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Merchant Listing Policy

Merchant listings are free to any merchant that is, in our editorial opinion, of interest to SCA folk or other medieval recreationists or reenactors. Note that our merchant listings, unlike news articles, are in a permanent, non-scrolling directory page.

Guidelines for Contributors

SCAtoday.net welcomes contributed articles, links, and other content from our readers. This page explains how to contribute items so that they fit into our editorial format and policy, making it more likely that we will be able to publish what you have written.

SCAtoday.net Announces Changes in Editorial Roles

Effective today, SCAtoday.net is re-titling two of our senior staff members to better reflect their evolving roles in managing the site.

Policy on "Deep Links" to SCAtoday.net

Other web sites are welcome to link directly to single articles or sections of SCAtoday.net, but we do not guarantee that the URLs for such content will not change in the future, nor do we guarantee a redirection link if they do.

Outbound Links from SCAtoday.net to Other Sites

In our links catalog are outbound URL links to numerous other web sites. These are provided as a courtesy and a useful service to our visitors.

General Links to SCAtoday.net

SCAtoday.net recommends that other web sites link to our main page (http://scatoday.net/) if they wish to recommend our site to their visitors.

Links Policy

This document has detailed information for webmasters who wish to link to SCAtoday.net or to syndicate our content on their own sites.

Contact SCAtoday.net

Having trouble with some part of the site? Do you have comments or suggestions for our staff? Here are the best ways to contact us.

Privacy Policy

This document explains what personal and statistical data is collected by SCAtoday.net, and how we will (and will not) use that information. We are committed to protecting your privacy as we would protect our own.

About SCAtoday.net

SCAtoday.net is a news portal website offering news, information, and discussions free of charge to members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and to others interested in the history of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

SCAtoday.net Goes Live for Pennsic XXXI

SCAtoday.net is a newswire and portal for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a living history group dedicated to the study of the Middle Ages. The site is not fully completed yet, but we wanted to bring it online in time for Pennsic. Today we have only the newswire, but in a few weeks there will be an extensive link directory, discussion forums, an event calendar, and many other features.