Kingdom of Artemisia

[ART] Crown Tournament

Your presence is requested at the tourney to determine the heirs to the Griffin Thrones. The tourney will be hosted by the Barony of Sentinels' Keep on the twelfth of April 2008.

Per Their Majesties wishes NO stabbing weapons will be permitted. This includes butt spikes and tips on spears or blocking weapons. Back spikes on axes are acceptable. The list will be a standard double elimination and the finals will be fought best two out of three with all previous deaths forgiven. Both the fighter and consort will be required to attend the tournament. Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Missoula Montana)

[ART] Gallow Games VIII

Every four years there comes a time to prove yourself as a warrior, a fighter, as a hero, a champion. That time is nearing, that time is called the Olympics.

In honor of these Olympics, the Shire of Crystal Crags is holding a day of games, challenges and festivities that will have a Scottish Games theme, with different challenges to prove your worthiness. The Scottish Games came about when England dominated Scotland and forbade the people to train with any combat items, and the Games gave people an opportunity to pit themselves against each other. Location:
Shire of Crystal Crags (Kalispell, Montana)

[ART] Mystery Event

Come, one and all, to the fair lands of Arrow's Flight to relax, be silly and enjoy each others company for Mystery Event.

It will be held at the American Fork Senior Center, 54 South Main, American Fork, UT on March 29, 2008. The festivities will begin at 10:00 am and continue throughout the day and into the night. The day will boast heavy and rapier fighting, both tournament and melee. It will also host Youth Combat tournaments, as well as many Youth Activities. Several Arts & Sciences classes will be taught by the many talented people of the area. During feast, we will be entertained by the gifted musicians and story tellers of these fair lands. Between the songs and stories, we will have the modeling and populous voting for our annual Bad Garb Contest. Our enjoyment of the day will commence with a delicious feast, prepared by Lord Ramon de Javier. The menu is as follows, with a brief description for those with dietary concerns. Location:
Shire of Arrow's Flight (American Fork, Utah)

[ART] Barony of Sentinels' Keep Arts and Sciences Competition and Rapier Tournament

War is over! (at least for another year) As our fighters make their way home and slowly nurse their wounds and heal their aches; consorts, family and friends entertain themselves with various projects of the arts and sciences nature. Many days (and nights) have been filled with spinning and weaving, hammering and polishing, scribing and painting, boiling and baking, stitching and b-----ing? (blush) Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Missoula, Montana)

[ART] Sentinels' Keep Arts and Sciences Competition and Rapier Tournament

War is over! As our fighters make their way home and slowly nurse their wounds and heal their aches; consorts, family and friends entertain themselves with various projects of the arts and sciences nature. Many days (and nights) have been filled with spinning and weaving, hammering and polishing, scribing and painting, boiling and baking, stitching and b-----ing?(blush)

Now it is time for all clans, tribes and families to come together in the Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Missoula, Montana)

[ART] Otherhill Candlemas

For all of those who have been wondering about Otherhill Candlemas, wonder no more. Master Thomas duBeaumont wishes all to know the Shire of Otherhill, Artemisia's oldest shire, will celebrate the feast of Candlemas on February 2nd being 2008 of the common reckoning.

As is common for this celebration of the season, yearly contracts will be renegotiated and annual salaries will be paid.

Shire of Otherhill (Rock Springs, Wyoming)

[ART] Birthday Bash XXII

Greetings to the gentle folk throughout the great and mighty Kingdom of Artemisia. The populace of the Shire of Silver Keep is eagerly anticipating the Shire's upcoming birthday. We invite all to throw off the doldrums of winter and come celebrate our Shire's birthday at Birthday Bash XXII.

A traditional Bearpit tournament will be held to decide both our tournament and Shire's champions. A rapier tournament will also be held. Location:
Shire of Silver Keep (Bozeman, Montana)

[ART] Baroness' Champion

As the long winter nights give way to the first rays of spring sunshine, Antoinette Clarissa du Bete, Eighth Baroness of One Thousand Eyes, has declared that joyous merrymaking and grand tournament are in order as she selects a new champion to go forth and defend her honor from all challenges, martial or otherwise.

In keeping with the tradition of this event, to be eligible to wear the favor of Baroness? Champion the candidate must be a member of the Barony of Location:
Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

SCA "family of choice" in Colorado

The Middle Ages is alive and well in Cache Valley, Colorado thanks to the efforts of Artemisia's Shire of Cote du Ciel. Devin Felix has the story on the Associated Press Newswires.

Toys for Tots in Artemisia

HL Ellisif Sleggja, of the Shire of Arrows' Flight in Artemisia, reports on the recent joint Toys for Tots events held simultaneously in the Shires of Arrows' Flight and Crystal Crags.

[ART] Solstice Court

Good Gentles, from the fierce skalds of the north to the horseman of the Mongols, come enjoy the hospitality of Loch Salann for Solstice Court.

Join us for a persona revel on December 8 of 2007. Bring everything that draws your interest and share it as we celebrate the return of the sun and winters downswing. A most delicious feast will be prepared by Lord Darius.

St James Episcopal Church, Location:
Barony of Loch Salann (Midvale, Utah)

[ART] One Thousand Eyes Baronial Birthday

For twenty years, the proud peacock has spread its plumage over the Heart of these fair lands of Artemisia. Come join us in celebrating the twentieth birthday of the Barony of One Thousand Eyes!

During this wonderful event a new Baronial warlord will be chosen to lead our forces in combat. A three weapon tourney will be held to determine who most is worthy to hold this honorable title. This will be a round robin Location:
Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

[ART] Twelfth Night 2008 & Gryphon's Lair Baronial Investiture

Greetings one and all! Please join the good people of Gryphon's Lair as the year turns and Twelfth Night celebrations commence. This will be a singularly joyous event as we invest a new Coronet on the thrones of Gryphon's Lair, Sir Math Halfdane, the Fish and the Honorable Lady Daria de Salamanca.

To honor the Premiere Baroness' contribution and support of the Arts and Sciences over the past two years, there will be an Arts and Sciences Location:
Barony of Gryphon's Lair (Ogden, Utah)

[ART] Toys for Tots

In conjunction with the Shire of Arrows' Flight; the Shire of Crystal Crags will be hosting a Toys for Tots and Food Bank fund raiser.

You will have an opportunity to collect "gold" coins (a good thing) in Heavy Weapons and Rapier fighting scenarios. You can also receive "gold" coins for chivalrous behavior as non-fighters as well. Plus a surprise category!

Bring your items, finished or not for our Arts & Sciences display. There will be a populace vote for the favorite items. Youth activities will also be provided. Location:
Shire of Crystal Crags

[ART] Twilight in Valhalla

By special arrangement with the gods, the Shire of Castelleone Nuovo invites you to attend Twilight in Valhalla. Brave warriors will participate in a variety of snow battle scenarios for both heavy and light fighters. After the battle, the Einherjr are escorted by the Valkyries to a Norse Style Feast in the halls of Valhalla.

Following feast the ice skating (site fee includes skate rental), garbed snowperson building, and other outdoor games for the hardy begin! For those bitten by the Frost Giants, warm drinks and cozy indoor games, including a chess tournament, are offered in the warming house. Prizes for heavy fighting (plus a booty pit), light fighting, ice skate race, and chess champion will be awarded at the end of the evening. Note: this is an evening event; site opens at 5PM and closes at midnight. Location:
Shire of Castelleone Nuovo (Helena, Montana)

Artemisia Fall 2007 Crown Combatant List

Baroness Juliana, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Artemisia, has announced the list of combatants and consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament which will take place October 13-14, 2007.

On the air with the Incipient Shire of Drachtod

Lady Sophia of Artemisia's Incipient Shire of Drachetod (Eastern Montana) spoke recently with Emilie Boyles of KXGN TV5 In Glendive, Montana. An MP3 file of the interview is available online.

Barbarian Bash 2007 photos online

Lord Kormak has posted photos from the recent Barbarian Bash 2007 which took place in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Chivalry rules at "Here There Be Dragons"

"The possibilities are endless in this alternative society meant to foster imagination and creativity. With 10 centuries (600 to 1601 [C.E.]) to research, replicate and live in, members have every reason to escape into bygone days of chivalry and adventure," writes Hannah Wiest of the Jackson (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.

New citizen in Artemisia

Lady Sybyll deWarrene has announced the birth of her granddaughter Adrianna Leigh Haugen born to Julianna and Asher in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

Harvest War 2007 photos online

Aurora de Portugal reports that Lord Holbiorn has posted photos from the recent Harvest War 2007 in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

[ART] Artemisia Crown Tourney

The burgeoning Shire of Arrows' Flight will host Crown Tourney on October 13, 2007, at the beautiful and renowned Castle Amphitheater at the Utah State Hospital.

If you wish to compete in Crown Tourney, letters of intent must be sent to HRH Gareth no later than September 15 (hard copies please). Please include a letter of intent and an entrant form (available on the kingdom website). Their Highnesses have also requested that each entrant and consort have a heraldic banner to display their device during the tourney. Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (Provo, Utah)

Canadians and American share event in Montana

SCAdians from both sides of the border met recently for the Shire of Windegate's annual event in Shelby, Montana. Terrell Cotterell of the Shelby Promoter had the story.

Search for the Renaissance (Wo)Man

Arn Hold seeks her own Renaissance man or woman, who can demonstrate ability in multiple fields. The competition will take place on November 3 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Boise, and will accompany the new Baronial Investiture. Come for a day of pomp and ceremony, of skill and sheer fun, of learning and doing. The winner will receive a (nominal, I admit) commission for a permanent display piece for future baronial demos. Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Boise, Idaho)

Loch Salaan members hold fighter practice in the park

Members of the Barony of Loch Salaan (Salt Lake City, Utah) gathered recently in Sugarhouse Park for an evening of fighter practice. Cathy Free of theDeseret Morning News covered the practice.

Shire of Bronzehelm Schola

The Shire of Bronzehelm is sponsoring a day of academia for all to learn more about the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The site is Hope United Methodist Church, 244 Wicks Lane, Billings, Montana

This is a *DRY* site.

Site opens at 12:00noon, and closes at 11:00pm. Classes will start at 1:00pm and run until 5:00pm

Classes are currently being scheduled and there is always room for one Location:
Shire of Bronzehelm (Billings, Montana)

Arrows' Flight Insurrection

Insurrection is the first event to be held in the Tooele, Utah area in a very long time if not ever. You can look forward to 9 acres of a well maintained park with a very large building for indoor activities.

Activities include:

  • WAR games: we will have a Torch Light tourney and Melee combat.
  • Rapier: A Tourney and Melee
  • Archery: Prime shooting world class archers
  • A&S Display: Bring your work and get some useful critiques. Location:
    Shire of Arrow's Flight (Tooele, Utah)

Barbarian Bash XII

Back when the armoured knight reigned supreme, there lived folk on the fringes of Western Europe. These folk were considered "Barbarians" by the more "civilized" kingdoms of Europe. As the warmer months of summer and fall gave way at last to the frigid rains, and deep snow, these warriors would gather one last time before the final death of fair weather. So join us as we gather for one last fight at BARBARIAN BASH XII as we, the members of the Shire of Crystal Crags once again come together to show our fighting prowess and compete for our next Shire heavy champion. Location:
Shire of Crystal Crags Artemisia

Raven Faire

Midsummer is a time to celebrate the bounty of the warm season and all of its pleasures. The Shire of Crystal Crags invites you to our inaugural summer event, RAVEN'S FAIRE! Come play with us as we enjoy a weekend of lighthearted games and competition. Keep cool in the summer sun with our water balloon melee and the soothing Wall O' Mist. Camping sites are available for the weekend.

Crystal Crags

Estrella War XXIV Principal Kingdoms Announced!

TRM Morgan and Livia, King and Queen of Atenveldt, announced that the Kingdoms of Caid, the Outlands and Artemisia have accepted Their invitation to participate as Principal Kingdoms at the next Estrella War XXIV (Feb 12-18, 2008).