Kingdom of Atenveldt

Estrella War open positions

The main coordinators for Estrella War XXXI are seeking applicants for the positions of Estrella War Pre-Registration Coordinator and Deputy.

Estrella War XXX Special Events Thrown Weapons Edition

KNOWN WORLD Jan 20, 2014 Thrown Weapons Edition - Estrella War Announcement Digest

Sheriff's Auction at Estrella War

Lady Bethia, Acting Kingdom Sheriff for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that she will hold a Sheriff's Auction at the upcoming Estrella War XXX.

Estrella War XXX A&S Collegium schedule online

Bianca della Vittoria reports that the A&S class schedule for the Estrella War XXX, complete with descriptions, is now available to view online.

Estrella War February 4 Announcements

KNOWN WORLD Feb 4, 2014 Estrella War Announcement Digest

Estrella War Announcements #1

Hail to gentles from far and near…as Estrella War XXX approaches, Atenveldt warmly greets you, and bids you welcome here!

Shoshana Drakere made Laurel in Atenveldt

Mistress Anya Sergeeva reports that Their Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka of the Kingdom of Atenveldt offered elevation to the Order of the Laurel to Her Ladyship Shoshana Drakere.

Gepa of Sundragon becomes Pelican in Atenveldt

At Their Court at the recent Chocaloate revel event, Their Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka of the Kingdom of Atenveldt offered elevation to the order of the Pelican to Lady Gepa of Sundragon.

Franbald of Loncastre to be knighted in Atenveldt

Mineko of Twin Moons reports that Their Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have placed Franbald of Loncastre on vigil to contemplate elevation to the order of the Chivalry.

Sir Morgan Claymore winner of Atenveldt Fall 2013 Crown Tournament

Baroness Magdalen Venturosa reports that Sir Morgan Claymore was the victor in the September 7, 2013 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. His Highness was inspired in His endeavor by Livia Alexandra Severa, the Countess Claymore.

Estrella War XXX A&S Competition 2014 Category Descriptions

Master Raven Mayne reports that the category descriptions for the A&S Competition at Estrella War XXX are now available to view online.

[ATE] Fabric War/SunDragon Arts and Sciences Competition

On Saturday, June 22, 2013 within the awesome lands of SunDragon, a yearly event will take place that is not for the weak.   Fabric War is upon us!   Search in your closets, sewing/guest room, garage and yes, even that stash under the bed that you did not think anyone knew about. 

Estrella War 2013 Lost and Found List Posted

Lady Bethia Somers of the Atenveldt Sheriff's Office reports that a lost and found list for Estrella War 2013 is now available online.

[ATE] Gawd Awful Grail

Avert your eyes!  The Grail will make its annual appearance on Saturday, April 27, 2013!  Please join us at Greenfields Country Day School as we watch unbelted fighters vie for the honor (some say punishment) of hosting this terrible relic within their home.

[ATE] Barmaids

Wacky weapons, barroom brawls, buxom babes and more fun than you can shake a stick at! Don’t miss out on the fun and mark your calenders for the best little event in the South! Come on down and join us for fun, food and frolics Featuring Armored combat, Rapier, Archery, A&S classes and more!

Anya Sergeeva to be elevated to Laurel

At Their Court at Barony of Tir Ysgithr's Southern War Practice, Their Majesties Tristan and Damiana of the Kingdom of Atenveldt offered elevation to the Order of the Laurel to Lady Anya Sergeeva.

[ATE] Bunny Shoot

Come out and shoot with the archers of your Baronies as we go on the hunt for bunnies and earn badges for your prowess!

[ATE] Great Helm

Greetings to all! It is time once again to gather in The Gem of Atenveldt, Tir Ysgithr, for Great Helm! Join us to see who our new Baronial guard will be!

[ATE] Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition

Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition, Saturday August, 10, 2013 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church of Mesa, Arizona

[ATE] Kingdom A&S Collegium

It's time for for learning, time for sharing, time to think about teaching at the Kingdom Collegium.

[ATE] Boar-onial Arts and Sciences Competition

Once again the Barony of Tir Ysgithr calls forth the artisans of the Kingdom to gather for the Boar-onial Arts and Sciences Competition.

"Best way to indulge your passion is to share it"

Students at the University of Arizona are passionate about the SCA and are eager to share that passion, writes Renee Valencia of the Arizona Daily Wildcat after visiting members of the College of St. Felix on campus.

[ATE] Cut and Thrust

Come one, come all ~ witness the thrilling rapier battles of the notorious Vitalian Brotherhood, as they desperately defend their territory against the invading Teutonic Knights! There will be a GRAND PRIZE to the victor! The last standing fighter, be he or she Brotherhood or Teutonic Knight!

[ATE] Atenveldt Coronation

Join us in a wonderful solar display in the merry month of May, as we bid farewell to our beloved monarch’s Tristan & Damiana and watch the new solar royalty ascend the throne of all Atenveldt.  On May 4th and 5th a weekend of pageantry, gallantry, and spectacle will take place at the Francisco Grande Resort, 26000 W. Gila Bend Highway Casa Grande, Arizona 85293. 

Duncan Bane fuar Bhathais to be Knighted in Atenveldt

Duncan Bane fuar Bhathais has been placed on vigil by Their Majesties Tristan and Damiana of the Kingdom of Atenveldt to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Chivalry.

[ATE] Estrella War XXIX

We have wonderful news; Estrella War XXIX dates have been rolled back to February 26, 2013 through March 4, 2013! (and there was much rejoicing!)

[ATE] Sable Knight Tournament

The College of Saint Felix is under duress. Our land owner, Sir Sable, has gone mad with power and once again threatens to enslave us beneath his rule. If left unchecked, his insanity will destroy our very way of life!

[ATE] Highlands War

Highlands War is a seven day (Sunday June 9, 2013  to Sunday June 16) event hosted by the Barony of Ered Sul, Kingdom of Atenveldt, one of the 19 Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

Fiber Fun Day

Are you ready to have some Fiber Fun?!
January 12, 2013
9am to 4pm

[ATE] The Hunt

Come and join us this Sunday (December 16, 2012) for THE HUNT – A Pas d'Armes in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr.