Kingdom of Atlantia

[ATL] Atlantian Fall Crown 2008

Their Majesties Jason and Gerhild have decreed that Their Heirs shall be chosen at this time, in this place. Herald the day, gather the contestants, and let them gird themselves in full panoply, for the winner of the day shall be the one that fights in most worthy fashion for their Consort.

Site: Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center, 804 Cedar Lane, Reidsville, NC 27320.
Site opens at 7 PM Friday, September 7 and closes at 10 AM on Sunday, September 9. Location:
Barony of the Sacred Stone (Reidsville, North Carolina)

[ATL] Feast of St. Andrew

Come down to the Canton of Tear Sea's Shore for a day of fighting, fun and feasting for the annual Feast of St. Andrew. This will be a lovely event to celebrate the holiday season and what better way than to spend it with your SCA family.

Martial Activities:
A full day of fighting is planned. Three rounds of fighting. The First round is Mass Weapon and shield in the tradition of the Scots. Extra points will be given for use of anything other than a sword. The Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Harleyville, South Carolina)

[ATL] Tourney of Diamonds II - CANCELLED

The time is upon us again for the great warriors of Atlantia to become familiar with our vast coastlines. Renew your spirit listening to the clashing of steal; renew your soul listening to the lapping sea upon the shore. Make your presence known! Allow your heraldic display to be seen by our enemies across the sea to warn them of the now well guarded Atlantian shores. Bring your small ones so they begin their training! Remember your tankards and drums, for upon the setting of the sun grand merry making shall commence. Location:
Incipient Canton des Iles des Diamants (Point South, South Carolina)

[ATL] Chalice of the Sun God V

Once again, the cry goes forth for all heroes to vie for glory and honor in the Chalice Championships. And for those who choose to attempt it, there is the legendary 'Chalice of the Sun God', the cup of Helios given to Hercules in the course of his labors. This year the theme is Persephone's story and her journey to the Underworld. Please join us for this unique challenge!

Fighting: There will be a heavy and rapier fighting; each in the same format competitors shall fight in a Challenger's tourney for the right to best the Heavy Weapons Chalice Champion* or the Rapier Chalice Champion**. The winner of each of the 'Champion Battles' shall become the Chalice Champion in his discipline, and may fight as Chalice Champion next year. Questions should be directed to Sir Thomas of Calais (heavy weapons) ( and Baron Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (rapier) ( ) Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Triangle, Virginia)

[ATL] Hidden Mountain 25th Birthday Celebration

The year was Anno Societatis 18. His most noble and Gracious Majesty, King Olaf Askoldsson was traveling the southern reaches of his Kingdom, and came upon a Mountain, Hidden at the southern tip of Atlantia. King Olaf found the people there to be good, strong, and wise. He and his beautiful Queen Aislinn Schattenwald saw fit to charter a Barony in these southern lands, and was inspired to named it for the mountain he had found. He ordered the populace to choose leaders for their new Barony, and with His Blessing, Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix and Marie-Simone de Barjavel la Fildena became the first Baron and Baroness of these new lands. Then, as the night fell, the Mountain became Hidden once more, only to reappear once a year, to celebrate her recognition and the work by these fine people, and all who have followed. Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Kings Mountain, South Carolina)

Stierbach's Tenth Birthday Photos

Alan has posted photos from the recent Tenth Anniversary event in the Barony of Stierbach (Kingdom of Atlantia) on his Flickr account.

Highland River Melees photos online

Alan reports that he has posted an album of photos from the recent Highland River Melees in the Kingdom of Atlantia on his Flickr website.

[ATL] Journey to the Crusades

Journey to the Crusades will be coming on September 19-21, 2008 to Pleasant Grove in Palmyra, Virginia. There will be a Central War Practice along with rapier, lots and lots of archery (with an archery target competition), youth armored combat, and cavalry with tournaments and jousting. There will be other A&S competitions as well.

This will be a camping event; however, it is a primitive site. There is running water on site. Merchants are welcome. Please visit our website to get more information: Location:
Canton of Caer Gelynniog (Palmyra, Virginia)

[ATL] Coronation of TRM Jason and Gerhild

Home from war and with the leaves beginning to turn, the winds of change sweep through our Fair Atlantia. Come to the wilds of the Coast and welcome the New King and Queen of our realm. The sword swift and honor sure, TRH Jason Kinslae rises before our Kingdom to lay claim to His Rightful Throne. The beloved and beautiful Gerhild the Willful at His side to lead us with grace and courtesy. It will be a day of celebration in blue and yellow to due honor to new monarchs, with homage given to all things Norse. There will be food aplenty with a feast served from Giants. A bardic festivals into the night. Location:
Stronghold of Raven's Cove (Swansboro, North Carolina)

[ATL] Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday

Turn not a blind eye to the splendid Phoenix and her fiery light, for she brings you tidings of welcome and cheer! Join our Baron and Baronne, Marc & Alianor, and the noble populace, at the end of the last week of the hottest month, as we break from our daily labors to gather in celebration of the 26th anniversary of the glorious Barony of Sacred Stone.

Just as might, grace and beauty of the Phoenix is forged in the fire, so too Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Booneville, North Carolina)

[ATL] TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks

TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks / The First Crusade Arrives in Constantinople. It's autumn of 1096 and we're in Constantinople, the capital of a mighty empire that considers itself the successor to Rome as the center of learning and culture. As the western endpoint of the Silk Road and other caravan routes, and a major seaport, it's also a major crossroads for commerce.

DATE: October 24-26, 2008 Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Street, Maryland)

Highland Foorde Renaissance Festival educates public about the Middle Ages

"It's not about entertaining, it's about educating," said Sherri Fabic, a member of the Barony of Highland Foorde, about the recent Renaissance Festival hosted by the group at Hager House in Hagerstown, Maryland. Reporter Joshua Bowman of the Herald-Mail was on hand for the story. (Photos & video)

Volunteers needed for Pennsic Children's Fete

Baroness Hanim Kisaiya Zingara reports that volunteers are needed for the Pennsic Children's Fete which will take place Wednesday August 6, 2008 from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. (Click "original article" below for more details)>

Photos from Sapphire Joust online

Belphoebe has posted an album of photos from the recent Sapphire Joust event in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Bards shine in Salesberie Glen

The bards held the day at the recent Performers Revel South in Salesberie Glen (Salisbury, North Carolina), with musicians, poets, storytellers and dancers showcasing their arts. Sara Gregory of the Salisbury Post had the story. (photos)

[ATL] Stierbach's Baronial Birthday

Come One and All to celebrate Stierbach’s Tenth Baronial Anniversary! Like the finest of Atlantia’s wines, each year brings exciting new flavors to experience cultivated in the terroir of tradition and past experience. Share with us the marking of a new year and vintage of Stierbach in our Society.

Prince William County Fairgrounds, 10624 Dumfries Road, Manassas, VA 20112. Site opens Friday, June 27th at 4pm and we need to be offsite by noon on Sunday. This is the same site as our Holiday Faire. Please note that the site is DRY Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Manassas, Virginia)

[ATL] Lochmere 20th Baronial Birthday and Investiture

Twenty years ago, on the fields of Pennsic XVII, the shires of Myrkwood and Airendale were formally united into the Barony of Lochmere by their august Atlantian Majesties, Dafydd and Elizabeth. In celebration of that glorious day, we invite you to attend our baronial birthday where the Eighth Baron and Baroness will be invested and take on the responsibilities of leadership.

The weekend's activities will have something for just about Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Annapolis, Maryland)

[ATL] Kingdom Archery Championship

The thundering hooves of the Mongolian Empire draw near! Join in their whirlwind of chaos to conquer the Knowne World. We invite you to display your prowess with bow and arrow, and plunder the day away. This will be a kingdom-level event to choose the new Kingdom of Atlantia Archery Champion.

It is a weekend-long event with archery, feasting, and a bardic circle. The Championship will take place at the Baltimore Bowmen club. Enjoy Friday Night travellers’ fare to benefit the Bright Hills Youth Archery program. Saturday will include a continental breakfast, and there will be a dayboard provided to refuel between shoots. The day’s end will bring a sumptuous feast prepared by Duke Valharic, followed by a bardic circle to entertain and recount the day’s events: “No s*@#, there I was, just me and my yak . . .” Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Glen Arm, Maryland)

[ATL] Hero's Portion

Once again, the Barony by the Sea needs a Hero! So the word needs to be spread that a Hero is called upon to defend the Keep of Marinus from those that would steal it's wealth. Will the young Squire William return to defend the Keep, or will another rise to become a Hero?

All fighters, archers and Siege Engineers are call upon to help defend (or sack, wo wo!) the Keep of Marinus. In addition, the Sergeants of Saint Aiden will be running a War Academy in the Morning before the main event. So all ye novices that seek knowledge, or those who wish to polish off there old skills, please attend. Location:
Barony of Marinus (Spring Grove, Virginia)

[ATL] War of the Wings III

Well, there was some question about who won . . . the points, they burned! ... There's a score to settle! ... There are egos to salve!! ... There are . . . are . . . things . . . to . . . uh . . . do.

Oh, Ok, really it's because we LOVE to have FUN and we always have fun with our friends!!! Come on out!

A&S competitions! Performing arts will get the last war point of the competition with a HUGE Bardic Blowout to be held on Saturday night Location:
Canton of Crois Brigte (Elkin, North Carolina)

[ATL] Scribal Workshop

The next scribal workshop will be held on Saturday June 14th from 11 am until 4 pm at my home in Hodges, SC. As usual, we will hold a workshop for the scribal arts.

Lucien will have fencing practice outside. This time we will also be hosting a SCA "Swap Meet". (Thanks to Bri and Marla who suggested this!) Bring out your unwanted or unneeded SCA gear, jewelry, pretty much anything and swap or sell it to a new home where it can get a new life! Finally, this is an Ordes weekend, so come prepared to enjoy the fare at our very own local English Pub. We attend in Garb, so pack accordingly! Location:
Hodges, South Carolina

[ATL] Runestone Collegium

Runestone Collegium is going to be held on the beautiful campus of Winston-Salem State University near downtown Winston-Salem, NC. The day is dedicated to Arts and Sciences classes of all types. Full tracks of Heraldic and Scribal arts are planned. There will also be classes for fiber arts and garb. In case you aren’t interested in arts type classes, we will be hosting several classes about the Middle East with a few Viking offerings. There will be classes for fighters but not combat. Leave your armor at home. Your weapons are not necessary either. Location:
Canton of Crois Brigte (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

[ATL] Midnight at the Oasis

The Canton of Nimenefeld in the Barony of Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia will be putting on the event called "Midnight at the Oasis.

Midnight at the Oasis
September 19-21, 2008
Canton of Nimenefeld

Optimist Club Farms
2908 Optimist Farms Road
Apex, NC 27539

Site Restrictions:
No ground fires, no firearms, no swimming in the pond.

Jodocus Menig von Badenweiler Location:
Canton of Nimenefeld (Apex, North Carolina)

Feast of Saint Eramus photos online

Antonio Felluci reports that he has posted his album of photos from the recent Feast of Saint Erasmus in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

"I came for the fighting... I stayed for the friends"

SCA fighting is addictive. “I tried it, and I’ve been hooked. I came for the fighting and competition,” said Arthur Donadio, 40, a former football player who saw his opportunities for sport dwindling as he aged. “You stay for the friends you make and the opportunity to keep it going and teach other people.” John Ramsey of the Fayetteville Observer has the story.

[ATL] On Target

As the days get warmer and we come out of our homes, it is that time again to test our skills in a little friendly competition with others in and out of our fair kingdom of Atlantia. We invite all to join us for a day of shooting, throwing, boasting and tests of skill in all things missile. There will be some loaner gear for archery, atlatl, thrown, and combat archery.

There will be variety of prizes awarded and a prize for the most well Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Glen Arm, Maryland)

[ATL] Northern Army War Muster

His Grace, Duke Badouin as the Warlord and Legatus Legionis for the North in the name of the King is calling a gathering of the Northern Army for a Grand War Muster that will take place on May 31, 2008 on the grounds of Christ the King Church, Baltimore, MD. Sponsored by the Barony of Bright Hills. Organized by Haus Wulfshaven.

The site will open at 8:00 AM with fighting starting at 10:00 AM and Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Baltimore, Maryland)

Sir Jason Kinslae victor of Atlantia Spring 2008 Crown Tourney

Countess Rowan reports that Sir Jason Kinslae was the victor of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Sir Jason was inspired by Gerhild the Willful.

St. Vitus photos online

Kateryn Rous has posted an album of photos from the Kingdom of Atlantia's St. Vitus event on her Flickr website.

[ATL] Highland River Melees

To All goode subjects of Atlantia, we bring Greetings and Tidings of a Great Event hosted by His Excellency Llywelyn ap Rhothbert ap Gwytyny and Her Excellency Isbella Stere of Highland Foorde. Indeed, this Event doth continue in Its 15th Year, this year?s Theme being the time of The Black Prince..

Highland River Melees, for that be its name, has Activities for all! There will be competitions in many Subjects, Armored Combat that will fatigue the Most Hearty Warrior, Dueling with Rapiers, and Target Competitions to assuage the Achings of all Hearts. Come thou, then, and take Part! Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde (Hagerstown, Maryland)