Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aimee Douglas elevated to Pelican in Atenveldt

Mistress Eden Blacksmith and Sir Dougal MacPherson the Tall of the Kingdom of Atenveldt report that Her Ladyship Aimee Douglas has been requested to join the Order of the Pelican.

Atenveldt's Queens Prize Artisan Showcase photos online

THL Raven Mayne, MOAS for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that photos from Queens Prize Artisan Showcase, which took place Coronation weekend, are now available to view on the KMOAS Photobucket website.

[ATE] Middle East Feast

Our shared dream is one that is fueled by a fondness for courtesies and ideals of times gone by, of simple pastimes and joys. In that spirit, we will journey back together, to a time when drumming, dancing, eating, gaming, and visiting were done for the pure joy of it.

[ATE] Highlands War

The Barony of Ered Sul in the Northlands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt will host the 17th Annual Highlands War from June 9th to the 13th 2011.

[ATE] Fabric War and SunDragon Baronial A&S

Mark your calendars and practice your haggling skills! Bring your artistic entries for Fabric War and SunDragon Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition are happening June 25, 2011!

Benefit concert to help Bethancourt family recover from fire losses

Master Ioseph of Locksley and his wife, who live in Atenveldt, recently lost their home to a house fire on April 30. They saved themselves, their pets, and his musical instruments, but lost all else. Fundraising efforts, including a May 14 benefit concert, hope to help them replace and rebuild what was lost.

[ATE] Twin Moons Birthday

Roll up, Roll up for a most Amazing Event. Twin Moons celebrates Their Birthday in Grand Style with a Medieval Fayre. Their Excellencies Morgan and Elizabeth welcome you on Saturday June 18, 2011 to pit your wits in sideshows of chance and skill. 

Turrel Michelovna to be Laureled in Atenveldt

Dame Jennifer Trethewy reports that Lady Turrel Michelovna has been placed on vigil by Their Majesties Phelan and Amirah, King and Queen of Atenveldt, to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

Katrina von Rosenberg to become Pelican in Atenveldt

Lady Arianna reports that a vigil will be held at the upcoming Atenveldt Coronation for THL Katrina von Rosenberg to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

[ATE] Bacchanal

It's time to don your chiton or toga again this spring with the College of Brymstonne! Springtime calls us with faint melodies of laughter and play. Soon the cozy warmth of the sun will have us basking in its beauty! And with April at its end, we celebrate May Day in the Roman tradition of the festival of Floralia!

[ATE] Wasteland Wars

As the warm dry winds "gently" blow across the high desert wasteland...the Shire of Windale brings you the Wasteland Games!

[ATE] Champions in the Pines

Their Excellencies and the Populace of the Barony of Granite Mountain would like to invite you to Champions in the Pines, the first Baronial Champions competition for the Seventh Wonder of Atenveldt. Please come up and enjoy a day of tournament.

[ATE] Silent Angels

Their Excellencies Edward & Annalies would like to invite you to the Barony of Atenveldt's Heroes of the Silent Angels Event. This event will be filled with tournaments & prizes for all to participate in.

Photos of Atenveldt A&S entries at Estrella War XXVII online

THLord Raven Mayne, Atenveldt Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, reports that he has created an album of photos from the Estrella War XXVII A&S Competition.

[ATE] Barmaids XXV

The Barony March of Mons Tonitrus would like to invite everyone to Barmaids XXV, where we will be celebrating 25 Years of Fun and Frivolity!

Two placed on vigil for Pelican in Atenveldt

Mistress Magdalen Venturosa reports that Their Majesties Phelan and Amirah of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have placed Lord Mederic and Duchess Elzbieta on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

[ATE] Coronation and Champion's

Join us in a wonderful solar display in the merry month of May, as we bid farewell to our beloved monarch's Phelan and Amirah and watch their heirs Arthur and Gabrielle ascend the throne of all Atenveldt.

Atenveldt A&S photos online

THL Raven Mayne, A&S Minister for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that she has uploaded a number of photo albums relating to arts and sciences activities in the Kingdom, including Twelfth Night 2011. The photos are on the KMOAS photobucket site.

[ATE] Aurora's Feast

The College of Sankt Vladimir sends greetings and warmth to the populace of Atenveldt. Our College is happy to invite the whole Kingdom of the Sun to join us in celebration and memory. This year is the 10th anniversary of Aurora's Feast. While we started with heavy hearts we now gather to remember and celebrate the glory of life.

Combatants announced for Atenveldt Crown Tournament

At the request of the Kingdom Seneschal, Seamus has posted the list of combatants and their consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

[ATE] How To Train Your Viking

Are you looking for a nice relaxing day with the family?  Ever wanted to know what it takes to be Viking?  Are you young or young of heart? Boy do we have the training program... eh, fun event for you!  Just watch out for the dragons... err, PETS!

[ATE] Great Helm/Baronial Investiture

Come join us on March 19-20, 2011 as we behold the transition of the baronial coronets. We have several food options available for you to choose from on Saturday.

Atenveldt turns 40

On January 16, 1971, the Kingdom of Atenveldt held its first Crown Tournament, marking the creation of a new SCA Kingdom.

[ATE] Crown Tourney & Warlord Tourney

The time has come for our Royal Majesties, Phelan and Amirah to beckon on the fighters of this grand Kingdom to find their heirs. The Shire of Windale would like to welcome one and all to our fair, yet sometimes "Windy" Shire, to witness this glorious event.

[ATE] Granholme War Practice

Come practice for Estrella War in the Shire of Granholme on January 16, 2011. The war practice will be happening at Dave White Regional Park, 2121 North Thornton Road, Casa Grande Arizona 85293, Ramada D (that is the big one). 

[ATE] Granite Mountain Baronial Investiture

Granite Mountain has been hammering and forging for 3 long years.and now our dream is about to come true!!! Please come and celebrate with us as we end the journey of Shire and embark on a new and greater journey as Atenveldt's newest Barony!!

Sir Vitus Polonius calls the Popular Company of Sojourners to fight under Drachenwald's banner at Estrella

Unto All those members of the Popular Company of Sojourners, and eke those members of the Ancient and Honourable Principality Company of Sojourners, From Prince Vitus of Drachenwald, Greeting.

[ATE] Barony of SunDragon Solstice

Baron Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohr and Baroness Theresa von Elp invite you to join them on December 18, 2010 at the Apostles Lutheran Church for a celebration of Solstice. They also encourage you to bring a toy for Toys for Tots, new in package and no stuffed animals.

[ATE] Granite Mountains Polling

The time is upon us, we will no longer be KNOWN as the Shire of Granite Mountain, but as the BARONY of Granite Mountain. I call upon ALL paid adult members to come and help select the future of our group by voting in the polling, I call upon ALL active persons who play but are not members to either get a membership and vote, or just come out and support the group.

[ATE] Winter Tourney

Be it known that a tournament will be held in the south western most region of our beautiful lands of Atenveldt. All warriors, consorts, and curious bystanders are invited to the Shire of Burning Sands for it's annual Yuletide tournament.