Households are informal affiliations of friends and family members, who often socialize and/or camp together at medievalist events.

Mongolia-focused SCA group gains international attention

In New York, computer professional Luigi Kapaj has created the Silver Horde, a reenactment group focused on Mongolian culture within the SCA. The UB Post, an English-language newspaper in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, recently published a feature-length article about the group.

House Paragon Keep

The SCA Household of Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy and Duchesse Sabine de Rouen, located in the Middle Kingdom, Barony of Flaming Gryphon. The household is composed of many fighters, artisans, and good gentles dedicated to service in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Combat: "In the Air Tonight!"

Rockskald of the SCA household Haus Kriegsturm has posted a slideshow and video montage of armored combat photos set to the music of Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight on YouTube.

Household of Gryphon's Keep

The Household of Gryphon's Keep opens its doors to those in the Shire of Phoenix Glade in the Kingdom of Meridies (that would be the Emerald Coast of Florida for those looking for it in the modern world).

Clan Loch Laven

A Scottish household dedicated to the pursuit of a traditional Scotland through the SCA.

Le Poulet Gauche

Le Poulet Gauche is virtual re-creation of a family-run tavern in 16th century France, with detailed "interviews" with the various family members and employees. The Le Poulet Gauche web site contains extensive information on how to develop a persona and how to fill in the "little things" that give your existing persona more reality and texture.

A Motley Crew: Medieval Gypsies

They were much more than travelling fortune tellers and performers. This week, Dame Aoife explores the culture of the various people commonly called Gypsies.

Volunteers Sought for Workday at Cooper's Lake

Johann Kinslayer, of the Shadowclans, and Dave Cooper, of Cooper's Lake Campground, invite any interested SCA members to come up to help with a scheduled workday of Castle maintenance at Cooper's Lake (site of Pennsic and AEthelmearc War Practice events) beginning at 8:00AM EDT on April 30, 2005.


The Guild Fanucci is "a fellowship of playful mischief-makers dedicated to bardic and theatrical arts, and having fun." This household, led by Master Aaron faheud Swiftrunner, was originally known as House Teafort when founded in AS XIII.

Ansteorran Longship Company featured in History Channel documentary

A living history group, the Ansteorran Longship Company, and their ship are featured in a documentary that will air on The History Channel in late February. Ironically, they are portraying not Vikings but Phoenicians.

Ansteorran Longship Company

The Ansteorran Longship Company is a Texas-based group that celebrates and recreates Scandanavian culture and history, including Viking folklore and traditions. The group's members are largely drawn from the SCA's Barony of Bjornsborg. Each year the Company helps to host a large Viking Fest in Waco, Texas.


This is the signature dish for the household Khyim Lha Khang / Kalet Ordu.

  1. Mix marinade and marinate meats for 1 hr
  2. Mix Hoisin, red pepper, & stock
  3. Heat wok on high w/oil for stir-fry & stir-fry meat 3-4 min
  4. Add sauce & continue stir-frying
  5. Add green onions, broccoli, & sprouts. Continue stir-frying for 2-3 min
  6. Remove from heat and serve over Chinese Rice noodles (Luo mian)

Khyim Lha Khang / Kalet Ordu

The Spirit Horde, also known in Tibetan as Khyim Lha Khang and in Mongolian as Kalet Ordu, is an SCA Household in the Kingdom of Trimaris whose members share a common interest in Mongol/Tibetan history and culture.

The Silver Fox Squadron

The Silver Fox Squadron is a service/fighting household within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.). Most of our members are from the Kingdom of Ansteorra, which resides in the states Oklahoma and Texas.

House of Fools

We are a personal household in the Kingdom of AnTir in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Our goal is to have a good time and make sure that those we choose as companions have fun too.

Help Support the Troops/Challenge to Honor HE Friedrich von Konigsberg

Nineteen SCA groups in three kingdoms have joined forces to support the troops in the Middle East.

House Blacksword Offers Ealdormere Citizens Pennsic Challenge

Isabella Vanicelle, Deputy Commissar for the Ealdormere Commissariat, has announced a fundraiser challenge to raise money for the kingdom's program which offers support for fighters.

House Stalhgeist

House Stahlgeist is a large and prestigious household in the Middle Kingdom.

Legio Draconis

Legio Draconis is a publication of a fighting household in the Middle Kingdom. The site is primarily devoted to armoured combat, but also includes other martial arts and some general news items.

House Accipiter Wins "Best Looking Campsite" at Rowany Festival

House Accipiter was the winner of Lochac's Best Looking Campsite at the recent Rowany Festival.

New House of Courtesans Demonstrates Commitment to Service

A brand new household in the Middle Kingdom made its debut at the 12th Night Event in the Barony of the Middle Marches.

Haus von Halstern Members Honored at Vinland Raids

Members of Haus von Halstern, based in the East Kingdom, were honored at the recent Vinland Raids II in the Shire of Smoking Rocks.

Ede's Directory of Households

Looking for contact information for an SCA household? Try Ede's Directory of Households.

Who are the Teaghlach

Pennsic Independent Online: A fighting household known as the Teaghlach was incorrectly identified as the Tuchux in the Pennsic Independent for Pennsic XXXI. Find out who they really are and what they do.

Directory of SCA Households Returns to the Web

Jeffrey C. Smith of Parsberg, Germany has re-posted his Directory of SCA Households with a new, automated look.

House Staghold to Host Bardic Festival at Estrella War

Rialto: A household in Atenveldt will host its second annual Bardic Festival and competition, featuring four performance categories, at Estrella War 2003.

House Marsvin Offers Articles on Medieval Garb

Those gentles interested in garb and textiles should not fail to have a look at a webpage hosted by Marienna Jensdatter and Asbj