Gleann Abhann

Slay the Dragon

The Humble Shire of Vogelburg cries out once again for a Champion. The evil dragon once again terrorizes the populace of Vogelburg. Call forth all brave warriors to champion our cause. Call on the Artisans to try and placate the beast with their beautiful works of art. Bards come and sooth the savage beast.

September 2, 2006
Kiwanis Campground in Pineville, LA Location:
Shire of Vogelburg (Pineville, Louisiana)

Barbarian Brawl

Barony of Small Gray Bear invites you to join us in a celebration honoring the Age of Discovery at the beautiful air conditioned campus of the Arkansas State University - Beebe, 1000 West Iowa Street Beebe, Arkansas

Activities Include:

    A&S Competitions
  • Barony Regalia - Documentation encouraged
  • Open A & S - Documentation required
  • Youth Open A & S (ages 12 - 17) - Documentation encouraged - sponsored by Lady Eithne and Lord CuCullan the Bald Location:
    Barony of Small Gray Bear (Beebe, Arkansas)

Knights' Academy

The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann's Knight's Academy

Where: WOW Site in Hattiesburg MS
When: 19-21 Oct 2007

Join Shire of Dragoun's Weal as we host an event dedicated to the Chivalric virtues of Honor and Courtesy as well as the Art of Armored Combat. Knight's Academy is dedicated to help teach the Chivalric Code not just to fighters but to the entire populace. We will have open discussions on the Knightly Virtues along with other Classes in the Location:
Shire of Dragoun's Weal (Hattiesburg Mississippi)

Aphar Faire XV

Shire Lagerdamm is pleased to present, Aphar Faire XV Legends of the Mermaid (Myth or Madness?) & Regional Arts & Science Faire August 17-19, 2007.

Cold Springs Retreat
476 Acklin Gap Road
Conway, AR 72032

** Site is BONE DRY **

MERMAIDS: beautiful 1/2 fish, 1/2 woman, Sirens of the sea? Seals sitting on a rock? Were all the sailors telling tales or just crazy? Show & tell us your opinion... at APHAR FAIRE! Location:
Shire Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)

Gleann Abhann Regional Dance Practice

Here's a reminder about the Regional Dance Practice to be held June 30 in the Barony of Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, AR). The practice will be at St. Vincent's Hospital, which is located on the SE corner of University Ave and W. Markham St.

The room we have is beautiful with skylights and a tiled floor and very convenient access to the hospital cafeteria, which actually has pretty decent food. Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Acadiana Medieval Faire Casting Call

The Acadiana Medieval Faire will hold an open casting call on August 12, 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana. No prior experience is necessary.

Photos of Gleann Abhann's First Laureling Online

The elevation of Her Excellency, Viscountess Marion Leoncina de Susa to the position of Gleann Abhann's Premier Laurel, took place on June 2, 2007. A photo montage, with photos by Mistress Anyeta the Wanderer and others are posted, along with Eleanor's oath.


Have you ever wonder where you might find that obscure bit of documentation for an A & S project or are you just seeking knowledge? In either case, join the Barony of Grey Niche and spend a day at the Lugh-brary and peruse through 100’s of books on a variety of subjects. While you cannot borrow any of these books, there will be several copiers available with a nominal cost per page. A list of all the books will be made available. Other activities will include classes, the Marcus Gracus Wheel of Fire Tournament (heavy) and rapier activities (TBA). If you are interested in bringing some of your books for others to look through, please contact the Librarian listed below. Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Willington, Tennessee)

Spring 2007 Atenveldt, Northshield, Gleann Abhann Coronation Photos Online

Lord Vallaulfr Rurikson and Lady Cécile de Brétigny have posted many interesting albums of photos from various events around the Known World.

Uther and Kenna Heirs in Gleann Abhann

HE Viscount Sir Uther von Ziemer and HE Viscountess Kenna nic Ahearne are the new Crown Prince and Princess of Gleann Abhann.

Candlelight Camp photos online

Lord Gawin der Fuchs has posted an album of photos from the recent Candlelight Camp event in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Gleann Abhann Coronation photos

Lady Medb has posted an album of photos from the recent Spring 2007 Coronation in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Youth Combat at Gulf Wars XVI

Dietrich Uhl has posted photos and several short videos of the youth castle siege from this year's Gulf Wars.

SCA-organized ren faire raises money for charity

Children were the real winners at the recent Ocean Springs (Mississippi) Renaissance Faire, which featured many kid-friendly activities. Brad Crocker of the Mississippi Press has the story.

Gleann Abhann Crown Combatants for Spring 2007

Their Majesties Havordh and Mary-Grace of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann have announced the list of combatants and consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament.

Sarah MacGregor to be elevated at Loch Bais' Birthday Bash

Master Erik of Telemark of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann reports that THLady Sarah MacGregor will sit vigil June 23, 2007 in contemplation of her elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

First Laurel Vigiled in Gleann Abhann

On Saturday, April 21, during the Coronation of Havordh II & Mary-Grace II in Gleann Abhann, HE Viscountess Marion Leoncina de Susa was ordered to contemplate being inducted into the Order of the Laurel at a future date to be determined. This will make her the first Laurel created by the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Hunt for the Prize Part Dux

It's all about Dux, Ducks and Deuces. (You'll have to come to the event to figure out what we mean.)

The Hunt for the Prize Part Dux
Gleann Abhann's Second Live Weapons Championships
June 1-3, 2007

King's Arrow Ranch (aka The Gulf Wars Site)
26 Kings Highway, Lumberton, MS

Their Majesties Havordh and Mary Grace will be choosing their:

  • Live Weapons Champion
  • Queen's Yeoman Location:
    Barony of Axemoor (Lumberton, Mississippi)

Candlelight Camp 2007

On May 4-6 2007 the Barony of Small Gray Bear welcomes you to beautiful Camp Taloha, located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, for Candlelight Camp 2007. This year, we will be hosting an inconceivable amount of activities! We'll have Heroes. Giants. Villains. Wizards. True Love. - Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum SCA event. Don't miss it!

Lady Juliana Bonnaire de Cherbourg Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

Feast of St. Bogdacious

Come join the Barony of Axemoor for the Feast of St. Bogdacious. We will be having our traditional great sword tourney, a rapier tourney, Youth tourney, archery, and perhaps even cart races. Beware of the Heretics Dungeon. Join us for our many classes and excellent feast. We will be holding competition in calligraphy and illumination and an entertainer's competition. There will be a Fool's Parade and a Gaming Hall. Take part in the Pilgrimage to St. Bogdacious or spend the day accumulating tokens to use in our auction. With so much to do, you can't miss out on this fabulous event! Location:
Barony of Axemoor (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

A son for Clan Goodwine

Adam Goodwine reports that on March 28, 2007, in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, a son was born to Esperanza de Navarra and himself and was named Edward Kelly.

Diamond Wars XXII

Come join the Barony of Small Gray Bear for three days of fighting, learning, cooking, and revelry on the north border of Gleann Abhann.

Diamond Wars XXII:
Spice Wars: The Quest for Cuisine
October 11-14, 2007
Camp Cedar Valley, Viola, Arkansas

The site:
Beautiful Camp Cedar Valley near Viola, AR – a fantastic woodland of wonder, with a plentitude of camping areas and restroom facilities. Location:
Barony of Small Gray Bear (Viola, Arkansas)

More Gulf War XVI pictures on-line

Ursus of Anglesey has posted some large galleries from Gulf Wars XVI on his photo website.

Gulf War XVI featured in local article.

An article posted in the local Hattiesburg, Mississippi paper features brief interviews with several SCA folk attending Gulf Wars.

Gawin and Eleanora's Gulf Wars XVI photos

Gawin der Fuchs has posted photos from Gulf Wars XVI on his website. The pictures were taken by himself and Lady Eleanora.

Uric Blackoak Knighted, Luther von Ziemer Vigiled at Gulf Wars

At Gulf Wars, Their Majesties Padruig and Linnet of Gleann Abhann vigiled THL Ulric Blackoak (called Uric) at kingdom court on Friday night and knighted him upon the field on Saturday morning.

Gleann Abhann Spring Crown Tourney

Shoal Creek Methodist Youth Camp near New Blaine, AR

Additional details coming soon. Location:
Shire of Smythkepe

Bladerunner Chieftain Passes in Gleann Abhann

Vallaulfr Rurikson offers a poetic tribute to recently-fallen THL Edgar Finn, Chieftain of the Bladerunners from Gleann Abhann.

Gleann Abhann's Fighter Collegium photos online

Marion Leoncina da Susa has posted photos from the Fighters' Collegium which took place recently in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Iron Chef Siege Cooking Gulf Wars XVI

The fertile lands of the countryside flow with the enemy’s blood. You and your companions have been under siege for some time, and your allies have not been able to break through to assuage the needs of the strong fortress. Meanwhile, your supplies are running low. The enemy commander has requested a parlay to entreat you to surrender before he is forced to starve you into submission. You have been commanded by your lord to prepare a dinner for the parlay. You are charged (on short notice) with using what meager supplies you have to fool the enemy into thinking you can hold out indefinitely. In truth, you hope to hold out until your allies can break through with the desperately needed supplies. Location:
Herbal Pavilion, Artisian's Row, Gulf Wars Site