Kingdom of Atenveldt

Estrella War XXV: Principal Kingdoms announced

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, reports that Their Majesties of Atenveldt have announced the Principal Kingdoms for Estrella War XXV. She also includes several other announcements pertinent to the War.

Photos from La Promenade A&S Collegium 2008

Hrefna reports that she has posted an album of photos taken by Master Kristoff at the A&S Collegium for La Promenade in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Merchant registration for Estrella XXV now open

Dame Anita de Challis, SCA Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXV, reports that merchant registration for the War is now open.

Pictures from Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium

Godfrey von Rheinfels has announced that he has posted photos from the recent Kingdom Collegium in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

[ATE] Chocolate Revel

Once again our explorers have braved the wilds of the New World to bring back that wondrous delicacy – CHOCOLATE!!! Due to our continued and deepening friendship with a small and extremely secretive tribe, the Oompah’s, you will be able to taste chocolate in as way that no others across Europe have yet been able to produce. The Oompah’s are the only ones to have uncovered the secret of sweetening the cocoa bean. Location:
College of Brymstonne (Fountain Hills, Arizona)

Egan and Meadhbh new Heirs to Barony March of Mons Tonitrus

After a recent polling, it has been announced that Egan Smilebringer and Meadhbh ni Dhubhthaigh will be the new Baron and Baroness of Barony March of Mons Tonitrus. The Barony is located in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

[ATE] Middle East Feast

Since the birth of the honorable Barony of Twin Moons, our Noble Barons have been linked to the legend of the Grail. These Noble Barons have joined in the quest for the grail but have been unsuccessful. Our current Baron, Baron Thomas, has been privy of new information and clues linking the Grail to the lands of the Middle East. Baron Thomas has picked up his sword to become one of the Crusaders and, as this missive is being penned, is marching off to join the King in this noble battle and to follow up on his newly found information concerning the elusive Grail. Location:
Barony of Twin Moons (Fountain Hills, Arizona)

[ATE] Aten Dragon University

The Baronies of Atenveldt and Sundragon would like to invite one and all to the Barony of Atenveldt and SunDragon University (B-ASU). This will be taking place on July 19th. If you would like to Teach at this event please contact one of the autocrats, and we will send you a teacher sign up sheet to fill out and send back to us.

So come and take some classes, learn something new. This will be our LAST Aten Dragon University so please come out and make this one the best ever! Location:
Baronies of Atenveldt and SunDragon (Phoenix, Arizona)

SCA challenged to basketball in Atenveldt

Tuscon Weekly columnist Tom Danehy wasn't thrilled to find his weekly basketball game with friends canceled due to the rental of the gym to a bunch of guys in tights with swords. And then he discovered that this SCA stuff "was the coolest thing."

[ATE] Highland War XIV

Invaders are coming!!! We have heard invaders are amassed upon the borders of the Barony of Ered Sul and the Northlands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt! Yet our network of spies is active and our intelligence is bountiful, as we have discovered the route of the invaders! Hence, the armies of the Northland now march to meet this scourge in the high meadows and forest of Mormon Lake, AZ (30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ). Mark ye, thine calendar to join us as this contest is played out Thursday, August 7th through Sunday the 10th, 2008. Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Mormon Lake, Arizona)

Known World Aviculturists mourn death of founding member

With the rise of the Atenveldt sun on the morning of June 20th, 2008, the Known World Aviculturist Guild lost one of its founding members, Cuddles of the Royal Menagerie of Atenveldt, suddenly, to an unknown illness.

Peers Created/Tapped in Atenveldt

Their Royal Majesties, Phelan III & Amirah, King & Queen of Atenveldt, elevated Countess Haley Olafsdottir to the rank of Pelican at the Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Collegium, June 8, 2008.

[ATE] Southern Crusades X

Southern Crusades just wouldn't be the same without special events. We all look forward to such things as Torchlight Tourneys, the Bardic Competition, and the Dance and Drum Competition to entertain us, test our mettle, and bring us together with our friends at War. Also, as the war grows bigger, there is a need for exciting new events; perhaps Period Demonstrations or daytime performances on Merchant's row. If you are interested in hosting or running an event at Southern Crusades, please contact Lady Perin ( so that we can help make that happen! Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Winkelman, Arizona)

[ATE] Barony of Twin Moons Baronial Birthday

The Barony of Twin Moons celebrates their "Sweet 16th Birthday" on June 21, 2008. Come and help us enjoy the party.

LOCATION: John Calvin Presbyterian Church, 1130 E Broadway Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85219

ACCEPS is now available for pre-payment of all fees, go to

The event can be accessed under "Kingdom of Atenveldt" -> "Barony of Twin Location:
Barony of Twin Moons (Apache Junction, Arizona)

[ATE] Barony of Atenveldt Anniversary

Join with Their Excellencies Otto and Lizbetta as they celebrate the anniversary of Barony of Atenveldt. In addition it is time consider the courtly graces and choose a couple who are the personification of these things as your new Lord and Lady of Love.

Saturday, June 28th 2008; 12-6pm

Kerr Cultural Center, 6110 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85253 (west side of Scottsdale Rd, next to Renaissance Resort, before Lincoln Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Scottsdale Arizona)

Atenveldt Spring 2008 Coronation photos and video

THLord Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted photos from the recent Cornation of Phelan and Amirah in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

The Ancient History of the Barony of Loch Salann

Once upon a time, when the Great Salt Lake was part of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a new chapter of the Society of Creative Anachronism was formed: Loch Salann. Read the "Ancient History" of this Artemisian barony online.

Passing of Viscountess Elaina von Mannheim

With great sadness comes the news that Her Excellency, Viscountess Elaina von Mannheim (Toni Cordaro), 26th Princess of the Sun, has passed away in Atenveldt, on Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 11:45 a.m.

[ATE] Ered Sulabration

Baron Christopher and Baroness Miana would like to invite you to the 2nd annual Ered Sulabration! To be held on May 10th in the forested lands of Flagstaff at Bushmaster Park. Join Their Excellencies and populace of Ered Sul in the refreshing mountains away from the searing heat of the valley to spend a day in games and activities for the whole family.

There will be hard suit and rapier competitions. A warrior auction will precede the combat so bring your coin purses and bid on your favorite champion. Prizes will be awarded to the sponsor whose warrior bests the day. Proceeds from the auction will go to support the "Higher Word," Ered Sul's Baronial newsletter. There will be dancing around the maypole to bring the world back to right again along with games and activities for all ages. What would an Ered Sulabration be without a bardic competition? Dust off your old favorites or bring something new and be a part of the open Bardic challenge! Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff, Arizona)

[ATE] Barmaids

Yes it’s that time of year again! The Barony March of Mons Tonitrus is hosting its annual Barmaids event at the Lower Garden Canyon site on Ft. Huachuca. Trees, shade, babbling brooks (maybe) and competitions with prizes are available for all!

Saturday morning will see Opening Court at 9:00 followed by armor inspection. Prizes will be contested in both Armored and Rapier scenarios "in the tavern" as well as weird weapons (Rapier and Armored) and of course The Barmaid competition! Following the conclusion of the tavern tourneys we will begin the "Boar Hunt" in the forest for those armored fighters who just can’t get enough stick time. Saturday late afternoon will also see a Siege Engine accuracy demonstration. Come fire a bolt high into the sky for a small donation to the American Cancer Society. Location:
Barony March of Mons Tonitrus (Ft. Huachuca, Arizona)

Pictures of Ered Sul Baronial Investiture

Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted photos from Aurora's Feast and Baronial Investiture of Ered Sul which took place recently in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

[ATE] Brymstonne Bacchanal

The College of Brymstonne once again cordially invites one and all to don their togas, find their fibulas, tie-on their chitons and join us for a day of revelry, games, food, and fun!!

The menu for Bacchanal will continue in the grand Brymstonne tradition of a truelly stellar feast created by Lady Kateryn Treningham!!

Feast Steward: Lady Kateryn Treningham email: Location:
College of Brymstonne (Tempe, Arizona)

[ATE] Arts and Sciences Competition

The time is nearly upon us to select a new Arts and Sciences Champion for our fair Barony of Sundragon and to bid farewell to the current champion. All members of the populace are encouraged to participate in this A&S Competition, however only those who are members of the Barony of Sundragon may compete for champion. It is not necessary to compete for Champion in order to enter the Competition; participants may also enter as Location:
Barony of Sundragon (Phoenix, Arizona)

Atenveldt March 2008 Crown photos online

Ianuk has posted several albums of photos from the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atenveldt on

Photos from Mixed Weapons War online

The Honourable Lord Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted his photos from the recent Mixed Weapons War in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

[ATE] Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium

Come one and all to the biggest, most fun two-day Kingdom Collegium held in Atenveldt in many years! The site is in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr at the privately owned, Green Fields Country Day School ( at 6000 N Camino de la Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741, less than a mile from I-10 at the Orange Grove exit.

The site includes 14 classrooms, an auditorium for Location:
Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, Arizona)

Great Helm Tourney photos online

The Honourable Lord Godfrey von Rheinfels has posted his photos from the recent Great Helm Tourney in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Atenveldt Crown Tourney in the news

The Arizona Republic has produced a short video chronicling the recent final round of the Atenveldt Crown Tournament and the crowning of the Crown Prince and Princess. The clip has been posted on the website.

Estrella War XXV

Estrella War XXV (Silver Anniversary) - 25 years of Celebrating the Dream

February 10-16 2009
Florence, AZ
Kingdom of Atenveldt Location:
Kingdom of Atenveldt (Florence, Arizona)

Barony of Sundragon Welcomes New Excellencies

On Saturday, March 15, 2008, the Barony of Sundragon in Atenveldt, traditionally a matriarchal barony, bid goodbye to Baroness Katheline and Baron Ryan and welcomed in their new Baroness and Baron, Theresa and Robert.