Kingdom of Lochac

[LOC] Feast of St Augustine

After a long absence the Feast of St Augustine will again be held in the Barony of Rowany. Come, help us celebrate our patron saint with feasting, drinking and merry making.

[LOC] Darton Anniversary

The Shire of Darton wish to advise the Annual camping event - DARTON ANNIVERSARY - is on once again.

[LOC] Tablecloth of Gold

SCA Torlyon proudly presents: Tablecloth of Gold: King Salamander Feast.

[LOC] Mordenvale Deed of Arms

Hear ye, Lords, Knights, and squires. We make known to you a very great deed of arms and very noble Joust that will be performed by a good Man-at-Arms who will carry a shield, quartered blue and white, with on it a red cross having a crown at it's centre, and stars at it's points. And the said Man-at-Arms accompanied by ten Men-at-Arms all dressed in one color.

Katherine Kerr to enter Order of the Laurel in Lochac

Their Majesties Bran and Lilya of the Kingdom of Lochac have placed Mistress Katherine Kerr on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

[LOC] Radburne War IV

Come and join House Radburne for a weekend of war and fun! Bookings now open!

[LOC] La Prova Dura

In the tradition of our forefathers of the West, the time draws near for all noble combatants to find the truth of all measure. The time has come to test one’s physical and mental prowess upon the field of noble combat and to display proof of virtue and earn renown for the love of one’s consort and devotion to their household. The proof of endurance exposes true honour and prowess through the spectacle of tournament.

[LOC] Lindisfarne 2010

Lindisfarne 2010

[LOC] Spring War

Spring War will be held once again this year in the Barony of Mordenvale from Friday 1st of October until Monday 4th of October (gates open 1pm on Friday).

From the 14th of May till the 6th of June the early bird rate of $80 for members and $87 for non members is available.

All bookings must be fully paid.

[LOC] Between Two Worlds Supper Sing and Dance

Be it Known that an evening of music will be held, in the depths of winter, when the Shire of Dismal Fogs will host a night of singing, dancing and merriment to ward off the winter chills.

Blade restrictions could tighten in Victoria, Australia

SCA members living in the state of Victoria in Australia are faced with restrictions in ownership of sharpened weapons. Currently, members of the SCAA, like other re-enactors, are exempt from restrictions, but further restrictions are being considered.

Edmund and Eleanor new Lochac Royals

William reports that Edmund of Shotley was the victor of the May 8, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Lochac.

[LOC] A Taste of the Middle Ages

The Hundred of Okewaite (Goulburn, NSW, Australia) will be holding a feast on May 22 titled 'A Taste of the Middle Ages'.

[LOC] St Crispins May Day

Unto the populace I do send greetings and tidings of the epic battle for the Rule of the very Seasons which is to take place whithin the Barony of Mordenvale on the 23rd of May, 2010.

[LOC] May Crown 2010

May Crown 2010. The tourney weekend will be hosted by the members Rowany Guild of Defense.

Baden-Powell Scout Camp
Pomona Street
Pennant Hills
NSW 2120

Tel: (02) 9484 2278
Fax: (02) 9980 6709

7th - 9th May 2010

Steward: Adib Tariq ibn Jelal

[LOC] November Crown 2010

November Crown 2010, Nov 5-7th 2010 hosted by the Barony of Aneala, with aid from Colleges and Southern Shires as offered.

[LOC] College War XVI

It is the great pleasure of the College of St Ursula and Her Eleven Thousand Virgins and Martyrs to host the Sixteenth InterCollege War! Ah, Sweet Sixteen!

[LOC] Flametree Ball

Flametree Ball will be running this year on May 22, 2010.

[LOC] New Year's Feast and Baroness' Champion Tourney

The Politarchopolan Baronial Guard, resurrecting an ancient tradition, presents a feast to celebrate the arrival of Anno Societatis XLV, being 45 years since the First Tournament.

[LOC] Radburne Feast and Tourney

The Household of Radburne would like to invite one and all to our Annual Feast and Tourney. Come and meet with old friends and make some new ones! There will be various entertainments over the weekend.

[LOC] Bal d'Argent

It's on again... Bal d'Argent. Want to wear a big white frock, but not get married?  Then come and join us amidst the white when Lochac's premier dance event  returns to Rowany.

Ballad to Thomas "Donsbane"

What happens when a new SCA fencer encounters a number of Dons at Canterbury Faire and his exploits come to the notice of bard Lord Luan an Fael? Watch the YouTube video to find out.

[LOC] Midwinter Coronation

We, the members of Ildhafn City (Auckland, New Zealand), in the Barony of Ildhafn, will present a weekend of Pomp and Ceremony to commemorate the reign of Bran and Lilya, the King and Queen of Lochac, and to welcome their heirs, the new King and Queen, to their thrones.

[LOC] St Vitas' Dance

The Tenth St Vitas' Dance and (5th) Music Weekend, Politarchopolis, 28-29 August

[LOC] Rhythm & Brews

Unto the populace of Lochac does Mordenvale extend its invitation to join in on our
2nd Annual Rhythm & Brews Tourney and Feast.

[LOC] Crescent Fence

Crescent Fence 2010: June 5-7, Auckland, NZ Three days of fencing in the Barony of Ildhafn!

[LOC] Rowany Festival

Rowany Festival, the BIGGEST SCA event in the Southern Hemisphere, is coming to a Kingdom near YOU this Easter long weekend (1 - 6 April) !

General Meeting of the Society of Creative Anachronism Australia Ltd to be held at Rowany Festival

Andrew Ross-Gowan, Chair of the Society of Creative Anachronism Australia Ltd, reports that the Annual General Meeting of the SCAA will take place at Rowany Festival, April 2, 2010.

[LOC] Great Northern War XII

The might of the North, being the Baronies of St Florian de la Riviere & River Haven, and the Shires of Bacchus Woods and Willoughby Vale, issues this: we declare WAR on our Southern Enemies!

[LOC] Great Southern Gathering 2010

The Baronies of Innilgard and Ynys Fawr and the Shire of Arrowsreach are proud to announce the second Great Southern Gathering, a series of classes on all things SCA. As in 2009, the aim of the Gathering is to provide an environment for the teaching of various combat and A&S subjects in a relaxed atmosphere. Classes will be taught throughout the weekend, while Sunday is a day for tourneys and various combat related activities.