Kingdom of Outlands

[OUT] Raven's Faire

Come to the Ravensfaire for laughing and singing
Everyone will be there, fighting and dancing
To the tap of the drum and the ching of the bell
Tell all your friends we're going to have a party
At the Ravensfaire!

[OUT] Great Hunt

The Shire Gleann Medonach, Kingdom of the Outlands, invites our neighbors to participate in our Great Hunt, Oct 22-24, 2010 at Artesia, NM

[OUT] Northern Toys for Tots Drive

As the days grow shorter and the air grows cooler the time has come to turn thoughts toward giving back to our communities. This years Toy for Tots drive will be open to the public. Let's put our best efforts into making this a success for the community and our organization.

"The White Stag" premieres in the Outlands

The White Stag, an original song by Lord Cilléne mac Conghalaigh, was debuted recently at Caerthe's Three Stags event in the Kingdom of the Outlands. A video of the song has been posted on YouTube.

Three Stags 2010 photos online

Rothin in flamska has created an album of photos from the Three Stags Autumn Battle and Fair which took place recently in the Kingdom of the Outlands. The album is available on the Webshots website.

[OUT] Danse Macabre

Dance the night away at Danse Macabre. This year's theme is "Disney does the Renaissance."  The theme can be interpreted quite liberally. However, please keep your costume PG as there will be a number of children in attendance.

[OUT] War Practice

Let it be known that it is His Excellency Robert's will that his army travel north to the Barony of Unser Hafen on September 26th, under a banner of friendship and camaraderie, so that our combined forces may learn and grow together, and increase the might of The Outlands' Army!

Jarl Boleslav and Countess Astridr new Heirs to the Outlands

Lord Avram ibn Gabirol, Minister of the Lists for the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that Jarl Boleslav was the winner of the recent Outlands Fall Crown Tournament. Jarl Boleslav was inspired by Countess Astridr.

[OUT] Stag's Con

Stag's Con, the Premier Service Event in the Outlands, will be held October 9th.  It is being sponsored by the College of Blaiddwyn, and will be held at Sandia Prep School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Honorable Lady Natal'ia is the autocrat. 

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair

The Shire of Drygestan humbly invites Outlanders from near and far to the SCA Village at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair.

[OUT] Dragonsspine Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition

Calling all Artisans, Scientists, bards and Brewers! Come and join the Barony of Dragonsspine for a relaxed day of Arts and Sciences display and competition. Display your art or science, display your knowledge, and have fun talking and networking with other artisans and scientists.

Clan Wars photos online

Bianca reports that she has created an album of photos from Clan Wars 2010 which took place recently in the Kingdom of the Outlands. The photos are available to view on Facebook.

[OUT] Stinking Desert War

Strife, contempt and vengeance. That which we seek, that shall we have! We are miffed that our northern neighbors haven’t cleaned the Dragon wastes from the desert and the stench has become unbearable. It has become necessary to take them to task once again in hopes of settling this dispute once and for all.

[OUT] Mountain Pas' and Highland Games IV

Join us for a full day of Friendship,  Fighting and Frivolous Fun. We will have a heavy weapons tourney to determine the defender of the Mountain Pas'.

[OUT] Saturnalia

Come all, far and wide, and join in al-Barran's celebration of Saturnalia. The poet Catullus describes Saturnalia as the best of days, a time of celebration, visits to friends and gift giving. Join us in our feasting and reveling, be you Roman, Byzantine, Gaul, Briton, German, or any other person of good cheer. Come all, from the four corners and far reaches of the Empire, to join in our festivities!

[OUT] Al-Barran Toys 4 Tots Event

Give one gift and hundreds of smiles will follow. Let’s make the world shine with the smiles of children this holiday season and the year to follow. Show the children of al-Barran and the World what generosity feels like.

[OUT] Baronial Investiture and Anniversary

You are cordially invited as we say farewell to our beloved Baron and Baroness, Nikolaus von Stahlburg and Aine inghean Cormac, and welcome with rejoicing, the investiture of the 10th Baron and Baroness of the Citadel, Sir Conrade du Montgomerie and Mistress Leah de Montgomerie of Lark Hall.

[OUT] Outlands Fall Crown Tournament

As the days grow shorter so does the reign of Their Royal Majesties Alrik III and Solomea and the time to choose their worthy heirs draws nigh.

Olaf Bjornssen ready for battle at Windkeep demo

Lindsey Erin Kroskob of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle spent a day at the recent Superday Festival in Cheyenne, and found herself drawn to an armored combat demo by members of the Shire of Windkeep. She interviewed Olaf Bjornssen (Martin Emmons) about his involvement with the SCA.

[OUT] al-Barran Champions

As the summer burns to its end, it is time again to turn our attention to the glory of the great Barony of al-Barran. It is time to show our prowess for the entertainment of our fair Baron and dread Baroness.

[OUT] Warders of the Western Gate

Prepare! Weapons, arrows and bows, and artistic implements of all kinds! The Barony of Fontaine dans Sable is holding it’s baronial champions competition and you’re invited.

[OUT] Northern Outlands Arts & Sciences Collegium

The Barony of Caer Galen and the Canton of Hawks Hollow invite you to the first Northern Outlands A&S Collegium. Come for a day of learning and teaching!

[OUT] 3 Stags Autumn Battle and Fair

Come celebrate the last official camping event in Caerthe! A feast fit for kings and queens! Insane fighting scenarios! A Roman Plaza! A&S classes and more!

[OUT] Here There Be Dragons

Here There Be Dragons. Shire of Plattefordham August 27-29, 2010. South Rec Complex, Glenrock, Wy 82637

[OUT[ Day of A&S

Please join the Barony of al-Barran and our wonderful Baron and Baroness by celebrating the artistic talents of the members of the populace as they vie for the title of al-Barran's Arts & Sciences Champion. There will be categories for every talent.

[OUT] Caer Galen's Defender's Folly

Greetings, one and all! The Baron and Baroness of Caer Galen, Bjarki and Asta, invite you to join Them as They search for Their new Defenders. This year we will be having Friday Night Fights, a Zombie Battle (remember your Zombie-land rules as these will come in handy), and the Defender tournaments.

Fierren Greenholm to be knighted in the Outlands

Balthazar, Blue Iris Herald for the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that at the recent Grand Outlandish event, Their Majesties Alrik III and Salomea offered admittance to the Order of the Chivalry to THL Fierren Greenholm.

[OUT] Gulf of Mexico Tournament

In 30 days (and every day) more crude oil will be washing up on the coasts of The Gulf of Mexico, threatening the livelyhood of fisherman, wildlife and sea life. The damage will affect everyone for years to come. If you are a little bit like me, you are heartbroken at the images of the birds, turtles, fish and dolphins among so many other including humans that are deeply affected by the Oil Spill.

Outlands spring 2010 event photos online

Domin d'Alsace reports that he has created several albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of the Outlands. The photos are available to view on Flickr.

[OUT] Baron's War

Are you an honorable Scot looking to defend your home from sea-faring barbarians? Are you a noble Norse looking to bring civilization to the savages of Scotland? If you are either or have friends who are, come to Baron’s War in the beautiful mountains of Dragonsspine this year and pick a side for a competition of The Norse vs. The Scots: In Games & War.