Kingdom of Ansteorra

[ANS] Fall Ball in the Small Hall

The Shire of the Shadowlands is excited to announce the return of our celebrated (though seasonally-challenged) day of merriment, Fall Ball in the Small Hall! This year's theme is Ballhalla, so wear your finest Norse attire, brush up on your bransles, and join us for a day of fun with something for everyone on Saturday January 29, 2010!

Lochlan and Gwen new Prince and Princess of Ansteorra

Donnchadh reports that Sir Lochlan Dunn was the victor of the January 15, 2011 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. His Highness was inspired by Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon.

Photos from Steppes 12th Night 2011

Uilliam reports that he has created an album of photos from Steppes 12th Night which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available to view on Facebook.

[ANS] Candlemas

Bryn Gwlad's Candlemas Celebration will be held on February 5, 2011. At that time, a new Arts and Sciences Champion will be chosen to serve at the pleasure of their new Halberd Excellencies, Master Pug and Mistress Myfanwy.

[ANS] Steppes Twelfth Night

Greetings Good Gentles, Please join us on January 8, 2011 to celebrate Twelfth Night with the Barony of the Steppes

[ANS] Crown Tournament

Unto the populace of Ansteorra do Their Royal Majesties Ulsted and Ebergardis invite you to Crown Tournament at Castleton January 15, 2011  in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad

Site Information
Site Opens: Friday the January 14  at 6pm
Site Closes: Sunday January 16 at 12 Noon.
Gate fees: Adults $10.00 Youth ( 12-17) $5
Family Max $30

[ANS] Elfsea Baronial College

Join the Barony of Elfsea as it welcomes the heirs to Baron Dáire de Haya and Baroness Druinne de Salesberie - Honorable Lord Alejandro Ramirez Mendoza and Honorable Lady Amalia Zavattini.

[ANS] Winterkingdom XXII

The Barony of Northkeep invites you to attend a day of fun, companionship, camaraderie, and learning Winterkingdom XXII January 29, 2010

[ANS] Wiesenfeuer's Yule Revel

The time for CHOCOLATE, I mean The Barony of Wiesenfeuer's annual Yule Revel is just around the corner, being Saturday December, 4, 2010 at camp DaKaNi in Oklahoma City, OK. This will be our Barony's twentieth anniversary and we want to make it uniquely special.

Photos from 3 Commanders online

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted two albums of photos from the 3 Commanders event which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available on Flickr.

Videos from Lochtober Fest 2010

Arian reports that he has created a number of videos from Lochtober Fest 2010 which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Debora of Durham elevated to Laurel in Ansteorra

Mistress Radegund reports that her apprentice Debora of Durham has been elevated to the Order of the Laurel by Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Ansteorra summer 2010 event photos online

Master Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted several albums of photos from recent events in the Kingdom of Ansteorra on his Flickr website.

[ANS] Northern Regional Fighter Practice

On Sunday October 17t, 2010 from 11am to 5pm the Canton of Skorragardr will be hosting a Northern Regional Fighter Practice at the Kidspace park in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

[ANS] Fair of the Harvest

Fair of the harvest is this coming weekend! Please join us for a wonderful weekend full of honor and glory.

[ANS] Lochtoberfest II

Their Serpentine Excellencies Cael and Rhiannon do invite all to celebrate a day of Melees and the Fine Arts with Their Stellar Majesties Jean Paul de Sens and Gilyan Alienora Clonmacnoise and Their Royal Highness’ Ulsted the Unsteady and Ebergardis von Zell as the Barony of Loch Soilleir presents Lochtoberfest II!

[ANS] Fighting Seminar

On September 25th and 26th, the Incipient Stronghold of Hellsgate will be sponsoring a fighting seminar.  We have asked Earl Duncan Ross to come and teach classes for us and those who wish to attend.

[ANS] Axeman VI

The Canton of Skorragardr and the Barony of Namron are proud to present Axeman VI AND The Baroness' Toy Tourney! October 22nd - October 24th, 2010 (A.S. XLV)

[ANS] Samhain Celebration

Their Excellencies Brom & Audrella of the Barony of Eldern Hills do cordially invite one and all to join in the SAMHAIN CELEBRATION

[ANS] Triumphe of the Eclipse V

Join us at the Will Rogers Scout Reservation near Cleveland, OK, and experience our hospitality! Compete for our championships -- martial (chivalric, rapier, archery, thrown weapons), artsy (arts & sciences, bardic) or brainy (chess) -- or just sit back and relax.

[ANS] Shannon River Raids

With this missive does The Shire of Loch Ruadh invite you all to attend our new event, The Shannon River Raids, to be held October 22nd-24th in Hillsboro, Texas.

[ANS] War of Ages

The Shire of Ffynnon Gath bring you an even like no other: War of Ages, October 22-24, 2010.

[ANS] Seawinds Defender XIV

The Shire of Seawinds invites one and all to join us as we choose our next Defenders. Compete for the honor and glory in the following categories: Chivlaric, Rapier, Archery, Arts and Science, Bardic and Gustatory

[ANS] Gothic Wars XIX

The Shire of Blacklake and the Shire of Trelac proudly bring you Gothic Wars XIX
September 3 - September 6, 2010 in Sweetwater, Texas.


"Magical" times at Raven's Fort demo

“Sometimes when things are going exactly right and everything is at peace in your society, things almost seem magical,” said Baron Brian duVal of the Barony of Raven’s Fort at a recent demo in Conroe, Texas. Haylee Spencer of the Courier has the story.

Ansteorra July 2010 Crown Tourney photos online

Caelin on Andrede reports that he has posted an album of photos from Summer 2010 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. The photos are available to view on Flickr.

Kings College photos online

Caelin on Andrede has posted an album of photos from Kings College which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  The photos are available on Flickr.

Ulsted Victorious at Ansteorran Crown

At the Ansteorran Crown Tournament held on July 10th in the Barony of Namron, Duke Ulsted the Unsteady claimed victory to win his fifth Crown.  He was inspired by Duchess Ebergardis von Zell.  His Grace defeated Sior Tomas Niallagain, fighting for Baroness Rixende de Rouen, in the final bout.

Lucia Piazetta elevated to Laurel in Ansterorra

Iago reports that at the Kingdom of Ansteorra's Elfsea Defender, HL Lucia Piazetta was placed on vigil by Their Majesties Jean Paul and Gilyan.

[ANS] Laurels' Prize

Join us among the towering trees of Ft Hood's BLORA for Laurels' Prize, an opportunity for the Artisans of Ansteorra to display their works and discuss them with the Laurels of our Stellar Kingdom.