Kingdom of Atlantia

North Carolina man goes from "Minnesota Vikings" fan to real-world Viking

The Winston-Salem Journal follows Bassi inn fiskni Einarrson of the Canton of Crois de Brigte in Atlantia.

[ATL] Metalsmiths’ Symposium IX

The Barony of Stierbach and the Kingdom of Atlantia welcome all interested in learning about metal, glass, and other related arts to Metalsmiths’ Symposium IX on Sept 24-26, 2010 at the Prince William County Fairgrounds in Prince William, VA

[ATL] Tournament of the Golden Rose

The Inspirations of Atlantia, the Ladies of the Order of the Rose, invite you all to gather for a day filled with pageantry and more! On September 4, 2010, those Noble Ladies who have worn the Crown shall send forth Their Champions of the Roses to the field, not for prowess or vainglory, but to pay tribute to the Ideals held dear and encouraged by the Order. This is a day not to be missed!

[ATL] Pennsic Pity Party

While many of our friends and neighbors will be heading north in support of our beloved Kingdom, not all of us are about to expend the time and resources that a trip to Pennsic requires. So to those left behind, I would like to extend the invitation to a "Pennsic Pity Party".

[ATL] Stierbach Baronial Birthday

Please help celebrate the Barony of Stierbach’s natal day. There will be a full slate of martial activities and several artistic competitions. We promise to deliver a low-key and low-stress event with fun for the whole family.

Pictures from Hawkwood Birthday/Investiture online

Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill reports that she has created an album of photos from Hawkwood's Birthday and Baronial Investiture which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atlantia. The photos are available on Flickr.

Tournament of Friends II photos and videos online

Lord Alain de La Rochelle shares photos and video from Tournament of Friends II which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

[ATL] Kings Assessment

His Majesty requires an assessment of His Armies before answering the call to war at Pennsic. Come ready to work with your Baronial or household units on tactics for the upcoming battles.

[ATL] Storvik Annual Novice Tourney

The Barony of Storvik cordially invites you to a joint event, featuring a full weekend of martial and artistic activities. Please join us in a celebration of friendship and camaraderie as this event will include the best of both baronies' traditional events.

Fighters needed for Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic XXXIX

Jason Kinslae, Konungr of Atlantia, reports that volunteer "fighters" are needed to help with children's boffer activities at the Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic XXXIX.

Tournament of Friends II photos

And so the Great Tournament of Friends came and went. Four mounted warriors took the field and conducted several matches each. One mounted warrior, Fillipo Clemente Esposti, earned the title of Champion.

[ATL] Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday

As Spring winds herald the arrival of summer, we look to mark another year in the Barony of Hidden Mountain. So, come out and celebrate the coming summer and our birthday with us!

Sir Bryan of Sacred Stone winner of Spring 2010 Crown Tourney in Atlantia

Lady Glynis Gwynedd reports that Sir Bryan of Sacred Stone was victorious in the May 1, 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

[ATL] Atlantian Royal Archer CompetItion

Atlantian Archers come test yourselves against the best. Who is the top archer in Atlantian? Where do you stand against the rest? Come prove your skill and eyesight.

[ATL] Drums of War

As Pennsic and War of the Wings approach, now is the time for the mighty warriors of Atlantia to sharpen their skills with blade and arrow. On the fields of Elchenburg Castle, melees of grand proportions in both heavy and rapier will offer opportunities for both practice and authorizations. The time for preparation for these fierce upcoming wars is upon us!

[ATL] St. Aiden's Melee College

Heroic warriors, prepare for a day of glory, battle, blood, and fun! The Order of St. Aiden has teamed with the Barony of Storvik, Jewel of Atlantia, to host a day of melees. Bring your band of brothers and test them against the Order of St. Aiden! Classes and authorizations start at 10:00am with combat at 12:30 onward.

[ATL] Sapphire Joust XI

Come join us as we celebrate Sapphire Joust XI and the Investiture of our new baronage this Memorial Day weekend!

[ATL] Highland River Melees

The Barony of Highland Foorde invites all to join us for our 22nd Highland River Melees, "Battles for Orleans" this 4th, 5th and 6th day of June, 2010.  Our most gracious and worthy Knight, Gaius Tascius Severus Fabianus has based this year's Highland River Melees on the Hundred Years War.

[ATL] Summer University

The Barony of Tir-y-Don is honored to host the 77th session of the University of Atlantia.

Kieran Hunter knighted on Gulf Wars battlefield

Gisela Neried reports that on March 19, 2010, after the Gulf Wars Field Battle, His Majesty Vladimir of Atlantia offered elevation to the Order of the Chivalry to the Honorable Lord Kieran Hunter.

Photos from St Urho’s Tourney

Several photographers report that they have created albums of photos from the St Urho's Tourney event which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

[ATL] Baronial Birthday & Investiture

Alas! Alack! It is a sad day for the people of Hawkwood as they  must bid  adieu to Their Excellencies, Thorgrimr and Adeliza. However, our  monumental sorrow is tempered with a great joy! Their Atlantian Majesties will  invest a new Baronial Coronet to oversee Their lands in Hawkwood! Let all of Atlantia join us as we celebrate not only Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday, but also an Investiture of new nobility.

Known World Children's Fete volunteers needed

Herrin Emeludt Hansler, Youth Coordinators for the Kingdom of Atlantia, is seeking volunteers to help with this year's Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 39.

[ATL] 12th Night 2011

Odin is restless. Valhalla has been quiet for too long and needs fighters and frolic to brighten it's dark halls. What can be done? A gathering of  Vikings is needed! Odin looks over his lands and spies the Kingdom of Atlantia in all it's splendor. Here is the answer! A grand winter festival to enlighten his spirit and bring laughter to his home!

[ATL] Le Grand Tournoi d'Amitie

The Cantons of Elvegast and Attilium combine forces again to  invite you to join us the weekend of April 16-18, 2010 for The Great Tournament of Friends at Little River Trails in Bunn Level, NC. 

[ATL] Moose Tale Collegium

Highland Foorde has lost its moose! The head moose succumbed to summer
fevers two summers ago, and ever since, the herd has slowly disbanded. Our populace has been beside itself in worry over our beloved beasts. We are holding a tournament and collegium in hopes that the activities will call to our moose to return home.

[ATL] Defending the Gate

Winter holds its grip on the fertile lands of Stierbach. The people of the Canton of Sudentorre sit warm by their fires and plan for the Spring and its celebrations when friend can meet friend again and old alliances can be renewed.

[ATL] Siege of Black Tower

A lone black tower stands at the top of a Holy Tor beside the King's road. This tower is a major point of river defense to the south of fair Atlantia. As the populace knows, spring is the time of year when we can expect to see invaders coming from the sea, gliding up our precious river to wreak havoc on this portion of the kingdom. It would appear that next spring will be no different. We must prepare!

[ATL] Southern Atlantian Archery Day

Hurry and send your reservations for Southern Atlantian Archery Day. Checks to SCA Inc., Canton of Crois Brigte.

[ATL] St Urho's Tourney

Know that long ago, in far Finland, the wine crop was threatened by hoards of Grasshoppers. Into the maelstrom of Vintner’s difficulty stepped a Giant of a Man, URHO, Mighty URHO, who with his pitchfork chased the evil Grasshoppers from all of Finland.