An Tir

Kingdom of An Tir

West/An Tir war photos posted online

 Miyake Nobuhiro has posted photos from the West / An Tir war on his flickr site.

[ANT] William Tell XXV


[ANT] Archery Academy IV: Weapons in Flight

The Barony of Three Mountains hosts Archery Academy IV at Trojan Park near Portland, Oregon.  Lots of classes and opportunities in archery, thrown weapons, and non-related things.  Flat park with lots of shade trees.  For details, see the web site, linked below.

[ANT] AnTir September Crown

The Barony of Glymm Mere and the Shire of Fire Mountain Keep are proud to host September Crown 2010. Please Join Their Majesties to witness the selection of their heirs at this grand tournament to be held September 3 to September 6, 2010.

Mounties learn from the SCA

Everyone knows that SCA members are always glad to help. In 2003, SCA members in British Columbia, Canada helped the RCMP riot squad train in crowd-handling techniques. (photos)

[ANT] Dragon’s Down

The Shire of Fire Mountain Keep invites one and all to join us at Dragon’s Down! Compete in the Shire Championship Heavy and Rapier Tourneys. There will be an Archery Tournament for adults and children as well competitions in Brewing /Vinting, and Siege Cooking.

[ANT] Stranded Mermaid

The Beautiful Stranded Mermaid invites you to a family fun event with great competitions for all.  We shall have A&S for young and old, heavy combat, archery, and of course bardic.

[ANT] Fibers and Fletching

Do you want to work on your archery? Perhaps you want to learn a new fiber art? Or maybe work on your fighting or cooking skills. Come to the Canton of Bearwood's Fibers and Fletching, where there will be workshops and classes on Fibers, Fletching, Food, and of course, Fighting. Come work on your draw arm, embroidering with style, cook up a storm, or just have fun beating upon one another!

[ANT] AnTir July Coronation

The heirs to our glorious King Owain and Queen Wren have been chosen in the wonderful Barony of Vulkanfeldt. Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses Tiernan and Miranda. Please join the Barony of Vulkanfeldt for their crowning. The weekend will also include the Kingdom Champion Tournament, Squires Tournament, rapier tournaments, archery, thrown weapons, and many more activities.

[ANT] Summer Hunt VI

It is Summer on our lovely island.....and we are graced by the beauty of the land and its creatures.
Shop at the amazing Merchant Bazaar.

"Learn and have fun" at the Medieval Faire

Over 15,000 people passed through the gate of the Kitsap Medieval Faire to "learn and have fun" in the Middle Ages with members of the Barony of Dragons Laire. Ed Friedrich of Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA) has the story. (photo slideshow)

Kirk Einarsson victorious in Avacal's June Coronet Tournament

Kirk Einarsson and Bryjna Lovisdottir were confirmed as Tanist and Tanista of Avacal at June Coronet in Bitter End on June 5th.

[ANT] Midhaven Champions and the Emprise of the Sable Rose

You are gladly invited to attend the Midhaven Champions tournaments and the Emprise of the Sable Rose on July 30 – August 1, 2010. Two events for the price of one!

The Honorable Alexandria Dalassene Kourkouaina elevated to Pelican

To great acclaim, the gracious Sable Lioness Queen Wrenn inducted Alexandria Dalassene Kourkouaina (say that five times, fast) into the Order of the Pelican during Grand Thing V at Columbia County Fairgounds.

[ANT] A Game of Thrones and Stormgods

Join in our Game of Thrones and Stormgods- Comes Sir Tiernan Mor Dal Cais' legendary tournament pitting war units with fortifications in a snowball format.

Medieval Sock Wars at West/AnTir War

This year's West/AnTir War will feature a unique competition: Medieval Sock War, a contest to create knee-length, SCA period style stockingsduring the event.

[ANT] Lionsdale Champions

The Shire of Lionsdale once again will assemble to behold the challengers compete in becoming our new Champions of Armoured Combat, Target Archery, and Combat Archery! We entreat all those who would bear the honour of our Shire's name, to challenge for the title of Champion of Lionsdale. We also beckon our neighbours and friends from far and wide to show their support for these challengers, and cheer them on through their attendance at our event.

[ANT] May Pas d'Armes

By royal decree it is brought to you, a spectacle of chivalry and pageantry never before witnessed in these fine lands, a display of magnificence hitherto unknown.

Grace us with your presence and feast your eyes upon the noblest and stunning fighters in the Principality of Tir Righ.

Artist inspired by medieval and SCA themes

Canadian artist and SCA member Dani Lachuk shows the influence of the Middle Ages and the Society for Creative Anachronism in her paintings and portraits. Examples of her work are available to view online.

[ANT] May Crown

It is the law of the great land of An Tir that each spring a new Royal Heir is chosen by right of combat.

Vivant to Ulfr and Caoimhe, Prince and Princess of Drachenwald!

HE Sir Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson, fighting for the honour of his lady Viscountess Caoimhe ingen Domnaille, has beaten Sir Vitus Polonius, who fought for the honour of Meisterin Eleanora von Ratzeburg for the Crown of Drachenwald.

Not reenacting, re-creating

What's the difference between reenacting and re-creating? That's the question asked by reporter Winston Ross of the Eugene, Oregon Register-Guard when he visted the recent 18th annual Frontier Heritage Fair.

[ANT] Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament XXXII

Rumors rumble like footsteps (bunny hops?) throughout the land of "lepus vorpelus".  Yes! The Shire of Shittemwoode once again invites all to Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament.

[ANT] Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament

The Barony of Adiantum is pleased to invite everyone to the thirty-sixth annual Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament, scheduled for May 28th-31st at Lynx Hollow Park outside Creswell, Oregon. 

[ANT] Boar's Hunt

Come one, come all!  Join the Barony of Aquaterra in our traditional event, Boar’s Hunt 2010!

[ANT] Mayfaire 2010

Come one and all to the fair Barony of Glymm Mere to witness competitions in Archery, Rapier and Heavy Fighting! We will have prize tournaments in each field on Saturday. On Sunday, the best of each will compete for glory and position in the Baronial Court as Champions.

[ANT] Irish Feast

Come join the goode folks of Rivers Bend on "De Nile’. Like Kurdish General Saladin; in 1168 Saladin established his presence in Egypt. We will re-experience Egypt of the time by ‘Horacing’ around with
Bardic and A & S competitions, Subtly, Pied-Piper activities, Egyptian games and fighter workouts weather permitting.

[ANT] Hocktide Emprise

Hocktide Emprise, scheduled for April 16-18, is fast approaching!

An Tir event brings together medieval and modern

The shire of Ambergard in An Tir hosted its War in the Oasis event recently, attracting almost 200 armoured combatants for a day of melee fun. Mike Irwin, from the Wenatchee World newspaper was on hand to observe the battles.

Pre-registration open for West An Tir War 2010

Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, Autocrat, reports that pre-registration is now open for West An Tir War 2010