East Kingdom

SCA and Markland at Village Renaissance Fair

The citizens of Wrightstown, PA interacted with Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham, while members of the SCA and the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia offered demonstrations of medieval combat and crafts at the recent Wrightstown Library Village Renaissance Faire. Manasee Wagh of the Bucks County Courier Times has the story.

[EAS] Crown Tournament of Gryffith and Aikaterine

The Shire of Mountain Freehold is proud to host the Crown Tournament of King Gryffith and Queen Aikaterine.

[EAS] Feast of Alphonso X

To celebrate King Alphoso's birth and life, Ruantallan will be hosting a Collegium in his honor on the 27th of November 2010.

[EAS] St. Eligius A&S Competition & Baronial Birthday

Be welcomed and join the populace of Dragonship Haven, at our Baronial birthday/St Eligius celebration on November 20th at our wonderful new site.

[EAS] Musicians' Day

The Crown Province of Østgarðr invites Both All And Some to a day of classes on all aspects of medieval and Renaissance polyphonic music. Bring your voice, your recorders, shawms, dulcians, cornetti, and sackbuts (or trombones pretending to be sackbuts), your viols, vielles, violins, and rebecs, your harps, citoles, lutes, gitterns, and psalteries, ... you get the idea.

[EAS] A&S and Heavy List Championships

The time has come for the Crown Principality of Tir Mara to determine new champions for our Prince and Princess! Therefore, a great gathering will be held in Lyndhaven to run two championships

Bran and the Magic Madrigal Dishrag Fairies

Recently Lord Bran ap Rees of  the Barony of Bhakail (East Kingdom), served as Event Steward for It Takes My Child to Raze a Village. His account of "magical" aid and volunteerism at the event is an inspiring tale for young and old.

SCA members help with 4H Ren Faire

East Kingdom members of the Society for Creative Anachronism were among the participants at the recent Renaissance Faire in Warren County, New Jersey. NJ.com has the story. (photos)

[EAS] Harvest Moon /K&Q Rattan Champions

The time to celebrate the Harvest Moon approaches and Malagentia calls good gentles from near and far to celebrate with them through archery, rapier, heavy combat, equestrian activities and feasting.  In addition to all our other activities, the event will feature King's and Queen's Rattan Champions tournament!

[EAS] Panathenaea Festival and Games

Greetings good gentles of the east and the entire known world. Come join the Shire of Montevale as we celebrate the great city of Athens and her protector, Athena, with a day of competition, learning and friendship in the Panathenaea tradition. A variety of competitive events is planned, from marshaled activities thru Arts and Science Competitions.

[EAS] Emerald Glen Cadell

Once upon a time, there was a lady who had a horse, an equestrian center, and friends who also had horses. This lady decided that an equestrian event would be a wonderful opportunity for her friends to enjoy the day, Therefore, all Ye Equestrians come to a gathering to be held September 11, 2010!!

[EAS] Carolingian Baronial Championships

In the name of Baron Jehan, all gentles are invited to attend the Archery and Thrown Weapons Competitions for the Barony of Carolingia on Saturday, August 28, 2010. During the day, the mighty archers and weapons throwers of Carolingia will compete to choose the best among them for the Baron's Champion.

[EAS] Coronation of Gryffith II and Aikaterine II

Come Gentles All to celebrate the Coronation of Gryffith II and Aikaterine II! Once again the Eastern Crown passes to the heirs of our land. The Barony of Iron Bog is proud to host these glorious festivities. This joy will start on Friday September 24 and go through the weekend till Sunday 26th. There will be Court and a battle Coronation not seen in many a year here in Our Fair Kingdom.

[EAS] The Return of John Barleycorn!

Come join Prince Gryffith and Princess Aikaterine celebrate with us the return of John Barleycorn to his ancestral home in the northern forests of the Crown Province of Østgarðr . The site has been made pristine and boasts the addition of awesome Yurts for your overnight stay.

Northern Region War Camp Photos

Master Liam St. Liam has posted an album of photos from the Northern Region War Camp which took place recently in the East Kingdom.

Teen Party at Pennsic XXXIX

Baroness Leonete D'Angely reports that there will be a Pennsic Teen Party at the East Kingdom Royal Encampment Monday, August 9, 2010 from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

Andrew McRobb's first CD released in East Kingdom

Lord Mithgiladan the Herald reports that he has been given permission to sell 100 copies of Lord Andrew McRobb's first CD, Andrew McRobb: Some Favorites, which was recnetly released.

Daily Life Schola photos online

Elizabet Marshall reports that she has created a small album of photos from the Daily Life Schola event which took place recently in the Barony Beyond the Mountain (East Kingdom).

Two new Peers in the East Kingdom

Master Liam reports that Their Majesties Edward and Marguerite of the East Kingdom recently announced Their intention to elevate two of Their subjects to Peerages.

[EAS] Great Northeastern War XXIV

The Province of Malagentia presents Great Northeastern War XXIV July 9 - 11, 2010

East Kingdom Crown Tourney pictures

Marion del Okes has created an album of photos from the May 8, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the East. The photos are available on Flickr.

[EAS] Panteria XV

Warm breezes have melted the snow from our Caledonian mountaintops, and Spring has come to paint our vistas green. The time has come to emerge from our winter's refuge by the fireside, and to play once more on fields of soft grasses. It is time to air our pavilions and tents, and gather together to tell stories of great deeds around the campfire ... and to add a few more tales for years to come.

[EAS] Demo and Clan War

Come join us at the Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival Demo and Clan war on June 12, 2010. We have the honor of having this event be a Royal & Highnesses Progress.

Count Gryffith FitzWilliam wins East Kingdom Crown

Duke Lucan reports that Count Gryffith FitzWilliam defeated Sir Kenric of Warwick in the finals of the Spring 2010 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the East.

East Kingdom Coronation photos online

Cateline la broderesse reports that she has created an album of photos from the Spring 2010 Coronation in the kingdom of the East. The album is available on Picasaweb.

East Kingdom Crown Tourney combatants announced

Master Phillip the Facetious, Seneschal for the Kingdom of the East, reports that he has posted the names of the combatants and their consorts for the upcoming Spring 2010 Crown Tournament on his Senescal's Website.

Mudthaw photos online

Cateline la broderesse reports that she has created an album of photos from the recent Mudthaw event in the Kingdom of the East.

Creating medieval magic in Maine

For the children of Bangor, Maine, the Middle Ages came to life recently as members of the Shire of Endewearde (East Kingdom) created a magical, medieval world at the Maine Discovery Museum. Reporter Meg Haskell, of the Bangor Daily News, spoke with both re-enactors and their mesmerized guests. (photo & video)

Kings' and Queens' Arts and Sciences Championship photos online

Cateline la broderesse reports that she has created an album of photos from the Kings' and Queens' A&S Championship, which took place recently in the Kingdom of the East. The photos may be found on her Picasaweb site.

Students, scholars and SCA join for medieval experience

Students from Presque Isle Middle School in Maine learned about the Middle Ages March 23 by taking on the role of a medieval villager. Reporter Jen Lynds of the Bangor Daily News has the preview.