Kingdom of Drachenwald

Drachenwald Spring 2009 Crown Tournament Combatants

Their Majesties Marcus and Cecilia of the Kingdom of Drachenwald have announced the list of Combatants for Their upcoming Spring 2009 Crown Tournament.

Meadowmarsh Bootcamp photos online

Walter reports that he has created an album of photos taken at the recent Meadowmarsh Bootcamp event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

SCA member creates jewelry for stage production of "Mary Stuart"

Baroness Estrid Nordmark of the Kingdom of Drachenwald reports that she has been commissioned to create jewelry and props for a stage production of Friedrich Schiller's Mary Stuart. (photos)

[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice

The Shire of Two Seas would like to invite you to Hamburg, Germany for the Northern Frankmark Fighter Practice. On April 4, 2009. We will meet to endeavor in and improve those martial crafts practiced in the SCA. Heavies and fencers of all levels are welcome! Please bring whatever equipment you have as there will be slow work armored combat, sparring, and anything else a fighter could desire.

Petrarca V pictures

Anna Syveken reports that photos from the Petrarca V Ramble, which took place recently in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, are now available online.

[DRA] Double Wars XXII

The Shire of Attemark would once again like to welcome all gentles throughout the Known World to the Double Wars. This year we are honored to host the Coronet Tourney of the Principality of Nordmark.

[DRA] Fighter Practice on the Edge of the Forest

For those whom other obligations prevent from seeking glory on the battlefield of Double Wars, the Shire of Drei Eichen is pleased to announce it will be hosting a FIGHTER'S PRACTICE ON THE EDGE OF THE FOREST on the weekend of 15 - 17 May 2009, A.S. XLIV.

[DRA] St. Ethelburga's

The shire of Thamesreach, in addition to celebrating the pleasures of love on St. Valentine's day, is also marking its 10th anniversary.

Drachenwald's 12th Night photos online

Arianwen ferch Arthur has posted two slideshows with photos from the recent 12th Night in the Kingdom of Drachenwald on her photobucket website.

[DRA] Boot-Camp 2009

The shire of Maedowmarsh is hosting a Boot-camp at the weekend of the 27th of February till 1th of March 2009.

Vivat for Sir Vitus Polonius, first native East German knight of Drachenwald

This past 12th night Coronation, Baron Vitus Polonius was elevated to the Order of Chivalry of Drachenwald.

Pictures from 12th Night Coronation

Lord Edricus has posted an album of photos from the recent 12th Night Coronation which took place in the Shire of Avienture.

[DRA] Coronation Summer 2009

Hereby do we welcome all gentles of the known world to an occasion of festivities and happiness. We welcome all to a coronation that will be remembered and sung about for ages to come. We welcome you all to the summer coronation of 2009 "A Viking Saga".

[DRA] Feast of the Tower Hall

The Shire of Harpelstane invite you to spend a day in the life of your persona at a day long feast in the beautiful 15th Century Barley Hall in York.

[DRA] Spring Crown Tournament

The Shire of Thamesreach hereby invites you all to a great tourney, to determine the heirs to the Crown of Drachenwald.

The shire of Thamesreach is pleased to host Spring Crown Tourney Friday 27 March to Sunday 29 March 2009 - note early date!

Foxlease Activity Centre
Clay Hill
SO43 7DE
Tel: 02380282638

Petrarca IV photos online

Frau Anna Syveken shares photos from the recent Petrarca IV: Save Your Souls event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

[DRA] Academia della Danza

The right noble lord Baron of the Ancient lands of Knights Crossing has declared that his subjects, noble in their demeanour, should learn the ancient art of dance, that they may better grace his court with knowledge of this gentler art. To this effect, he has hired sundry dance masters from lands far and wide to come and provide instruction.

Video from Drachenwald's Kingdom University online

Vrank has posted a short video from the recent Kingdom University in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Drachenwald Kingdom University photos online

Vrank has posted photos from the recent Kingdom University event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

[DRA] Garden of Earthly Delights

Let it be known that on the eighteenth of April, there will be a Faire to celebrate the arts and artisanal crafts, and this faire will be held in the lord baron's holding known by many as the Pfaelzer Schloss. The lord Baron will be there to welcome all and sundry to this demesne, but especially those who wish to share their and display their myriad woorkes.

After the day of sharing and learning, there Location:
Barony of Knights Crossing (Gross Umstadt, Germany)

[DRA] Dyeing Workshop


[DRA] Twelfth Night Coronation

The Shire Aventiure invites the populace of Drachenwald to join us in the north of Frankmark to celebrate this year's Twelfth Night Coronation! Enjoy a weekend with traditional ceremonies, tournaments, archery and A&S classes at the stepping down of King ThorvaldR and Queen Fiona and the elevation of their heirs!

Waldheim am Brahmsee
Waldheim 1
D-24631 Langwedel/Holstein Location:
Shire Aventiure (Langwedel/Holstein, Germany)

Vienna Schatzkammer photos online

Racaire of the Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum in Vienna, Austria, has posted photos from her recent trip to the Schatzkammer (Treasury) in Vienna, Austria.

[DRA] Viceroy Tournament XII

The Shire of Glen Rathlin is proud to announce Viceroy Tournament XII to be held on the 20th to 22nd February 2009 at Ardnavally Scout Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland. As well as the Viceroy Tournament itself we will also be having archery, fencing and throwing weapons.

Dates: 20th to 22nd February 2009

Site: Ardnavally Scout Centre, 109 Old Milltown Road, Belfast. BT8 4SP Site has showers, toilets, car parking and camping space as well halls Location:
Shire of Glen Rathlin (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

[DRA] ID Protectors & University

With the growing population of the Crown Principality it has come to the attention of the Viceroy and Vicereine that Protectors are needed in four arts. With Their blessing the Shire of Flintheath is hosting 2009s ID Protectors and the 1st ID UNIVERSITY!!!!

Come enjoy and take part in this historical event! Whether your art is in woodworking, period cloth making, brewing or in the arts marshal; this University will have something for you. Show off your skills in the competitions to become the next ID champions if it be the archery, rapier, arts and science champion, or heavy Protector of ID. Is IDs next champion you? The Protectors of these orders must be willing to uphold and fulfill the responsibilities of their titles. Location:
Shire of Flintheath (Suffolk, England)

[DRA] Feohte of Broders

The wind from the east has brought ships from our brother Principality in the north and with them comes war to Insuale Draconis. Nordmark now tries to invade ID; the Viceroy will not allow this to go unanswered. The Viceroy calls all warriors to make ready and rally to defend ID!

Come and enjoy the 1st official war in ID between the two Principalities. This war promises to be fun for all, with war points being given for heavy fighting, A&S competitions and light fighting. Support your Principality and then participate in the bardic circle and enjoy the merry making to complete a great war! Location:
Insuale Draconis (Norwich, England)


Please note that the date has been set for the return of our Fencing Event, RENT-A-DON. This year, we have scheduled the event over the May 1-4, 2009 Bank Holiday weekend.

The site will open to the Populace at 6 pm on Friday, May 1st and will close at 12 pm on Monday, May 4th. Saturday will find the opportunity to learn technique and style from 3 different Dons with Sunday being available for other classes from the Populace on Rapier Related issues. This year we are honored to have with us Sir Master LOGOS, Baron AElfred of Chester, and Baron Terrance of Tyndale. Although a full description of the techniques that they will be offering is still forthcoming, rumor has it that we will see the styles of Swetnam, Fabris, and Giganti respectively from these Warders of the Middle Kingdom. Each student will have the opportunity to see a broad overview of each style and then return for the afternoon to the style of their choice to learn some of the more advanced techniques. Location:
Shire of Mynydd Gwynn

[DRA] Medieval Herb Workshop and Yuletide Revel

The Baron of Knight's Crossing, vassal of the mighty throne of Drachenwald, is has invited one of the finest herbalists and apothecaries in the land to provide instruction in the types and use of medicinal herbs.

Following the hours of learning, there shall be a revel to celebrate the yuletide, with feasting, dancing and sundry games - even if you have no interest in herbs, come and celebrate! On the morrow following the revel, Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Roedermark, Germany)

[DRA] Dance Moot VI

When winter has fallen upon the lands, the Shire of Harpelestane has its own merry way to remain warm and entertained: dancing.

Come join us on 17th January 2009 for a day of dancing at the latest gathering of our Dance Moot. Dance classes will be held, with opportunities to practice in the evening at a small ball. For the non-dancers, there will be a selection of period games to keep everyone entertained. Location:
Shire of Harpelestane (South Queensferry, Scotland)

Marcus and Cecilia Heirs to the throne of Drachenwald

Earl Marcus Eisenwald, inspired to valor by Lady Cecilia Jaeger, claimed victory in the Drachenwald Crown Tournament, which was fought in the morning the 18th of October, in the Barony of Aarnimetsä.