An Tir

Kingdom of An Tir

[WES] West An Tir War 2010

Their Majesties of the West invite the Known World to take part in the grand War against the great and noble Kingdom of An Tir.

[ANT] Honor War

Stories tell of heated words this past fall in the Court of King Cedric, at Baron’s Ball. Witnesses speak of Baroness Araviere of Wealdsmere accusing Baroness Stjarna of Wastekeep of stealing away her Courtiers.

Two elevated to Pelican in AnTir

Constance Davies, Head of Retinue for Their Royal Majesties Owain and Wrenn of the Kingdom of AnTir, reports that two subjects were elevated to the Order of the Pelican at the Festival of the Red Lantern in the Shire of Dregate.

[ANT] June Faire XXVIII

Their Excellencies Cedric and Brighid invite you to join with their populace as we celebrate our 28th annual June Faire for a full weekend of festivities. Experience feats of armored combat, the finesse of rapier, high-flying missiles, equestrian activities, the skillful displays of artisans and the beauty of the bardic arts - as well as some of the finest, handpicked merchants in the known world. This is our annual Demo for the public; please show off your best for the moderns who attend.

[ANT] Almost-Spring Grand Ithra

The Shire of Shittimwoode will once again be host to an Ithra of Grand Proportions at Western Washington University's Communications building.

[ANT] Grand Thing V

The Barony of Stromgard and the Village of Bjorgvin invite you to come and join our fires this Memorial Day Weekend at the 5th Annual Grand Thing.

[ANT] Carnival Feast and Masquerade Ball

To all! A heartfelt invitation to join Fire Mountain Keep for this years: Carnival Feast and Masquerade Ball  February 20, 2010  Shire of Fire Mountain Keep Napavine, WA

[ANT] Youth Allthing Ithra

Rampaging pygmy hordes from the Steppes raid neighboring bedrooms! Thousand Flee in Terror! The Youth of An Tir demand their own event! Parents across the Kingdom report the activities of restless children as cabin fever asserts itself.

[ANT] Midwinter's Feast

The Barony of Adiantum cordially invites you to our Midwinter's Feast and Artisan's Social! We have invited artisans from throughout the Summits (and beyond) to do what they do best—show us what they do! Come and enjoy their company and partake of their knowledge.

[ANT] Spring Grand Ithra

Yes, it's still winter, but it's not too early to think about Spring!

[ANT] Winter Feast

The Harvest is in, the raiders have fled - it is time for feasting! False Isle cordially invites you to our annual Winter Feast: November 28, 2009 5 PM

[ANT] Harvest Feast

The SHIRE OF MIDHAVEN wishes to extend an invitation to one and all to attend their HARVEST FEAST on Saturday November 28, 2009

[ANT] Falling Leaves Ithra

Please join the Shire of Wyewood at the Falling Leaves Ithra to be held November 21, 2009 at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Auburn, WA.

Sir Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdallah victor of Summits Coronet

Krysta reports that Abu Nur Rustam ibn Abdall, KSCA, was the winner of the recent Coronet in the Principality of the Summits, Kingdom of AnTir.

Owain ap Einar victor in An Tir Crown

On the Armour Archive, Duke Brannos reports that Jarl Owain ap Einar, inspired by Adwen Wrenn, was the winner of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of An Tir.

[ANT] Kingdom A & S Championship and Bardic Championship

The AnTir Kingdom A&S Championship and Bardic Championship will happen March 5-7, 2010 at Elma High School in Elma, WA, and is hosted by Glymm Mere.

[ANT] Last Chance Tourney

The Honourable Barony of Dragon's Laire invites you to enjoy one last chance to camp under the starry skies when the fall is in the air. Warriors are invited to compete for the chance to take their place among the Champions of Dragon's Laire. Heavy Fighters, Rapier Fighters, Archers, Throwers, Equestrian and Youth are invited to test their mettle.

[ANT] Tir Righ A and S Championship

Their Highnesses of Tir Righ, Ulgar & Renee, invite One and All to come and witness the fierce battle for Champion of Arts & Sciences in Tir Righ... Or perhaps you wish to enter the fray yourself... Come and participate in classes, something for everyone, hosted by the University of Tir Righ... Come savour the flavours, mingle with friends, enjoy some entertainment and attend Their Highnesses Court and a memorable Feast for the senses, with a Bardic contest to showcase Tir Righ’s bardic talent...

[ANT] Day of Dance

Now that the meetings are over, come enjoy a fine meal in the Italian style, and then dance the night away. Aquaterra and Bearwood are combining their talents again to present to you a Day of Dance and the Prehibernation Feast. Join us, again, at the Garden City Grange, 800 2nd St, Snohomish, Washington 98290.

[ANT] Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships

Their Excellencies Ragnarr and Bergdis bid you to join Them as the Canton of Porte de l’Eau hosts the event, and new A&S and Bardic Champions are chosen among the revelry of Dance and a Potluck Feast.

Photos from the An Tir/West War 2009 posted online

Miyake Nobuhiro reports that he has created several photo sets of the recent An Tir/West War.

Krazy Kat Fiberhaus

Purveyors of fine needlework supplies, Krazy Kat Fiberhaus carries all kinds of threads, patterns and notions usable and appreciated by the Historic needleworker. They have Sylke Gilt Twist, Slate Frames, fine linens and threads of silk, linen and gold.

An Elevation to the Peerage

During Their final Court at July Coronation, Their Majesties Vik and Inga called forth The Honorable Lord Randall the Redowtable and placed him on vigil for elevation to the Order of the Laurel; which celebration will take place at September Crown Tourney.

2009 Antir/West War photos online

Jaenakiffiny shares photos from the 2009 An Tir/West War which took place July 2-5, 2009 in Gold Beach, Oregon. Madame du Pont of the Shire de Tymberhavene also reports on a large album posted on SmugMug.

[ANT] Dragon’s Down

The Shire of Fire Mountain Keep invites you to attend our Heavy Tournament Saturday. Our Rapier Tournament will be Sunday am! Also there will be Archery.

[ANT] Autumn War

My Lords and Ladies. The Barony of Blatha an Oir and the Barony of Stromgard, being unable to settle their differences peacefully, have 'regretfully' announced that they have no choice but to settle them on the battlefield.

Barony of Stromgard demo featured in video

Television station KGW was on hand to videograph members of the Barony of Stromgard as they played musical instruments, repaired armor, and fought tournament combat.

[ANT] Warren War

All good gentles are cordially invited to Warren War 21-23 August 2009 in the Shire of Shittimwoode.

[ANT] River's Bend Defender Tourney & War

The Shire of River's Bend does send you greetings and invites you to attend River's Bend Defender's Tourney and Last Chance War Practice before Antir/West War. Come put the final work on battle plans before the Great War with the West!!!

[ANT] An Tir Crown Tournament

Their Majesties of An Tir and the Barony of Terra Pomaria invite one and all to witness the tournament to choose the successors to the Sable Throne. The Barony has obtained a magnificent site well known by many throughout the Kingdom of An Tir: Willamette Mission State Park Filbert Grove (Including the Horse Camp), 10991 Wheatland Rd NE, Gervais, OR 97026.