Organizational Policies and Politics

Organizational changes of policy or structure, political issues, or other items related to the operation of living history groups, as distinct from the historical periods we study. This topic does NOT include organizations within the historical Middle Ages.

Same-Gender Consort Proposal

In continuation of its investigation of the matter of same gender couples competing in Crown list, the Board is continuing its quest to solicit commentary on potential language changes to its governing documents regarding this issue.

Vivant to Barons Giles and Giuseppe

On a beautiful day in June, the Barony of Gyldenholt and the Kingdom of Caid made history: Giles Hill and Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia became the SCA’s first same-gender Coronets. Lord Etienne Le Mons offers his opinion on what this means for the Society at large.

SCA President's Report for April 28, 2012

This is the President's report of the actions taken at the SCA, Inc.'s and its subsidiaries most recent Board of Directors meetings, held April 28, 2012, in the Kingdom of Caid.

Board Responds to Comments on Same-Gender Consort Proposal

Should entrants in Royal Lists be allowed to fight for a consort of the same gender? Going to the heart of one of the most visible and celebrated institutions in the Society, this question has proved to be a matter of great moment for members of the Society's governing body, as well as for the membership at large.

From the Grand Council Chair: Volunteers Sought

Saito Takauji, Vice Chairman of the Grand Council, says the Council is actively seeking volunteers to serve. Applications for the term beginning in June 2012 must be received prior to May 15.

Feedback from the Board of Directors' Meet-and-Greet Sessions

The Board of Directors has published an open letter addressing questions and comments received recently, including at several Meet-and-Greet sessions held at major events.

Board of Directors seeks comments on Director nominees

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, has published the current list of nominees. Per standard policy, members of the populace are invited to comment on any nominee or to offer other names for consideration.

Position Announcement: Society Exchequer

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is seeking candidates for the position of Society Exchequer. This position reports to the SCA Corporate Treasurer.

Duties and responsibilities:

SCA Forms Potential Fourth Peerage Exploratory Committee

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, has announced that the Board will form a committee to consider establishing a fourth SCA peerage for Rapier and Cut-and-Thrust Combat.

Society Exchequer resigns

Maistresse Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres (mka Mazelle Attiya), the Society for Creative Anachronism's Corporate Treasurer, has announced that the Exchequer has resigned from office and will be replaced temporarily by his Emergency Deputy.

Same-Gender Consorts: Proposed Corpora Change

Ariel de Courtenay, from the Inspirational Equality consortium, offers her analysis of the Board's recent proposal for a change in Corpora related to same-gender couple in Royal Lists.

First Same-Gender Couple to Ascend Baronial Thrones in Caid

Baron Ursul and Baroness Colette of Caid’s Barony of Gyldenholt have made SCA history by inviting a same-gender couple to become their heirs (posted with kind permission of the author, Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour).

SCA Inc. announces settlement of major lawsuit

The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) has been operating under the burden of a massive and difficult legal battle that has critically drained resources and caused significant ongoing difficulties for the organization. In October 2011, the board of the SCA and its legal counsel were finally able to resolve this issue, but not without significant financial costs.

Board of Directors seeks nominations for new Directors

Service takes all forms in our Society.  The Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism is asking for your assistance in nominating qualified candidates for a very special kind of service - that as a member of the SCA, Inc. Board of Directors.

Board of Directors seeks comments on same-gender consort proposal

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, has published an announcement requesting comments on a proposed change to the Governing Documents that would allow same-gender couples to enter Royal Lists.

Special Deputy for Family and Youth Programs

Thomas W. Hughes, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, discusses changes to the position of Society Children's Officer Coordinator.

Special Deputy for Family and Youth Programs

Thomas Hughes, President of the SCA Inc., announces the transition of the office of Society Children's Officer Coordinator to that of Special Deputy [to the Society Seneschal] for Family and Youth Programs.

SCA corporate announcement on newsletter subscription rates

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors, has published an announcement on behalf of the Board concerning subscription rates for kingdom newsletters.

SCA armor standards change as of November 5

The Society Earl Marshal has announced revisions to the equipment standards for armoured combat in the SCA, effective November 5.

SCA Legal Committee calls for volunteer legal professionals

The SCA Inc.'s Legal Committee is seeking new volunteers from the modern-world legal profession.

Release #2 of the SCA Census is available

The Census Committee of the Society for Creative Anachronism has announced the second release of data from the 2010 Census.

President's Report on October Board Meeting

Thomas Hughes, President of the SCA Inc., has released his report from the Board of Directors meeting held October 15. UPDATED VERSION

Cultural Quirks of Fighting in An Tir, or, Musings on Why the Inspirational Equality Movement May Have Started Here

Ariel de Courtenay, one of the founders of the Inspirational Equality advocacy group, offers an opinion on what about An Tir's culture may have caused this movement to originate in that particular kingdom.

A letter from the Board of Directors

The SCA Board of Directors offers a letter commenting on the recent meeting and some plans for the future.

Optional Steps to Take to Discontinue Your Paper Newsletter

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the SCA Board of Directors, has issued a memo concerning members' option of discontinuing paper copies of their kingdom newsletters starting March 2012.

Diana Listmaker offers her opinion on same gender couples competing in Crown Tournaments

The first tournament that led to the founding of the Society for Creative Anachronism was organized by Diana L. Paxson, known in the Society as Diana Listmaker, in her backyard in Berkeley. From the perspective of one who was there at the start, and remembers the original goals of the organization, she has written an opinion letter and has kindly allowed to share it with our readers.

You asked!--Part II: Nuts and Bolts. Implementation answers from Inspirational Equality

The Inspirational Equality Advocacy group answers frequently asked questions about the implications and implementation of allowing same-gender couples in Royal Lists (part II of II).

Board of Directors announcement concerning electronic newsletters

Leslie Luther-Fulton, Executive Assistant to the SCA Inc. Board of Directors, has published an informational message about the new policy on electronic newsletters.

Change to Corpora - Introduction - Request for Comment

The Board of Directors would like to present the following changes to Corpora to allow for the upcoming e-newsletters.