Kingdom of Meridies

Gatalop photos online

Danielle and Aranwen of Willow Ford report that they have created an album of photos from Gatalop which took place recently in the Kingdom of Meridies. The photos are available on SmugMug and Facebook (public).

Viking Leathercrafts

Since 1985, the Viking Leather Crafts team has continually strived to provide the highest quality leatherwork for the history enthusiast on a budget - and the finest in customer service as well. After 26 years, their products are still being worn by countless swordsmen, swordswomen, and Living History enthusiasts around the world.

[MER] Castle Wars VIII

The Barony of South Downs presents Castle Wars VIII November 4-6, 2011 Sandy Beach Park, Macon, GA

Ailgheanan and Amber new Prince and Princess of Meridies

Disa reports that Jarl Syr Ailgheanan mac Sithigh was the victor of the Meridies Fall 2011 Crown Tournament. His Grace was inspired by Amber.

[MER] Tales of Sherwood

October 14-16 the Shire of Loch Cairn will be hosting the 2nd annual "Tales of Sherwood"! Come join us at Mont Milner in Sewanee, Tennessee for a weekend of fighting, feasting and fun.

Talmere Tourney

We just wanted to take a moment to invite you all to a Talmere party! This is not an event, though there will be fighting and gaming and crafting, oh my!

[MER] Fighters' Collegium

Unto all fighters and non-fighters alike does the Shire of Glaedenfeld extend an invitation to attend Fighters' Collegium at the Woodsman of the World camp in Blountville, AL.

Gabrielle Elisabeth Chantereau elevated to Peer in Meridies

Mistress Odindisa Egilsdottir reports that Their Majesties Caspar and Cecilia, of the Kingdom of Meridies, offered elevation to the Order of the Pelican to Mistress Odindisa's protégé, The Honorable Lady Gabrielle Elisabeth Chantereau.

[MER] All Things Pointy

Come in and celebrate a day of archery, thrown weapons, spear fights, A&S, and feast!

[MER] Red Tower XXXIX – Danse Macabre

Red Tower XXXIX – Danse Macabre September 30 - October 2, 2011

[MER] Coronation of Kenneth and Sabine

The Barony of Bryn Madoc invites you to join us for the The Coronation of Kenneth and Sabine, September 9-11, 2011

[MER] Black Rose

Please join the Shire of Crimson River this August 19-21, 2011 at the Cumberland Centre for a day of fun, fighting, and discovery.

Aylwin Watkyns elevated to Pelican in Meridies

Eirikr reports that at Their recent RUM, Their Majesties Caspar and Cecilia of the Kingdom of Meridies elevated THL Aylwin Watkyns of the Shire of the Eagle to the Order of the Pelican.

Two placed on vigil in Meridies

Fianna reports that Their Majesties Caspar and Cecelia of the Kingdom of Meridies have placed two of Their subjects, Gabrielle Elizabeth Chantereau and Ailleagan nas Seolta, on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

[MER] Summer Collegia VII

The Shire of Drakenmere invites you to Summer Collegia VII: Machen und Treffen, to be held at St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 515 S. Liberty Street, Waynesboro GA, 30830

[MER] Daggers and Hemmlock V

Join the Shire of Phoenix Glade as we celebrate in the Halls of Valhalla. Fight, feast, attend classes and revel in air-conditioned comfort. There will be tournaments Friday night and Saturday.

[MER] Regional Fighter Practice

The Shire of Crimson River is pleased to invite you to attend a regional fighter practice on Sunday July 10, 2011.

Adela Scriver van Brugge to be elevated in Meridies

Charles O'Connor reports that Their Majesties Caspar and Cecilia of the Kingdom of Meridies have invited Adela Scriver van Brugge to join the Order of the Laurel.

[MER] Border Raids

Join the esteemed fighters on the Field of Honor as the forces of the Meridies and Middle Kingdoms meet once again to battle at the Glendale Campground.

Syr Kenneth Grey victor of Meridies Spring 2011 Crown Tourney

Cisco reports that Syr Kenneth Grey, inspired by Sabine, victorious in the May 7, 2011 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Meridies.

[MER] Inter-kingdom Fighter Practice and Cookout

The good gentles of East-central Georgia--Meridies and Atlantia--invite you to join us for a cross-border get-together on Saturday, 4 June 2011.

Two offered elevation at Meridies Coronation

Fianna reports that at Coronation TRM Caspar and Cecelia announced the elevations of THLady Nuala to the Order of the Pelican and Countess Gwendolynn to the Order of the Laurel.

Combatants and consorts for Meridies Spring 2011 Crown Tournament announced

His Majesty Caspar of the Kingdom of Meridies has announced the list of combatants and their consorts for His upcoming Crown Tournament.

[MER] Spring Crown List

MERIDIES AND THE SHIRE OF PHOENIX GLADE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US FOR SPRING CROWN LIST May 6 – 8, 2011. Woodsmen of the World Camp, Riversprings in McKenzie , Alabama.

[MER] How to Train Your Dragon

Join us for a day of Viking classes, fighting and feast.

[MER] Hit List

We the Barony of the Osprey do wish to extend an invitation to one and all to join us for a journey down the Silk Road in this the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Please come and join us at historic Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island for a weekend of fighting, feasting, and fun.

[MER] Dreamstone Tourney XXXII

Come one, come all, as we frolic and revel to the sights and sounds of Shakespeare's world in a weekend of fun and laughter.

[MER] Iris Faire

The Shire of Glaedenfeld invites all to our annual Iris Faire! The event will include a full day of fighting with our traditional Golden Iris and Silver Iris Tourneys.

[MER] Lusty Month of May - SITE CHANGE

Lusty is going back to its origins. Come help us celebrate May Day with fun, family and frivolity. Join us for vigorous fighting, talented A&S, a delectable feast to titillate your discerning tastebuds and end the eve in exhilarating revelry.

[MER] Saltare Collegium 2011

Are you interested in dance? Do you want to learn some new and interesting dances? Do you need to brush up on the old standards? Do you have a favorite dance you'd like to teach? Do you just want to get out on the floor with the kingdom's best dancers? If so, this is the event you've been waiting for!