Kingdom of Atenveldt

[ATE] Northern Kingdom WarPractice

Estrella War is just around the corner! Bring your weaponry, skills, and courage to the Northern Kingdom War Practice on Sunday, January 4, 2009.

Barony of Sundragon 25th Anniversary photos online

Master Godfrey von Rheinfels reports that he has posted an album of photos from the recent 25th Anniversary event in the Barony of the Sundragon (Kingdom of Atenveldt).

Photos from Mists Coronation online

Ianuk has posted an album of photos from the recent Coronation in the Principality of the Mists (West Kingdom).

[ATE] Laurels Faire

On the 10th day of December in the evening hours of 7-9 p.m., the Barony of Tir Ysgithr Arts & Sciences Night will host a LAURELS FAIRE!

Both Laurels and non-Laurels are cordially invited to participate in this fine arts & sciences night!

The idea is that the Laurels Faire is set up much like an Artisans' Showcase, but in the reverse… We ask the members of the Order of the Laurel to display their projects, those completed and works in Location:
Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, Arizona)

[ATE] Barony of Atenveldt Yule

Come ye one, Come ye all to the Barony of Atenveldt Yule. Show your pride in your Barony by wearing the Baronial Colors of red and white. Festivities will include games, music, singing and dancing, door prizes.

Fighters, come fight in the Torchlight Tourney, sponsored by Lady Elena, to benefit the Sole della Notte Fund. This fund is to pay for the lights at Encanto Park for fighter practice. Should the need to Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Phoenix, Arizona)

Baroness TSivia placed on vigil for Pelican

Their Majesties Etain au Naval and Valfreya Greenspeare recently called Baroness TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview, O.L., veteran Chirurgeon and Bard, into Their court to be placed on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

[ATE] Tavern Tourney

Join your brothers (and sisters) in arms at the Tavern Aurelius for a day of food, drink, contest, and celebration. Yes it is time for Tavern Tourney. Huzzah!!

In Ascalon on Christmas Eve in the year 1169, the Christian army has just returned from their second defeat in Egypt. The Hospitallers were part of that army and, of course do not really have the Christmas spirit. Michaelis Aurelius, a trader that often does business with the Hospitallers, has put together a Christmas Eve party to cheer his friends. Wanting to include all of his friends, Michaelis and his lovely wife Kateryn, also invited the Templars who refused to go with the army to Egypt and are often rivals with the Hospitallers. While discussing the party, with the Grand Masters of each order, an argument arose as to which was more in the Christmas spirit, the Reindeer of the Germans or the Gnomes of the French. Come join Michaelis party and support your order by showing your spirit. Are you a Templar displaying your Antlers or are you Hospitaller showing your pointed ears or gnomish garb. Come let us eat, drink, and be merry Location:
Barony of Twin Moons (Chandler, Arizona)

Zhigmun Broghammer vigiled in Atenveldt

Sir Elias Loredan reports that a vigil was held October 31, 2008 for Zhigmun Broghammer to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Chivalry.

[ATE] Pillage Plunder Pluck & Poke

Post Southern and Pre Thanksgiving we are Pleased to Present to the Populace that Periodic Proliferation of Ps, Pillage Plunder Pluck and Poke. Perchance you will Pilgrimage to Pursue the Plethora of Prizes Produced for this event. Possibly you will even Prolong your stay to Partake of the Plentiful Pot luck feast. Prestige awaits those who Practice their skills. It if Pleases you, Peruse the rest of the Post for details. Location:
Shire of Granholme (Phoenix, Arizona)

Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition 2008 Photo Gallery

Master Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted photo from the Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition that took place on October 4th in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Estrella War Treaty online

Duchess Kathryn reports that "Treaty Negotiations for Estrella War XXV were held October 18, 2008 in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The Crowns and Heirs of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, Caid, and the Outlands attended, and [the] Treaty was negotiated and signed."

[ATE] Atenveldt Coronation

The King is dead! Long live the King! Join us November 1st & 2nd as we celebrate the end of the Glorious reign of Their Majesties and crown Their Heirs. This joyous event will take place at Sunrise Mountain High School, 21200 North 83rd Ave, Peoria, AZ.

We will have the cafeteria and the auditorium. Youth Activities and an artisan's display area are scheduled. The Bard of the Sun has been Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Peoria, Arizona)

Maia Elizabeth Mallett Born in Atenveldt

Maia Elizabeth Mallett was born on Saturday, 30 August 2008 at 2:34 a.m. to Lord Vallawulf Rurikson and Maitresse Cécile de Brétigny.

Chocolate Revel pictures online

Master Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted his photos from Chocolate Revel which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Ianuk's Photos of Atenveldt's Fall 2008 Crown Tourney

Ianuk has posted a large album of photos from the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atenveldt on her Kodak Gallery website.

[ATE] Barony of Atenveldt Novice Tourney

On October 15th (it's a Wednesday) Their Excellencies are hosting the 4th Barony of Atenveldt Novice Tourney.

The lists are open to ALL non-belted fighters of this fine Kingdom of Atenveldt, please come participate and help support this tournament & our fighters. There will be prizes awarded for the winner in each list as well as a prize for best field presence (appearance, manners, etc) in each list (to be decided by the Baron/Baroness). Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Phoenix, Arizona)

Knight Light Tourney photos online

Hanim Ari Usni has posted photos from the Knight Light Tourney which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Egan & Meadhbh New Baron/Baroness of Mons Tonitrus

Don Egan of Atenveldt, DWS (aka Egan Smilebringer) and Mistress Meadhbh ni Dhubhthaigh, O.L., have been chosen as the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

One Knight Made, One Tapped in Atenveldt

At Atenveldt's Crown Tournament on September 6, 2008, Their Majesties, Phelan III & Amirah, knighted Brian the Pious, squired to Sir Tighearnain the Hound, on the field after the first round.

[ATE] Rampage on the River

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of the Shire of Ironwood Loch! Come share in the festivities as we revel in the 15 year milestone of the only shire to eventually expand the boundaries of the Atenveldt realm into the Kingdom of Caid by celebrating our humble and honorable creation of Ironwood Loch back in October 1993.

Rampage on the River
Shire of Ironwood Loch
September 27th ~ 28th, 2008 Location:
Shire of Ironwood Loch (Blythe, California)

[ATE] Wealhhnutu Chainmail Gathering and Potluck

WHEN: October, 18, 2008 (It's a Saturday) from 1:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE: Castle Brandhard in Wealhhnutu March

WHAT TO BRING: Bring projects to work on or to show. Bring mandrels (cranks for making springs) if you have them. Bring 2 pairs of pliers if you have them. If you have wire you may bring it. Construction tie wire is good to begin with, as it is cheap and fairly easy to work with. Two methods of spring making will be available. Some wire will be available. Wire cutters will be available. THIS CLASS IS FOR CHAINMAIL ARMOR-MAKING AS WELL AS JEWELRY-MAKING. WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL!!! Location:
Wealhhnutu March (Nogales, Arizona)

[ATE] Feast of Knowledge

Do you hunger for Knowledge? Then feed your hunger! Join the Shire of Windale for our Feast of Knowledge. There will be plentiful classes to satisfy all appetites.

Our Feast will start at 10:00am on Saturday, October 18, 2008. It will be in the cool, tall pine trees of the Hualapai Mountains.

Our Feast includes classes in Arts & Sciences, and Fun and Sex in the Middle Ages. All sorts of fulfilling classes on Combat Basics such as Fighting, Armor, and Archery will be available for those with heartier appetites. Spear your hunger with all day rapier activities. There will be child sized portions available with parent/guardian supervision. To zest up the Feast, we will have delicious classes on All Things Slavic. Location:
Shire of Windale (Kingman, Arizona)

Walrick and Cecilia Heirs in Atenveldt

Sir Walrick de Blakeney and Mistress Cecilia Mowebray, O.L., are the new Crown Prince and Princess of Atenveldt.

[ATE] Raze a Village

The horns of war sound in the distance. Southern Crusades comes upon us all too soon. Before that, like the Spartans before us, we must go and subdue our neighbors in the hopes that they will join us against the larger enemy in the near future.

So...gather one, gather all, residents of the Barony of Tir Ysgithr, as we invade the March of Wealhhnutu with one goal in raze a village!

Barony of Tir Ysgithr/March of Wealhhnutu (Rio Rico, AZ)

[ATE] Foole's Fayre

The Barony of Atenveldt invites one and all to a day filled with merriment and frivolity! Join us for a fun filled relaxing afternoon of games, dancing, contests of skill and wit, refreshments and good company. Show off your sense of humor! Win fabulous prizes! Marvel at the Lord of Misrule! Cheer on our bravest warriors in the bouncy joust! You don’t want to miss this one!

Bring your desserts (and your purses) for a Dessert Auction to benefit the Barony. Don’t be shy, show off your favorite dessert, all desserts welcome. Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Phoenix, AZ)

Atenveldters at Pennsic XXXVII

Bertana of Cissanbyrig has posted several albums of photos from Pennsic XXXVII on her Flickr website, some dedicated to citizens of the Kingdom of Atenveldt who attended the War.

[ATE] Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition

The time is rapidly approaching for you to complete those final touches on your projects and confirm your documentation for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition.

The AS .xxxxiii. (2008) Competition will take place in Wickenburg, AZ, at the Wickenburg High School [WHS], on Saturday 4 October 2008 and promises to be an exciting and fun-filled day for all. In addition to the glorious displays by our talented Kingdom to enjoy and envy, there will be dancing, a chess tournament, and many other surprises to entertain you. Dancing will be taught and lead by the ever so graceful and patient Mistress Jehanne le feu du Christ. Our Chess Champion has issued a challenge to all, and there will be prizes. THL Eden Blacksmith, granted by the contributions of many generous groups of the Kingdom, will provide a sumptuous buffet luncheon. [Our gratitude!!!] And, your entertainments are most WELCOME for the pleasure of the populace—please contact the Event Steward to set a schedule. Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Wickenburg, Arizona)

Photos of Atenveldt Collegium available

Godfrey von Rheinfels, Atenveldt Kingdom Web Minister, has posted an album of photos from Atenveldt's recent Aten-Sundragon Collegium.

Historic Atenveldt photos online

THL Godfrey von Rheinfels, Atenveldt Kingdom Web Minister, has created two albums of historic photos from the Kingdom of Atenveldt online. The events took place in 2004.

SCA family needs help

SCA member and bard Joe Bethancourt of the Kingdom of Atenveldt reports that four-year-old Avery Lubrecht, the daughter of an SCA fighter, is now fighting for her life. The little girl has Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES), a life-threatening disease that requires extensive medical treatment. You can help.