Gleann Abhann

[GLE] Diamond Wars XXIII

Join us as old world powers vie for new world riches. Fight for control of a frontier village, and explore new culinary delights as old world tastes meet new world ingredients.

Camp Cedar Valley
Boy Scout Road
Viola AR 72583

Autocrats Ravenswar Brackae

Meredythe Alba McRegan Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Viola Arkansas)

[GLE] Kingdom Arts and Sciences and RUGA

Works of the Arts & Sciences of the Mighty and Magnificent Kingdom of Gleann Abhann will be on display at this event you will not want to miss! Artisans come and show your projects and receive valuable feedback. Maybe you can teach the judges something new and interesting! Laurels would love to see the wonderful creations made by our own Gleann Abhann citizens.

Once again we have the artisans of Gleann Abhann issuing CHALLENGES in various categories. Location:
Shire of Rook's Haven (Utica Mississippi)

Gleann Abhann Evacuates

In the face of Hurricanes Gustav and Hannah, Their Royal Highnesses, Havordh and Mary-Grace, Crown Prince and Princess of Gleann Abhann have asked to have shared the news that they have safely evacuated from their home in Louisiana, along with much of the Barony of Axemoor and the surrounding shires.

[GLE] Batesville Regional Practice and A&S Classes

The time has come to seek kith and kin in the Northlands! Please join us on our journey on Saturday, September 13, 2008 as we trek to the vast wilds of the north and visit our kindred souls in the village known to us as Batesville.

Around 2, at the park by the river, there will be a practice for the fighters. A place has also been reserved for A&S classes. Graciously, Lord Strazhek has agreed to teach a class on boot making. Location:
Proposed Shire of Guardian Forest (Batesville, Arkansas)

[GLE] Knight's Academy

Join Shire of Dragoun's Weal as we once again host an event dedicated to the Chivalric virtues of Honor and Courtesy as well as the Art of Armored Combat.

Knight's Academy is dedicated to help teach the Chivalric Code not just to fighters but to the entire populace. This year we will have TWO FULL DAYS of Classes and Fighting! Open panel discussions on the Knightly Virtues along with a Open Panel for all. Location:
Shire of Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg Mississippi)

[GLE] Aphar Faire

The Shire of Lagerdamm proudly presents Aphar Faire - to be held in Conway, AR on 8/8-8/10.

There will be:

  • Heavy Fighting
  • Light Fighting
  • Archery
  • Equestrian Activities (YES you read correctly - Equestrian Activities)
  • Classes
  • Children's Activities
  • Merchants
  • and a wonderful feast prepared by Lord Ibrahim and THL Arianna...

Mark your calen Location:
Shire of Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)

Hadrian's Wall Revisted slideshow on YouTube

Lady Bailey Rose Marsh, of the Barony of Seleone in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, has created a beautiful slideshow of the recent Hadrian's Wall Revisited event and posted it on YouTube.

Gleann Abhann Spring 2008 Crown Tourney photos online

Lord Gawin der Fuchs has posted an album of photos from the recent Spring 2008 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Gleann Abhann Spring 2008 Crown Tourney photos online

Danielle has posted an album of photos from the recent Spring 2008 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann on her SmugMug website.

[GLE] Roman Holiday

Experience the luxury of a Roman Holiday. A prize will be given for the best Roman or Celto-Roman display and for the best costume.

July, 12, 2008 (Lugh)

St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center
4577 Billy Maher Rd. Memphis, TN 38135
(see for map and directions)

The Marcus Gracchus Memorial Wheel of Fire Tourney (standard double elimination) –Youth Combat Tourney- Light Weapons Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)

[GLE] Academy of Dance

Is your Hole in the Wall a little rusty? Can't tell a difference between a Brawl and Bransle? Do you hear the word "Ball" and (shiver) because you only know one dance? Want to know what non European dances are 'period'?

The Shire of Iron Ox presents Academy of Dance

July 26, 2008
Jackson, MS
Cabot Lodge Millsaps

With three tracks of classes there is something for every Dancer! Location:
Shire of Iron Ox (Jackson, Mississippi)

Muriel De Bois to be elevated to the Order of the Pelican

Baroness Morgana reports that at Their recent Beltaine event, Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann placed Viscountess Muriel De Bois on vigil for elevation into the Order of the Pelican.

[GLE] It's the End of the World

Well, almost. If the cutoff date for the SCA is 1600, let's party like it's 1599 (will the Prince be there?). The Barony of Small Gray Bear and the proto-Canton of Southtower bring you Bombay 1599: a relaxing weekend of fun, food, and frolic.

Enjoy a weekend of fighting heavy weapons and rapier), Live Weapons, A&S (populace judged: NO documentation required), and lots of food. The Barony's own Kat the Strange is offering up an Indian "street feast" that you can eat with your hands, including Tali machli (fried fish), baigan pakora (battered & fried eggplant), fresh onion chutney, chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, shami kebab, fried bananas and much more. No, sorry... peanut butter will not be available for the fried bananas (we DON'T want to have to call Doctor Bombay). Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

Photos from Gleann Abhann's Beltaine

Danielle shares photos from the recent Beltaine event in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Havordh and Mary-Grace to hold Gleann Abhann Throne

At the May 17, 2008 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, His Grace Sir Havordh Aeterbanni won the honor of becoming Crown Prince.

[GLE] Troll Fen’s Swamp Romp and Hunt for the Prize

Troll Fen’s Swamp Romp and Hunt for the Prize Or is that Hunt in the Swamp for the Prize and Romp? May 30 – June 1, 2008.


  • A qualifying round for the Tournament of Champions;
  • Troll Fen Defender Tournament, Rapier competition, Youth Combat
  • PLUS Her Majesty’s Yeoman and
  • Her Majesty’s Rapier Champion competitions
  • AND Youth Yeoman, Sentry and Youth Sentry shoots Location:
    Shire of Troll Fen (Pineville Louisiana)

Isabelle the Mad elevated to Laurel in Gleann Abhann

Wernherus Rudemann reports that at Their recent Court at Anthenaem, Their Majesties William and Onora offered Isabelle The Mad elevation to the Order of the Laurel.

[GLE] Forest Maiden

A call goes out for all noble fighters to take part in a Heroic Tourney and vie to claim for their consort the title of "Forest Maiden".

The snows have melted; the sweltering heat has yet to arrive. It is time for a Pilgrimage.

The Shire of Blackmoor Keep welcomes you to Northern Spain where, in a tradition dating back to the 8th Century, Santiago de Compostela is the destination of pilgrims. Location:
Shire of Blackmoor Keep (Pineville, Louisiana)

[GLE] Grand Tourney of the Torque

Come join us in celebrating a Baronial Investiture & the 32nd Anniversary of the Silver Torque Tourney at St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center – Gates Pavilion 4577 Billy Maher Rd., Memphis, Tennessee 38135

In days of olde, it was a warrior’s duty to defend the honor of the one who’s token he bore. It was the consort’s duty to support and inspire her champion. That was especially true in the Grand Tournaments of the 14th century. Come join us for a day of competitions and tournaments leading up to the final battle to determine the best of the best and the Queen of Love and Beauty. Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)

[GLE] Duvant Defender

The Shire of Wyrmgeist Proudly Presents Our First Annual Duvant Defender In Honor of those that Inspire the Dream...

June 13-15, 2008 Kings Arrow Ranch, Lumberton Mississippi

As many of you may remember, Sir Francois Duvant was a noble, true and valiant inspiration for the Dream in the SCA. We, of the Shire of Wyrmgiest, wish to honor him, and others like him, who have elevated the dream in all it's glory. We request that you bring images, Location:
Shire of Wyrmgeist (Lumberton, Mississippi)

[GLE] Gleann Abhann’s 6th Coronation

And the Ram line continues……. COME ONE AND ALL!!!! The Shire of Northover invites you to join the Celebration at Gleann Abhann’s 6th Coronation and witness the ascension of Prince William and Princess Onora

April 11-13, 2008
King’s Arrow Ranch
Lumberton Mississippi

Please do not miss this historic event


*The Shire of Troll Fen will be doing a Location:
Shire of Northover (Lumberton, Mississippi)

[GLE] Athenaeum

Athenaeum: an event in three tracts, Costuming, Accessories, Performing Arts

April 18-20, 2008

Hosted by Tor an Riogh
At the Henry S. Jacobs Camp in Utica, MS.

A&S Display for feedback and populace approval. & Laurel and Artisan Social hosted by the order of the Silver Lamp.

Goddess Tournament hosted by Company of St. Catherine’s please contact Duchess Mary Grace of Gatlin for more information. Location:
Shire of Tor an Riogh (Utica, Mississippi)

[GLE] Hadrian's Wall Revisited

Come join the Barony of Seleone on March 28th to March 30th as we revisit Hadrian's Wall at the reopening of the CAMP WILKES site Biloxi, MS

****WE still have beds and feast available******

Who are your closest neighbors, the Land of the Scots or the Home of the English? Come and support your closest neighbor in the battle of Hadrian's Wall Revisited.

Friday Night: Location:
Barony of Seleone (Biloxi, Mississippi)

[GLE] Cracked Anvil XI

This year's theme is "A Day in the Life" (and no, we didn't think twice about it). We'll have out usual assortment of Heavy Waepons and Rapier Fighting, plus an assortment of classes to hopefully please one and all.

Our A&S Theme is "Everyday Life in the Middle Ages" Documentation is required and entries will be judged using Kingdom A&S Rules. Please, NO Alcoholic entries since this is a Dry Site. Location:
Barony of Smythkepe (New Blaine, Arkansas)

[GLE] Candlelight Camp 2008

Chris Columbus has a reputation to uphold. After 3 successful voyages to the New World, he's brought back riches and spices that had never before been dreamed of. But this time, he's in for a trip of a lifetime -- a bad trip.

Candlelight Camp 2008
1503: Columbus, Over The Edge.
May 9-11, 2008
Camp Taloha near Pine Bluff, AR

Come join the Barony of Small Gray Bear as we celebrate the last Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

Drogo of Axebridge Knighted in Gleann Abhann

Drogo of Axebridge was knighted by TRMs Uther & Kenna of Gleann Abhann on Saturday night at Gulf Wars.

Lagerdamm Newbie 2008 photos online

David Backlin has posted an album of photos from the recent Lagerdamm Newbie event in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Meridies and Gleann Abhann to host A & S Faire at Gulf Wars XVII

Once again the Kingdoms of Gleann Abhann and Meridies are pleased to host the Gulf Wars Open Arts and Science Faire. This event is opened to artisans of all skill levels from the Knowne World. That's right - artisans from any Kingdom.

Survivor Valhalla pictures online

Stefan MacMorrow ap Rhovannon shares photos from the recent Survivor Valhalla event in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

[GLE] Newbie Collegium

RAGNAROK/RAGS-OR-NOT January 19, 2008 Conway, AR - Cold Springs Retreat

What Will Be Happening?
Fighters- (Heavy & Light) Come compete in our Protectorate Tourney!
Heavies- How about an Axe & Round Shield Tourney?! (contact our Fighter
Marshal Ld. Sven the White for specifics)
***Note-Axe & Round Shield will be provided by the Fighter Marshal
Light- Contact Osric for more information. Location:
Shire of Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)