Middle Kingdom

The Toledo Blade goes to Baron Wars

What's fun about re-enacting the Middle Ages? Toledo Blade staff writer Ryan E. Smith found out when he visited Baron Wars, a large SCA event which takes place yearly at Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio. (photos & video)

Latest issue of Artes Draconis available online

Legio Draconis reports that the latest issue of Artes Draconis, the Arts and Sciences newsletter of the Middle Kingdom, is now available in PDF format online. The Spring A.S. XLIII issue's theme is "On Campaign."

The Newest Midrealm Soldier

At 8:19 pm EST on Friday, the world was made richer by the addition of Daniel Meade, son of Heidi and Darren Meade, also called Sir Baldwin of Chelmsford (Badger).

Midrealm June newsletters to be re-mailed

Baroness Katarina Peregrine, Middle Kingdom Chronicler, has announced that, due to delivery issues with the United States Postal Service, first-class copies of the June issue of the Pale, the newsletter of the Middle Kingdom, will be re-mailed.

[MID] Northern Oaken War Manuevers

The Barony of the Cleftlands and the Shire of Falcon's Quarry Present Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XII June 6, 7 and 8, 2008

Ukranian American Youth Association Resort
47890 Bursley Rd,
Wellington OH, 44090

Approximately 35 miles South-West of Cleveland, OH

Camping / Day-Tripping / Picnic
Pre-reg $12 / $7 / $13
At the gate $15 / $8 / $13
Children 5-12 half-price Location:
Barony of the Cleftlands and the Shire of Falcon's Quarry (Wellington, Ohio)

Midrealm Crown 2008 Photo Album

Nevik Demonovich has posted a photo album from the Middle Kingdom's May 25 Crown Tournament, held in the Barony of Fenix.

Midrealm Crown Produces Heirs

Sir Ullr Vindstygge defeated Duke Edmund of Hertford in the second of two Crown Tourneys fought on May 25, 2008, to gain the right to name his inspiration, AnneLyse, as Princess of the Midrealm.

Middle Kingdom Succession Ensured

“The law says he must fight for his crown. I say he has done so. Standing before me is a true King. I will not raise my weapon against Him.” With these words, Duke Dag Thorgrimsson ended the Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament and, for the second time in five weeks, Lutr Ulfskjald was crowned King of the Middle.

Announcement concerning the Crown of the Middle Kingdom

The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. has released the following announcement concerning the Crown of the Middle Kingdom.

Midrealm to hold rare double Crown Tournament

On May 25, the Middle Kingdom will host two Crown Tournaments to establish first a current Sovereign and Consort, then the Royal Heirs, after a Board action in accordance with Corpora cut short the reign of Lutr and Tessa.

Midrealm event photos online

Master Philip the Pilgrim shares two albums of photos from recent events in the Middle Kingdom on his Flickr website.

[MID] Melee at Roswell

Come to Alderford for a weekend of camping, melee, woods fighting and archery at the beautiful, shady B&A Primitive Weapons Club.

Enjoy a day filled with activities. Woods battles for both rapier and heavy, an archery woods walk, target archry, and classes including a weed walk.

After you've fought, shot and learned your fill, enjoy a family-style potluck with hot dogs and burgers provided by Alderford. Location:
Marche of Alderford (Roswell, Ohio)

[MID] Encampment VIII: Siege the Dane

Encampment VIII: Siege the Dane June 20, 21, & 22, 2008

Lincoln Way Recreation Center
2817 SR 602
Bucyrus, Ohio 44856

Pre-register with the Gatekeeper by June 13, 2008:
$7.00 per adult (max $20 per family)
Ages 6 to 16 $3.00
5 and under - free
Camping: $5 per tent, per night
A $3.00 surcharge applies to all adult non-member admissions Location:
Marche of Three Towers (Bucyrus, Ohio)

Fighters clash in Bowling Green

On Thursday nights, City Park in Bowling Green, Ohio, is alive with the sounds of rattan on steel as members of the local SCA branch practice their armored combat skills. Adam Lewis of BG News (Bowling Green State University) has the story.

[MID] Border Raids

Border Raids "A real non-profit event!"

June 27-29, 2008
Camp Carlson, 9210 US Route 60, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121

Join us as the forces of the Middle and Meridies once again clash on the fields of Fort Carlson in Fort Knox Kentucky. We promise plenty of melees and more fighting than you can shake a stick at.

Hosted by : College of Val d' Azure

June 27-29 2008

Site Address: Location:
College of Val d' Azure (Fort Knox, Kentucky)

Brendokenfest photos available for viewing

The Barony of Brendoken, located in the northeastern part of the Middle Kingdom, chose its new martial and A&S champions last weekend at the Brendokenfest event. Our own THL Milica of Varna captured an extensive photo album from the day's festivities.

[MID] First Contact: Moors in Hispania

1297 years and 4 days earlier, on April 29, 711, Tariq ibn Ziyad (Taric the One Eyed) swept into Visigothic Hispania. After his Berber armies arrived at Gibraltar, the Iberian Peninsula would never be the same again.

The influences brought by Tariq and his men would resonate through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, making this area a crossroads of music, literature, and social practices.

Marche of Gwyntarian (Akron, Ohio)

[MID] Mugmort Melees III

Mugmort Melees III A Mongolian Invasion of Persia! April 19th 9am - 9pm

Rain or Shine
Pickaway County Fairgrounds
415 Lancaster Pike
Circleville, OH 43113

Site Fees:
$10 Adults
$5 Children 6-12
Free Children 5 & under
$25 Family Max
$3 Non-member surcharge per person

$10 per adult
$5 per child 6-12
Children 5&under are free Location:
Shire of Mugmort (Circleville, Ohio)

[MID] Spring Crown Tournament and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition

The Barony of Fenix is proud to host The Spring Crown Tournament of the Middle Kingdom and the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition!

This will be held Memorial Day weekend at the Drawbridge Inn and Convention Center! This is a lovely site with reasonable room rates, restaurants, a tavern, a nightclub, and a lovely pool complex onsite.

Saturday will be a day of the best arts and sciences of our Kingdom on display for competition. There will be A&S roundtable discussions! There will be rapier combat! There will be a Scribal Meet-and-Greet! Location:
Barony of Fenix (Fort Mitchell, Kentucky)

[MID] Brendokenfest

Join the Barony of Brendoken at Brendokenfest!!

Where: Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds
259 S Tuscarawas Ave
Dover, OH

When: April 12th -- 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

Activities Include:
Equestrian authorizations and open competition
Archery championship and open shoot
A&S championship, open competition, and noncompetitive display
Heavy combat championship & open tourney Location:
Barony of Brendoken (Dover, Ohio)

[MID] Middle Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium


A day of classes and sharing for heralds and scribes. There will be Herald's and Scribe's reference libraries, an active Herald's Point, and Roundtable discussions for both Heralds and Scribes. Also: general-interest classes, childcare, Lunch Tavern and Feast.

Website: www.midrealm.org/oakford/event.htm Location:
St. Stephen United Church of Christ, 905 East Perkins Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Middle Kingdom to test probability-driven combat simulation

Officials in the Middle Kingdom confirmed today that selected, experienced fighters will soon be testing "probability-driven combat simulation" using equipment that departs radically from traditional SCA armour and weapon standards.

SCA Knight to seek elected office in the modern world

Sir Galen of Bristol, an SCA Knight resident in the Middle Kingdom, has announced that he will be an independent candidate for the Illinois state legislature.

Teribus to perform in Midrealm

Teribus (featuring Midrealm drummer Nevik) will be performing their first concert within the borders of the Barony of Fenix in the Middle Kingdom on March 22, 2008.

Christian Fournier elevated to Laurel in Midrealm

Kevin O'Shaughnessy reports that Christian Fournier, of the Middle Kingdom, has been elevated to the Order of the Laurel "for his studies and practice of period German wrestling, as well as support of period combat studies in general."

[MID] Clancy Day

Clancy Returns to Japan Hosted by Starleaf Gate and the Barony of Roaring Wastes At the Hazel Park Recreation Center 620 W Woodward Heights Hazel Park, MI 48030

5th of April, 2008 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Site Fee:
6 and under: FREE
6 to 12: $5.00
0ver 12: $8.00
Non-Member Fee: $3.00
$1.00 off if you come in Japanese garb.
Feast: $12.00 per person.

Feast will feature authentic Japanese cuisine, including: (No Fish) Location:
Shire of Starleaf Gate (Hazel Park, Michigan)

[MID] Saint Valentines Day in the Canton of Three Hills

Saint Valentine's Day in the Canton of Three Hills February 9, 2008, 9am-10pm; Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49001

More Room for Heavy Fighters, Melees, Fencers and Spectators!! Including space in the large fight hall for small seating areas along the walls!! Don’t forget we have the Best Shopping this side of the Pennsic War!! Location:
Canton of Three Hills (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

[MID] The Crusades & Tournament of Chivalry

This year will be themed on the Crusades that happened between 1095 and 1291. There will be classes, fighting and more all based around the Crusades. The event will also be a Tournament of Chivalry.

When: February 2, 2008
Where: Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio

Site will be open at 8:30 am and will close at 10:00 pm. This is a totally DRY site.

Site Fees
Pre-Reg / At the Door Location:
Barony of the Cleftlands (Berea, Ohio)

[MID] Qaina

The Barony of Brendoken presents Qaina: a Middle-Eastern dance and music event March 29, 2008.

Site: Tadmoor Shrine Center
3000 Krebs Dr.
Akron, Ohio 44319

Time: 11 am - 11 pm.


  • Classes
  • Show
  • Dinner
  • Hafla

Fees: $15 in advance for SCA members $18 in advance for non-SCA members $17 at the door for SCA members $20 at the door for non-SCA members Location:
Barony of Brendoken (Akron, Ohio)

[MID] Royal University of the Midrealm

The Shire of Greyhope presents The Royal University of the Midrealm March 29, 2008

Edison High School
3304 Parkside Ave
Lake Station, IN 46405

Site opens 9am ; closes 9pm


Site Fees : 13 - adult $6; 6 - 12 $3; 5 & under no charge Plus $3 non-member surcharge when applicable

Lunch will be available on site for $5. Menu will be forthcoming. Location:
Shire of Greyhope (Lake Station, Indiana)