Kingdom of Lochac

[LOC] Border War XI

Once again the call goes out to the Kingdom of Lochac to take sides and fight! Once again the Shire of Bordescros calls upon all fighters to take to the field for Honour! for Chivalry! for the favour of your Consort!

This year 'tis not the forces of North and South, nor yet Politarchopolan against Stormholdian. Nay, for this year the fight is greater than ever - Saracen against Crusader - the Faithful against the Infidel... Location:
Shire of Bordescros (Woomargama, New South Wales)

[LOC] Rowany Yule

It's the 13th of December, 19 B.C. and the sundial in the Rowany forum reckons its 2 hours past midday. The Romans under Augustus have finally completed their conquest of the Iberian peninsula, your home and the home of your ancestors. But you just don't care! Your part of the peninsula fell to the Roman war machine over 100 years ago and, besides, your not going to let the news spoil your enjoyment of the afternoon's entertainment. Location:
Barony of Rowany (Silverdale, New South Wales)

Theodric and Engelyn new Heirs to Lochac

Baron Ysambart de Cortain reports that Theodric was the victor of the November 8, 2008 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Lochac. Theodric was inspired by Engelyn.

[LOC] Feast of the Butterflies

All are cordially invited by Tosti Bell to The Feast of the Butterflies and Field of Gold Tourney.

This event has been sanctioned by Mistress Kiriel herself.

Friday evening 21st Nov, for the Feast of the Caterpillars
22nd for Feast of the Butterflies and 23rd November.
A Tourney on a Golden Field will also be held.

Crossroads Medieval Village Co-op site Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass, New South Wales)

[LOC] Vyl Rest and Relaxation Weekend

Come and join the citizens of Torlyon, on the 6th and 7th December, as they celebrate their Seneschal Gregory the Vyl's birthday with a Vyl Rest and Relaxation weekend.

Come and do nothing if you like, just eat and laze in the shade of cool trees.

Meals will be BBQ style - cook it yourself or someone will cook it for you (you ARE resting).

Cost for the weekend $45 or $30 for the day. Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass, New South Wales)

New Baron and Baroness for River Haven chosen

Their Excellencies Wendell and Catalin, Baron and Baroness of River Haven in the Kingdom of Lochac, have announced that Their successors have been chosen: Master Wolfgang Adolphous Jaeger and Lady Contarina la Bianca.

"Flower of Battle Tour" taking reservations in Australia

The Fiore School of Medieval Defence has announced the Flower of Battle Tour of Australia, a four-state series of workshops featuring Fiore instructor Bob Charron.

Re-enactor photo used to make point in Brisbane Times

A photo of armored combat was used in the October 10 online edition of the Brisbane (Australia) Times to make a legal point. According to the lead line in the article, "Queenslanders can now challenge one another to duels but face jail for leaving their children unsupervised."

[LOC] William Marshal Memorial Tourney and Feast

Saturday December 6th 2008, William Marshal Memorial Tourney and Feast, Stormhold, A Royal Event

A chivalric weapons tourney will be held on Saturday, December 6th. at Circle of Trees, Edinburgh Gardens, Alfred Court, North Fitzroy (Melways 2C-E1) from 11 AM, followed by a catered feast at Bokscai Hall. StGeorges Road, North Fitzroy, (Melways 2C-C1) from 5PM.

Entry by tickets at
$25 for members, Location:
Barony of Stormhold (North Fitzroy, Victoria)

[LOC] River Haven Baronial Investiture

Come and join us on the 22 and 23 November 2008 as we usher in a new chapter in River Haven's history to celebrate the divestiture of Wendell and Catalin and the Investiture of their Baronial Successors.

Saturday will see a display of Rapier and heavy combat, as well as fabulous courts and fine hearty feast.

Armour inspection starts at 11.30am for Rapier and 2.30pm for Heavy combatants. Feast starts at 6.00pm. On Sunday there will be a Baroness's Location:
Barony of River Haven (Lutwyche, Queensland)

[LOC] Lyos Memorial Picnic

Cairn Fell invites those who would partake of games, a picnic and noble combat to attend the Lyos Memorial Picnic on Sunday, November 23rd 2008 from 11am until 5pm at Mount Franklin* (10 minutes from Daylesford, Victoria).

This is a family friendly picnic event with games and crafts for relaxed enjoyment. Bring your own picnic lunch and drinking water. Cordials and fruit will be provided.

Cairn Fell (Daylesford, Victoria)

[LOC] Combined Guild Day

The Lochac Guild of Defence invites the Guilds of Lochac and all those interested in the Arts and Sciences civilian and martial to a celebration of their varied matters and skills. There shall be classes and exhibitions, with dancing and feasting in the evening.

The Guild of Defence also invites the devotees of the Arts Martial to view the efforts of Provost Owan Cantor ap Hughe to bear away the Prize as he faces the Location:
Lochac Guild of Defence (Pendle Hill, New South Wales)

[LOC] Harvest Feast

Come one and come all. Join the Suth Gild Heall Cooks and Brewers in the second of the Succession of Salubrious Soirees - Harvest Feast.

Lady Isobel de la Rose of Arrowsreach has never cooked for over 8 people on her own (she is a great kitchen helper though), She has been working extremely hard at getting up the nerve and getting together her first "big" feast. She is ready !!!

Her challenge on the night "Cook a successful feast for 24 people". The Location:
Suth Gild (Mt Waverly, Australia)

[LOC] Canterbury Faire


[LOC] Baronial Hunt

Tis the hunting season once again in Politarchopolis. Join us on Saturday in a quest, rapier tournament, roving round, kite flying and twilight heavy tournament. At night enjoy the Wild Hunt: dancing, music, feasting and masquerade under the stars. Sunday sees the excitement of the Hunt through the forests and glades of Politarchopolis. Price includes camping, lunches, masquerade and dinner. Gas cooking provided for breakfast. Prize to be awarded for best mask. Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Sheldricks Lane, NSW)

SCAdians King and Queen of Balingup

The Balingup Medieval Festival has new royalty: King Simon and Queen Ally, a romantic duo who are also members of the SCA. The Donnybrook-Bridgeport (Australia) Mail interviewed the couple for a recent article.

Photos from Lochac's Midwinter Coronation

Richard and Susanna have created an album of photos from the recent Midwinter 2008 Coronation in the Kingdom of Lochac.

[LOC] Spring War XIV

On the October Long Weekend the Barony of Mordenvale will open up it lands once again so that those who are inclined may wage war amongst themselves, preferably on the war field. The event is a fully catered event and will also include a wonderful assortment of merchants, arts and sciences as well as tavern and coffee house.

When : Gates open Friday 3rd of October and the event continues through until Monday Location:
Barony of Mordenvale (Branxton, New South Wales)

[LOC] Bal d'Argent & Baronial Investiture

Come to the Investiture of the next Baron and Baroness of Ildhafn, the Bal d'Argent, classes covering all a gentleman needs to know, and lots of fabulous food - all set in London in 1600.

Date - 12-14th September 08
Place - Ildhafn (Auckland, NZ)
Cost - NZ$40, or NZ$55 with extra meals (for adult members, for whole event, paid before the 12th of August - email me or consult the website for non-members, children, etc). Location:
Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland, New Zealand)

[LOC] St Catherine's Faire

Anna de Witte and myself, Caterine de Vantier, of the bountiful Barony of Ildhafn, wish to advertise to you that the annual celebration known as St Catherine's Faire, will in this year (Anno Societas 43) be held over the summer months, from the date of Friday the 5th of December to the date of Sunday the 7th of December.

The event will be located at the fine venue of Motu Moana, in the coastal Location:
Barony of Ildhafn (Auckland, New Zealand)

[LOC] Shakespeare/Renaissance Ball

All are invited to attend our mid winter Shakespeare/Renaissance Ball to the live music from Earthly Delights. Saturday 19 July, 2008 7.30pm - 11.30pm St Johns Church Hall, Reid.

All are welcome, no partners necessary. Supper contributions encouraged. Tickets $16 or $8 children under 15 accompanied by paying, supervising adult. SCA Discount - get a list of ten+ people together, and pay group Location:
Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy (Reid, ACT)

Photos from Great Northern War

Gwennie shares photos from the Kingdom of Lochac's Great Northern War which took place recently in River Haven (Samford, QLD, Australia).

[LOC] Tocal Token Tourney & Midwinter Feast

Come one, come all. Yes, it's Tocal time again! Fight, feast, and fall over into your nice warm bed. We are having an Eastern European theme with a focus on Polish and Hungarian food and culture in the late SCA period.

When: 12- 13 July, 2008
Times: 11am List and armour Inspection Opens, 12pm Lunch, 1.30pm Tourney, 5pm Feast

Address of Site: CB Alexander Agricultural College, Tocal Road Location:
Barony of Mordenvale (Newcastle, New Sout Wales)

[LOC] One Good Turn Deserves Another

Suth Guild Hall in conjunction with The Woodworkers Guild Presents: "One Good Turn Deserves Another - A day of Wood Turning."

Learn the basic elements of this age-old craft. Add extra skills to your woodworking. Develop techniques to make different types of SCA gear.

How can this mighty challenge happen?
Using various resources within the region encompassed by the Suth Guild, the Esteemed Brother Waldo Turner (Member or the Embittered Poor) will Location:
Barony of Stormhold (Melbourne, Victoria)

[LOC] St Vitas' Dance and Music Weekend

Spring into two days of classes on all sorts of music and dance with a Feast and Caroso Ball on Saturday night. Lunches provided. Massage Therapist in attendance!

For Members and College Members. Full Weekend: $35, 1 Day + Feast & Ball: $24, F&B only: $19, 1 Day only: $10. Non-Memb. Add $2, If Not Booked Add $5 if feasting or $1 per lunch if day only. Contact Steward re Family/Helper/Hardship prices. Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Greenway, ACT)

Night photos from Rowany Festival

Everyone knows that the real magic of the SCA happens after dark. Lady Sancha da Sylva proves this with a small album of photos taken at night at the most recent Rowany Festival in the Kingdom of Lochac.

Alfonso X's Book of Games (1283) now available online

Lord Tristan d'Avignon provides an online copy of his teaching document for medieval games, based on Alfonso X's Book of Games from the thirteenth century.

[LOC] Doing it Medievally in Deni

Household Knightshade from the Shire of Bordescros will host an informal "Arts and Sciences Workshop" to encourage the Good Gentles of Deniliquin and other Bordertownes to Understand the "Gentler Aspects of the SCA"…..

It is anticipated that*) mini-collegia will be held in:

  • Helpful Heraldry – *for that they shouldst choose a new name*
  • Costuming – *what wouldst thou have worn*? Location:
    Shire of Bordescros (Deniliquin, New South Wales)

[LOC] Inter College War

Inter College war is an annual event where the various university SCA groups (colleges) compete with each other to determine which is the best college. The competitions usually take the form of a mix of combat and arts & sciences.

When is college war?
5pm Thursday 10th July to Midday Monday 14th July

Where is college war?
College War this year is being helds at Caloola Retreat, located 30 kms south from Tuggeranong Town Centre. Caloola Farmhouse Caloola Campground Location:
College of St. Aldhelm (Tharwa, ACT, Australia)

Lochac Crown Tourney Fall 2008 video online

Kotek has posted on YouTube a video taken at the recent Fall 2008 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Lochac.