Kingdom of Æthelmearc

[AET] Scribes, Fighters & Fencers

Oh My. What a combo. Scribes come and work on your current projects or learn from some of the Kingdom's finest scribes. In attendance will be Mistress Antoinette de la Croix, Mistress Kris Gilibari, THL Gianna di Auriolo to name a few. For the Fighters and Fencers we have some fun things planned. New fighters and fencers this is the last scheduled event where you can authorize for Pennsic. We will have the marshals available and the appropriate paperwork. Location:
Shire of Gryffyn's Keep (Murrysville, Pennsylvania)

Liam St. Laim's photos from Melee Madness

Master Liam St. Liam has posted an album of photos from Melee Madness in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

[AET] Pax Interruptus

The ground beneath us trembles ever increasingly with the rhythmic marching of armored feet approaching our sylvan borders. The impending threat of War looms on AEthelmearc's horizon. It is time once again to declare a Pax Interruptus, and summon the noble forces of scarlet to gather in preparation.

Thescorre's valiant Baron Eric along with steadfast Baroness Katja, invite all to journey to these industrious lands. Their Excellencies joyously welcome, on behalf of Khan Khalek, all who would train with resolute vigor, striving to hone to a fine edge, each warrior's skills of battle for the coming fight in defense of this glorious Kingdom. Location:
Barony of Thescorre (Caledonia, New York)

[AET] Fall Crown Tournament

The Barony of Blackstone Mountain will host this years Fall Crown Tournament the weekend of October 4th, 2008. The event site is Hawk's Nest State Park, Route 60, WV (no street address). We will greet the day's visitors at 9AM with gracious hospitality befitting the day. Visitors caught on our lands after 10PM will be pressed into labor mining our black stones!

Hawk's Nest State Park Location:
Barony of Blackstone Mountain

[AET] Battlements and Berserkers

Oyez, oyez! Fighters of AEthelmearc, our scouts bring word of a hoard of mercenary troops massing across the North Bridge. Their intention is not yet known, but their weapons can nott be for peaceful negotiation. Gather one and all, and help us repel these attackers back across the bridge they crossed on. And after, celebrate the glory of the day with feast and tales of battle.

The day’s activities will include the Wyntersett Guardian Tourney, a Bear-Pit Tourney, an open-field melee, and the main battle upon the bridge. Also planned, a wine & mead making demonstration, and an A&S expo, both organized by our minister of Arts and Science Vito the destroyer (Steve Genovese, So finish up those Pennsic projects and enter them in the expo. Location:
Shire of Wyntersett (Clayton, New York)

[AET] Myrkfaelinn Summer War Practice XXVI

The Dominion invites you to attend our 26th Annual Summer War Practice on Myrkfaelinn's Icelandic Cayuga Seashore by the Waterfall Fjord at the Camp Barton Boy Scout Camp in Trumansburg, NY.

The site is so beautiful that we have returned to fight off invaders. Come help us defend it or try to win it from us. We welcome all Fighters, Fencers, Archers, and Thrown Weapons users. Please note there is no indoor space for martial activities. Location:
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (Trumansburg, New York)

[AET] Viking Village Demo VIII

Calling all Vikings! It's time once again to set up our Viking Village at the Annual Jamestown Scandinavian Folk Festival. We would love to have as many people as possible join us in celebrating all things Viking!

This year we continue to work toward having more hands on Viking age activities and demonstrations. There will be prizes for best period display and best Viking garb.

Festival Website: Location:
Shire of Heronter (Jamestown, New York)

Peers made in AEthelmearc

At Their recent Court at AEthelmearc War Practice, Their Majesties Khalek and Branwyn elevated Constance Waite to the Order of the Pelican, and placed Hrefna in heppna Thorgrimsdottir on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

A birth in AEthelmearc

Lord Calvert reports that Emma, third child of Sir Matthias Sean Cameron and his wife Averill was born May 9, 2008 in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

AEthelmearc Spring 2008 Crown Tourney video on YouTube

Olafr has posted video of the finals of the Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc on YouTube.

[AET] Melee on the Mount

The call goes out from the Mount for those who feel they are strong enough to be Warlords and lead troops into the frenzy of the Melee and those that would follow their leader into battle, to present themselves on Saturday, May 31, 2008 at the North Strabane Township Park, Quail Acres Pavilion, 1929 Route 519 South, Canonsburg, PA 15317.

Sponsored by the Shire of Kings Crossing, the site opens at 10 AM and closes Location:
Shire of Kings Crossing (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania)

Christopher and Morgen new Heirs to AEthlemearc Throne

Madinia reports that Sir Christopher Rawlyns was the victor in the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. Sir Christopher was fighting for Her Excellency Morgen of Rye.

[AET] Spring Thing IX

Long ago in the Barony of St. Swithin's Bog, upon a section of land once called the Western Border, a tradition began known as Spring Thing at which the Barony and all her family and friends gathered to dispel the winter's cobwebs and celebrate the return of Spring! Join us this year for the 9th Annual Spring Thing Event hosted by the Canton of Westland Mor!

Spring Thing and the 7 Pearls Fencing Tourney Location:
Canton of Westland Mor (Stahlstown Pennsylvania)

AEthelmearc Coronation photos online

Barbary Rose of Endless Hills has posted an album of photos from the recent Coronation in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc on her Flickr account.

[AET] War College

The Shire of Misty Highlands is proud to host a day long of martial activities at AEthelmearc War College on June 7, 2008 at Mason Dixon Park, 61 Buckeye Road, Core, WV 26529. There will be pick-up fights and authorizations starting in the morning, with classes beginning at noon. Battles in the afternoon till all are satisfied or ready to partake in the delicious feast prepared by Don Anias Finn ( Please make reservations early, as feast is limited to 48. Location:
Shire of Misty Highlands (Core, West Virginia)

AEthelmearc Crown Combatants announced

Her Excellency Countess Caryl, Seneschal of the Kingdom of AEthlemearc, has announced the list of fighters who will be competing in the upcoming Crown Tournament.

[AET] Will's Revenge XV

Will's Revenge is Back! We will be hosting Will's Revenge at Camp Karoondinha in Milmont, PA. We are planning Archery, Merchants, Archery, Feast, Archery, and more Archery! We're looking at Regular ranges, novice ranges, children's ranges, difficult ranges, night shoot, royal rounds, novelty shoots and a lake shoot. In addition, we're planning a thrown weapons event! An Atlatl range! (What's an Atlatl range?, come and find out!) We will start shooting Saturday morning and go until the range runners get tired! Then, we'll feast and do it again! Location:
Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais (Milmont, Pennsylvania)

[AET] A Shoote in the Wildwoods

Greetings unto the archers of Aethelmearc and the rest of the Known World. The Barony of Delftwood is elated to invite all to attend our Shoote in the Wildwoods Archery extravaganza. The gates will open at 5:00PM on Friday, August 29, 2008, and will close at 12:00 noon on Monday, September 1, 2008 at Wild Wood Sports Center, 5740 Fikes Rd., Elbridge, NY 13060.

There will be shoots on every day of the event. This event consists of Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Elbridge, New York)

[AET] AEthelmearc Spring AEcademy

On June 20-22, AEthelmearc Spring Academy will be held at the Madison County Fairgrounds, Fairgrounds Road (no street number), Brookfield, NY 13314, in the Shire of Coppertree. This site is approximately 25 miles due south of Utica, NY.

Come one and all and expand your knowledge and skills at this June's AEthelmearc Academy. We are planning a variety of classes ranging from bardic skills, sewing arts, fighting skills to many other Location:
Shire of Coppertree (Brookfield, New York)

[AET] Come Dance and Play!

Come to Delftwood and dance the day away! April 19th from 1 to 5. The first part of the afternoon we will learn the dance steps and the second part we will dance to live musicians!

So come dance the say away or come join the musicians and Play!! Stick around for beer and pizza afterwards.

Heres the directions to the PACC

http://w Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Syracuse, New York)

[AET] 13th Annual Siege of Glengary

Last summer was a time of great hope in the Shire of Sylvan Glen. After months of intense negotiations and diplomacy, we had reached an agreement with our long time enemy, the Barony of Highland Foorde in the Kingdom of Atlantia. We entered into an alliance with our former nemesis with the goal of ridding our respective lands of the bold and brash brigands menacing our highways and byways.

In the fall, we marched onto the field of battle to Location:
Shire of Sylvan Glen (Hedgesville, West Virginia)

Two elevated in AEthelmearc

At Their Court during the 30th Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon (Barony of the Rhydderich Hael), Their Majesties Duncan and Ilish of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc offered two of Their subjects elevation to the Peerage.

[AET] Brass Ring Thing VIII

Once again good gentles do we invite all that is good and great from these Sylvan Lands to celebrate the medieval origins of the carrousel and to give aide to the good gentles of the Herschell Carousel Museum.

Brass Ring Thing VIII: aka the Carrousel Museum Event
Barony of Rhydderich Hael & The Canton of Beau Fleuve
Saturday June 7, 2008 Location:
Barony of Rhydderich Hael & The Canton of Beau Fleuve

[AET] Barony Wars and Bazaar III

So Come! Bring your Swords! Bring your Bows! Bring those pointy things you throw! Bring your A & S projects for judging! Your stories and Songs! Your price (For everyone is for sale... for a price!) Bring items you wish to sell and money for items you wish to buy (don't forget the shopping point!). Volunteer often! Show your Baronial Arms! Raise the banners!

Barony of the Endless Hills (Sanford, New York)

[AET] Year End Tournament II

A call goes out across the Endless Hills for warriors to gather together again to fight for the glory of battle. Our Year End Tournament is April 26th, 2008. The event will be held at Moon Lake Park, 196 Moon Lake Road, Hunlock Creek Pa. 18621. The day’s activities include heavy weapon and fencing tournaments, mock wood’s battles, thrown weapons, archery, children’s events and an A&S competition. Location:
Moon Lake Park, 196 Moon Lake Road, Hunlock Creek Pa. 18621

[AET] AEthelmearc War Practice XIX

Hark to the sounds of the war drums, gather close friends and allies and ready arms for the coming war. Steltonwald is pleased to welcome all to AEthelmearc XIX War Practice.

Join us starting Thursday May 15, 2008 at Noon, through Sunday, May 18 leaving site by 3pm. We will be at Coopers Lake Campground, 205 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. The marshal activities for the weekend will include Fighting, Fencing, Combat Archery, Location:
Canton of Steltonwald (Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania)

[AET] Melee Madness

Madness in the form of battle fever has once again descended upon the Barony of Endless Hills! On May 30 - June 1, the Barony invites all to join us as Melee Madness returns with the classic Warlord tourney and five man melee team combat with broken field fighting. Enjoy a day of martial activities in preparation for Pennsic. If enough fighters arrive Friday evening there may be a torchlight tourney. Participants in the Warlord tourney are asked to bring something for submission to the Warlord chest. Location:
Barony of Endless Hills (Meshoppen, Pennsylvania)

[AET] Coronation of Khalek and Branwyn

The Canton of Beau Fleuve is pleased to announce that the Coronation of Khalek and Branwyn will be held in the Canton on the 12th of April at Camp Kenan.

Fleetly o’er the steppe come the strong winds of change, heralding our new King and Queen, Khalek and Branwyn. Call goes forth for the horsemen to gather in celebration of Their Coronation. The Canton of Beau Fleuve welcomes all to Camp Kenan, on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario on April 12, 2008, located at 8571 Lower Lake Road , Barker, NY 14012 Location:
Canton of Beau Fleuve (Barker, New York)

Two elevated at AEthelmearc's Carnivale

On February 9, 2008, Their Majesties Duncan and Ilish of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, placed Signora Tomasia da Collevento on vigil to contemplate entry into the Order of the Laurel. At the same Court, after hearing of her service, They placed THLady Ailis Linne on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

[AET] Regional Muster in Myrkfaelinn

Myrkfaelinn will be having a regional armoured combat muster on Sunday, March 9 at our usual fight practice location in Risley Hall at Cornell University. We will be starting at 1pm.

The focus will be (as always :) small unit melee tactics. There is no site fee. This is the same location as our event this past weekend, so direction are printed in your AEstel. They are repeated below for your convenience. Location:
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn (Ithaca, New York)