Kingdom of Ansteorra

Three Queens A&S photos online

Mistress Hanna von Dahl has created an album of photos from the Arts & Sciences display at the recent Three Queens event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. They have been posted on her Flickr website.

Pictures from Ansteorra's Three Queens event

Lady Brenna MacDonald and Caelin on Andrede have posted albums of photos from the recent Three Queens event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

[ANS] Coronation of Owen ap Aeddan and Genevria de Betto

We invite one and all to the Coronation of Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahearn and Genevria de Betto de Adriano, that will take place on November 7, 2009.

[ANS] Baronial Flashback

The Barony of Bryn Gwlad Proudly presents Baronial Flashback October 23-25, 2009 Austin, Texas

SCA: "like adults playing dress up and getting away with it"

The Barony of Ravensfort, in the Houston, Texas area, turns 20 this year. They celebrated the anniversary at their annual event, Defender of the Fort. Matthew Jackson of the Huntsville Item spoke recently with Seneschal Lady Giovanna Lena Caronna (Carolyn Pace) about SCA life.

[ANS] Ursae-Lyons III

In early Autumn, as the harvests are being brought in, the Barony of Bjornsborg will host Ursae-Lyons III, the annual epic struggle between the fields of the Bear and Lion. This year during combat I and the other Lions will be watching, looking for those who most closely exemplify the ideals of the Defenders of the Dream.

[ANS] Protectorate XXXIII

His Excellency, Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair does bid all warm greetings and is pleased to invite all the populace of the Known World to Namron's Protectorate XXXIII, Oct 9th - 11th, 2009! This year, as every year, courageous warriors from around the Kingdom and the Known World will compete to be named the Protector of Namron. One champion will be selected for each art of Armored Combat and Rapier Combat.

[ANS] Battle of Three Queens II

Shire of Rosenfeld presents Battle of Three Queens II: In the Name of the Rose, October 2-4, 2009.

[ANS] Coastal War Practice

Seawinds invites our neighbors to a war practice on Saturday, Sept 26., 2009 We've got several acres to play in & we would REALLY enjoy more archers!! After we're done fighting, we'll cook up some animals on the grill. The bay is just a few minutes away.

[ANS] Loch-Tober Fest

Their Serpentine Excellencies, William & Katya, Lord & Lady Loch Soilleir, invite everyone to a day of melees and artistry at Loch-tober Fest!

SCA: "An excellent hobby"

Oklahoma couple Isabel Barton and Karl Ludoph (Charles Lydolph and Tracy Garner) enjoy "bringing history to life" in their local SCA group. Steve Biehn, staff writer for the Daily Ardmoreite (Ardmore, Oklahoma) interviewed them recently for a feature story. (photo)

Photos from Court at Ansteorra's XXX Year

Domai/Kitsu has created an album of photos from the recent XXX Year Celebration in the Kingdom of Ansteorra and posted them on her Flickr website.

Photos of Ansteorra's XXX Year Celebration and Crown Tournament

Lady Brenna MacDonald has created an album of photos from the recent Kingdom of Ansteorra XXX Year Celebration and Crown Tournament and posted it on her Smugmug website.

Countess Cara Marie of Carlisle's historic Ansteorra photos online

Tannis of Tir-y-Don reports that she has posted historic photos from the Kingdom of Ansteorra dating to 1982 on the Barony's photo gallery website.

[ANS] Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College

Are you looking to enter into an Arts and Sciences Display? Are you wanting to learn more about the SCA or take a class or two? Then we have the perfect event for you. On August 15th 2009, please join us for the Steppes Artisan and Elfsea Baronial College.

Sir Owen ap Aeddan victor in Ansteorra Crown Tourney

Countess Margaret ny Connor of the Barony of the Steppes reports that Sir Owen ap Aeddan defeated Count Romanius and Sir Louie in the round robin final of the July 11, 2009 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

"A sense of magic" in the Province of Mooneschadowe

"The tennis shoes and the duct tape go away and you are in battle," said Cisco Cividanes at a recent demo at the Payne County Expo Center (Stillwater, Oklahoma). "When the shields clash and the arrows fly over your head, you are there." Cividanes spoke with Darka Slipke of the News Press (photo)

Vara Sigurdsdottir elevated to Pelican in Ansteorra

Master Modius von Mergentheim reported in April that, at Defenders of the Rose event, Their Majesties of Ansteorra placed THL Vara Sigurdsdottir on vigil to contemplate elevation to the order of the Pelican,

Remembrance of things past: the Coronation of Finn and Cyf in Ansteorra

Ansteorran Kingdom Historian, Robert Fitzmorgan, has continued to share memories of historic happenings in celebration of the Kingdom's 30th anniversary. One such memory is an account of the 1980's Coronation of Finn and Cyf written by Jehana Wyverna.

Caelin on Andrede's photos from Ansteorra Spring 2009 Coronation

Caelin on Andrede has created an album of photos from the May 16, 2009 Coronation in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. They have been posted on his Flickr website.

Dragonsfire Tor Guardian photos online

Caelin on Andrede has created an album of photos from the recent Dragonsfire Tor Guardian event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra on his Flickr website.

Bordermarch Baronials 2009 photos online

Lord Phocas of Bordermarch and Lady Ellen the Quiet of Bordermarch report that they have created an album of photos from the 2009 Baronials which took place May 10, 2009 in the Barony of Bordermarch, Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Conflict at the Fair photos online

Lady Brenna MacDonald shares an album of photos taken at the recent Conflict at the Faire event which was hosted by the Baronies of Stargate and Loch Soillier. The album has been posted on her SmugMug website.

[ANS] Ansteorra's XXXth Year Birthday Celebration

The Kingdom of Ansteorra invites one and all to the Ansteorran 30th Year Celebration and Crown Tournament July 9-12, 2009.

[ART] Gaelic Games

Gaelic Games are back bigger and better than ever. Yep, we're throwin' a ceilidg and y'all are invited. We'll have our annual Shire champion tourneys: archery, rapier, and heavy fighting. All are welcome to participate, for your entertainment: Caber toss and other Scottish games, music, drumming and dancing. They'll be lots more so come out and join us for a weekend of revelry and camaraderie.

[ANS] King's College

Come one and all and expand your knowledge and skills at Ansteorra's King's College, hosted by the Barony of Bjornsborg.

Photos from the creation of Ansteorra

A page on the Kingdom of Ansteorra History Wiki takes readers back to the first day of the new Kingdom, June 16, 1979, when King Theor of Atenveldt officially passed governance to King Jonathan DeLaufyson.

[ANS] Passa de Arms

Greetings Ansteorra! The Shire of Adlersruhe wishes to invite you to these seasons Passa de Arms Tournament. Come and compete for a Title in one of 5 great events. We will have a double elimination hold the field Chivalric and Rapier tournament. There will be a challenging Archery Hunt. Also, an A&S and Bardic competition you won't want to miss. Finally, we will hold a novice tournament on Sunday for people with less than 1 year of training.

Photos of Ansteorra Rose Tourney online

Mistress Hanna von Dahl has created an album of photos from the recent Rose Tournament for Ansteorra on her Flickr website.

[ANS] Steppes Warlord XXXVI

Steppes Warlord will be held Memorial Day weekend, May 22nd - 25th 2009. It is at Canton First Monday Trade Days Campground in Canton, Texas just off IH 20, approximately 1 hour east of Dallas, Texas.