Kingdom of Atlantia

[ATL] Kingdom Crusades

It is once again time for Kingdom Crusades! This is one of the last opportunities of the fighting season to show your prowess on the Heavy Weapons field, the Fencing field and the Archery range. Soon the winter winds will blow and we will retreat into our warm hearths for hibernation.

There are cabins for your camping comfort. However, they are not heated. Cabins do provide co-ed hot showers and restrooms. No open flames allowed in the cabins please. There is also plenty of tent space available. Pets are not allowed on site. There is no feast, but the site does sell on-site meals. Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Darlington, Maryland)

[ATL] Winter Solstice: Murder in the Dead of Winter

Good friends, on this day in the year 1547 in Venice Italy, you are cordially invited to join us for a wedding celebration! The well-to-do family has laid on an amazing day of festivities, highlighted by a feast guaranteed to delight, prepared by His Grace Duke Lucius Aurelius Valharic. Unfortunately, this happy day is destined to be marred by murder(s) most foul!

But this wedding is more than a stage play, and you dear friends are more than celebrants. We are counting on you to answer the age old questions "Whodunit?" and "why?" At the end of the afternoon, each guest will be asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their interpretation of the mystery, and who the culprit(s) is(are). After evaluating the detectives' work, the murderer(s) will be hauled off in chains to face the King's Justice, and the detective who solved the crime most correctly will win a prize. Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

Glory Wars photos online

Antonio Felluci has posted an album of photos from the recent Glory Wars in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Baron Morvran Corbet de la Flamme victorious in Atlantia's Masters of Defense Tourney

Baron Morvran Corbet de la Flamme, Knight of Atlantia, was victorious for a third time in a unique tournament held in the Barony of Lochmere recently.

[ATL] All Glass Symposium

On October 27th, the Barony of Stierbach will welcome the glass workers of Atlantia to the All Glass Symposium! Here we will all gather to share knowledge and our passion for all things glass.

Those with traveling torch set-ups, we ask for you to bring your kits. For beginners we will have loaner equipment for you to try your hand at lampworking and some flat work.

There will be kilns on site so that more advanced work can be done. Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Port Royal, Virginia)

SCAdian to present lectures on Tudor history

The Cumberland Times-News reports that SCA member Ellen McDaniel-Weissler will present a course entitled English Tudor Dynasty History, The Wars of the Roses to Elizabeth I for the CE Institute for Community Services at Allegheny College of Maryland.

Atlantia Fall 2007 Coronation photos online

Belphoebe reports that she has posted an album of photos of the recent Fall 2007 Coronation in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Photos and video from Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday 2007

Adam Ingram has posted an album of photos and videos from the recent Baronial Birthday celebration in the Barony of the Secred Stone (Atlantia).


Come join us to relive the Wars of the Roses as they might have been. Activities of all kinds will be centered on the years 1455-1487 as the York and Lancaster houses fought for the throne of England. Who will be victorious?

Marshal Activities:

Heavy Combat & Rapier:
Team based melee combat with varied settings (open, woods, & portal). Each team (4-8 perticapants per team) will represent one of the historical nobles that fought in the Wars of the Roses. Teams will fight for the houses of York and Lancaster attempting to carry their side to victory. Contact Auric von Regensburg (David Hernly) for more information regarding team requirements and recommendations. Location:
Barony of Tir-y-Don (Newport News, Virginia)

Holiday Faire

The wars are over for now and it has been a profitable season for all. The fighters are returning home after hard fought battles and they are returning with their bounty. The farmers have finished harvesting their summer crops and are taking a well-earned rest. Now is the time to come together and celebrate with festivities and shopping.

Merchants have replenished their inventories and are gathering in Stierbach for the festivities. Come spend the day shopping, visit with old and new friends, watch the martial activities, pick up those treasured Twelfth Night presents that can only be found here at Holiday Faire, enter into the arts and sciences competition and don't forget to place a bid or two at the silent auction! Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Manassas, Virginia)

Games Tourney

As the oppressive summer heat slowly takes its leave, Atlantia looks back on great battles won and contemplates the upcoming crusade. Yet everyone, soldier and citizen alike, needs time to rest and recover from war, time to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. So before heading off on the next campaign, come join us for a day of relaxation and recreation at Games Tourney, Atlantia’s premier gaming event. Location:
Shire of Isenfir (Weyer's Cave, Virginia)

Atlantia Crown Tournament

The Canton of Falcon's Cree, and the Barony of Nottinghill Coill, welcome you to Atlantia's Fall Crown Tournament. We hope you have a splendid day as we gather to discover which worthy combatant will emerge victorious in their quest to name their consort and themselves the next King and Queen of our fair Kingdom.

Site: Kings Mountain State Park, 1277 Park Rd, Blacksburg, SC, 29702.
Site opens at 6pm on Friday and closes at 10am on Sunday. Location:
Canton of Falcon Cree (Blacksburg, South Carolina)

Chalice of the Sun God IV

Once again, the cry goes forth for all heroes to vie for glory and honor in the Chalice Championships. And for those who choose to attempt it, there is the legendary 'Chalice of the Sun God', the cup of Helios given to Hercules in the course of his labors. Please join us for this unique challenge!

After last year's celebration of Poseidon's Return, Athena has decreed a challenge unto him. Who will win the challenge? As a team or as an individual, choose who you will support - Athena or Poseidon? Total points will win the day! Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Triangle, Virginia)

Treasures on the Tides

It is the year 1587; many of the Crowns of Europe are busily squabbling over an island nation and its single Queen leaving Atlantia the rest of the oceans free for the taking! The Barony of Bright Hills sends out a call to all in the land for crews to take up their oars on this mighty quest in gathering the treasures of Atlantia on the tides for the Crown.

This event will have a quest with crews of one fighter, one fencer, an Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Street, Maryland)

Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday

Another year has passed and once again it's time to celebrate the birthday of the Barony of Dun Carraig. Get your pillage on because we're going Viking this year in honor of our new Baron and Baroness.

We will be choosing our new Baronial Champions with many tournaments of skill. There will be a Vikings Vs. Villagers melee complete with a beach landing. Will the Villagers fend off the invading hordes? Or will the Location:
Barony of Dun Carraig (Waldorf, Maryland)

Atlantia Fall Coronation

Travel forward through time from the glory days of Rome and Byzantine era, we find ourselves on the Silk Road stretching from Rome and Russia across Persia and into eastern China. For centuries, caravans ventured across these lands to buy and sell an extravagant mixture of goods bringing the splendor of silk to Europe. Come celebrate the last court of Valharic and Arielle and welcome Atlantia's Rightful Heirs, Logan and Rowan, as they ascend the Location:
Canton of Sudentorre and Barony of Stierbach (Haymarket, Virginia)

Siege of Glengary

Last fall, the forces of Aethelmearc met the Atlantian hordes led by the Barony of Highland Foorde on the field of battle in a grand quest to retrieve the Sylver Apple of Sylvan Glen, the talisman that bestows bounty and prosperity on our shire. Led by our mighty King Christopher, fierce Queen Morgen, and the brave Defenders of the Glen, we emerged from the fray victorious.

Having settled this property dispute, the populace of Sylvan Glen had hoped for peaceful respite from the long years of uncertainty and war. For an all too brief moment, it looked as if tat peace might be realized, but that peace was placed in grave jeopardy as reports of bandits attacking Highland Foorde’s Western Road began to trickle in. As these attacks have become more brazen and frequent, the hope for peace between Sylvan Glen and Highland Foorde has become much dimmer. Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde & Shire of Sylvan Glen (Hedgesville, West Virginia)

Masters of Defense Baronial Birthday

Come one and all to join Their Excellencies, Vlad and Medb, and celebrate the birthday of the Barony of Lochmere!

Martial Activities
In celebration of this glorious event there will be a tournament in the style of the Masters of Defense. Combatants will fight in five forms each of both heavy and rapier. The five forms for the heavy list will include Weapon and Shield, Great sword, Polearm, Double Weapon, Single Sword. Rapier will include Single Weapon, Double Weapon, Sword and Buckler, Sword and Dagger and Weapon and Parry Device. Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Elkridge, Maryland)

DeMontfort Official SCA Mounted Practice

We going to be focusing on jousting and getting ready for the Sept 29th Demo in Hartsville, SC. Any and all welcome to attend.

1-3pm Heavy Fighter Practice-we need all the heavy fighters we can get (Robert the Banished-MIC)
2-3:30 pm open arena for horse warm-ups (first part will be great opportunity for horses to see and become accustomed to heavy Location:
Canton of Cyddlain Downs (Effingham, South Carolina)

Challenge of the Heart photos

Kiri has posted photos from the recent Challenge of the Heart even in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Photos from Black Diamond's Assessment

Tannis of Tir-y-Don has posted photos from the Kingdom of Atlantia's Assessment event which took place July 6-8, 2007 in the Barony of Black Diamond.

Atlantia heralds to host Heraldic Walk at Pennsic

Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill, Triton Principal Herald for the Kingdom of Atlantia, has announced that an Atlantian Heraldic Walking Tour will once again take place at pennsic.

Atlantia Fall University

The Barony of Caer Mear will be hosting the Fall University at Amelia High School in Amelia, VA on October 20, 2007.

Amelia High School
8500 Otterburn Rd
Amelia, VA 23002

Gustav von Silberwald
(Peter Topkis)

Barony of Caer Mear (Amelia, Virginia)

Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 36

Once again, the Kingdom of Atlantia will host the Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic. This year the event will take place on Wednesday August 8 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed!

[ATL] Got Vice?

You have been called into judgment by the seven Vices for pride...the first step on the path of the vices. Come enjoy a seven course feast while you watch the Vices and Virtues compete to win you over. Location:
Farm Ventures (Person County Group Home) - 363 Jerry Dixon Rd, Leasburg, NC

Alexander William born in Atlantia

Aimee Kratts reports that Mesterinde Karen Larsdatter and Master Gruffudd ap Cadfael are the proud parents of Alexander William, born June 15, 2007.

Alexander ap Gruffudd ap Cadfael Arrives in Atlantia

Meister Gruffudd ap Cadfael and Mesterinde Karen Larsdatter are pleased to announce that their son, Alexander ap Gruffudd ap Cadfael, has triumphantly arrived to the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Midsummer Dance in Isenfir

To celebrate the passing of high summer, and because Dance is Fun!, the Shire of Isenfir would like to invite you to a Midsummer Dance at Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery.

WHEN: Saturday, June 30th. Site opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m.
WHERE: Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery, 2800 Berry Hill Road, Nellysford, VA
COST: Free.

For information about the site, check out their website at Location:
Shire of Isenfir (Nellysford, Virginia)

Highland River Melees proves chivalry is not dead

The Herald-Mail reports from this year's Highland River Melees, an annual event in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Southern Atlantian Archery Day

The South will rise again! This time the challenge is to HAVE FUN! The first annual Southern Atlantian Archery Day (SAAD) will be a weekend filled with archery, atlatl and thrown weapons stations.

In keeping with the "Southern" traditions, we will have a wide variety of targets for your shooting and throwing pleasure in the very best tongue-in-cheek-Southern style.

Remember, "Bubba" is both a Southern and Period name! The stations will Location:
Canton of Crois Brigte (Boonville, North Carolina)