the Kingdom of Trimaris.

[TRI] Road to Bethlehem

Join the Barony of Oldenfeld, Friday, December 10 at 5:00pm - December 12 at 11:00am at  Camp Indian Springs, 2387 Bloxham Cut-Off Road., Crawfordville, FL

[TRI] Martinmas Moot

The Shire of Castlemere would like to invite you to Martinmas Moot! We have prepared a fun-filled event for our beloved kingdom including Crown Lyst, A&S Display, Classes, and more.

Music of Trimaris on CD

Vivat! Trimaris, Volumes 1 and 2, bring together the bards of the Kingdom of Trimaris in an effort to "preserve the rich musical culture of the Current Middle Ages." Both albums are available to purchase or download from CDbaby.

[TRI] Trimaris' 25th Anniversary Coronation

The Five Baronies of Trimaris Proudly Present Trimaris' 25th Anniversary Coronation September 3-6, 2010

Open A&S at Gulf Wars XIX

Countess Gwendolen Isabella Stewart of Meridies brings news of the Open A&S competition to be held at this year's Gulf Wars.

[TRI] St. Valentines Day Massacre

Come join the Barony of An Crosaire at St. Val's! The theme of the event is Irish. Please join in the spirit and dress to the theme!

"Pseudo-medieval spectacles" in Ocala forest

Residents of Ocala, Florida are being educated in the arts and fighting of the Middle Ages by way of members of the Shire of Amugorod. Michael Oppermann, correspondent for, recently met with members of the group to discuss the SCA. (photos)

[TRI] Cutlasses and Corsairs

Cutlasses and Corsairs & Castlemere's 33th Anniversary Presented by The Shire of Castlemere February 19-21, 2010

Royal proposal at Trimaris Crown Tournament

Bran reports on Legio Draconis that Duke Thorstenn the WrongHand was the victor in the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Trimaris. Thorsten was inspired by Duchess Zephyrine.

From the Quarter: Whack-a-Peer

The Quarter strikes again with a very silly - but fun - game of "Whack a Peer" in which players are encouraged to whack, poke at, or in some way annoy Peers of the Kingdom of Trimaris for points.

[TRI] Martinmas Moot

Celebrate the new Heirs of Trimaris at Martinmas Moot, Fall Crown Lyst, brought to you by the Barony of Wyvernwoode and House Ech Dubh November 13-15, 2009.

[TRI] Kingdom of Trimaris 2009 Fall Coronation

Kingdom of Trimaris 2009 Fall Coronation of TRH Anridire Tearlach An Cait Dhu & Slaine Inghean Fiachrach Fionn September 4 - 7, 2009

Middle Ages thrives in South Florida

The fighters of Trimaris are tough, as demonstrated by a group from the Barony of Wyvernwoode in Hillsborough County, Florida when they showed off their skills to reporter Joe Polito of the Oracle, a publication of the University of South Florida.

achery range or clubs near Tampa,Fl.

Does anyone Know of any archery clubs ore free ranges near Tampa, FL. I live in Zephyrhills.

[TRI] Michaelmas Scriptorium

The Barony of An Crosiare & The Shire of Castlemere present Michaelmas Scriptorium October 10-12, 2008.

Camp Immokalee
6765 Immokalee Road
Keystone Heights, FL 32656

Site opens at 4pm on Friday and Closes at 10am on Sunday

Theme: Celts vs Romans

Event Steward:
Lord Jebe Kerait

2 Night = $ 27.00; 1 Night =$ 15.00; Day Trip = $ 12.00 Location:
Barony of An Crosiare & The Shire of Castlemere (Keystone Heights, Florida)

[TRI] Harvest Raid

The year is 146O. It has been a good year and the shire harvest has been bountiful. But danger threatens. The Act of Accord has been passed by parliament naming Edward, Duke of York as the rightful heir to the thrown. Queen Margaret is marching south with her Scottish recruits determined to protect her son's interests. Her hungry army has been promised unlimited plunder and the Shire residents face starvation. Who will Protect them? Who will Defend them? The townspeople offer a great prize to the champions who step forward! Location:
Shire of Sangre del Sol (North Miami, Florida)

Trimaris' King readies troops for Pennsic combat

It was raining in West Palm Beach, Florida, but that didn't stop King Mittion of the Kingdom of Trimaris from leading a fighter practice at a local park to prepare for the Pennsic War. Paul Quinlan of the Palm Beach Post was on hand for the story. (Photos and video)

[TRI] Trimaris Coronation

The Barony of An Crosaire Proudly Presents The Coronation of Thorstenn II and Zephyrine II August 28 - September 1, 2008

4H Camp Ocala
18533 Nfs 535
Altoona, FL 32702-9119

Site Opens at 4:00 pm Friday and Closes at 11:00 am Monday

Registration opens with site & closes 3:00 pm Sunday There will also be Heavy Weapons Lysts, Rapier Lysts, Youth Combat, Archery Competition, Troubador Laureate Competition, Children's Activities, and much, much more! Location:
Barony of An Crosaire (Altoona, Florida)

Thorstenn and Zephyrine new Heirs to Trimaris Throne

On the Armour Archives list, Brekke reports that Count Thorstenn was the victor in the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Trimaris.

[TRI] Trimaris Memorial Tournament 2008

Come bear witness to the choosing of our fair Kingdom's Heirs! Revel in the splendor that is unmistakably, uniquely TRIMARIS!


Presented by the Kingdom of Trimaris & the Barony of Oldenfeld May 23-26, 2008 Camp Ocala 18533 NFS 535 Altoona, FL 32702

Site opens at 4pm Friday and closes at 11am Monday. Registration closes 3pm on Sunday, and all fees must be paid at this time. Location:
Barony of Oldenfeld (Altoona, Florida)

Knights Day at Southside Middle School

Students at Jacksonville, Florida's Southside Middle School were treated to a day of chivalry when members of the local SCA group visited the school for its annual celebration of "Knights Day." Sandy Strickland of My Southside Sun has the story.

[TRI] Tourney of the Rose Goes to India!

The Varangian Guard have long been settled on the western shores of India. Wanting to participate in the events surrounding these competitions they sent out a call through the routes, through all the lands clear back to Scandinavia and bid to host the Tourney of the Rose, in a far and exotic place.

Come feast with us on exotic foods and enjoy exotic aromas as we bring you to the distant land of India. Location:
Shire of Sea March (West Palm Beach, Florida)