Web Minister

People who maintain web sites on behalf of the SCA or its branches

Changes to SCA Inc. Website

In early December, the SCA's official website got a new look.  Mistress Jessa, who is responsible for the website, discussed the changes in an article in the East Kingdom Gazette.

New look for the SCA.org website

In December, a new version of the SCA.org website went live. This redesign was motivated by the recent debut of the SCA Newcomers' Portal (welcome.sca.org), so that visitors could easily find their way to it.

Atlantia creates two new Pelicans for service in Archery, Siege, and Webminister areas

At Highland River Melees, in the Barony of Highland Foorde, in the Kingdom of Atlantia, on June 1, 2012, AS XLVII, Atlantian Monarchs King Bryan and Queen Brianna elevated Siegfried Sebastian Faust and Jonathas Reinisch to the noble Order of the Pelican.