Tents and Tentmaking

Construction and design of tents of all sorts, including yurts and gers, tipis, and others.

Authentic yurt for sale on eBay

Looking for alternative housing? A truly authentic yurt - or yurta - is available to purchase on eBay for a mere US$39,900.00. The yurt is constructed of felt and birch and weighs about 350 kg (770 lbs), but good news: shipping is free.

Longship Furniture / Barefoot Boxes

Longship Furniture and Barefoot Boxes offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Products include, but are not limited to, yurts/gers, beds, chairs, tables, closets, shelves and gear boxes.  For additional information and pricing, please visit their website.

Pavilion articles sought for Tournaments Illuminated

Riordan MacGregor, the editor of Tournaments Illuminated, is seeking quest articles on pavilions for an upcoming issue of the publication. The deadline for submission is August 7, 2012.

The one-hour yurt

In a short, time-lapse film posted on the 109.com website, videographer Dan Grossman shows how one Mongolian family can construct a yurt (or ger) in slightly more than one hour.

SoulPad tents offer alternative to pavilions

Looking for an alternative to the large, traditional medieval pavilion? Ckeck out SoulPad, a company which provides "a sturdy type of tent whose walls are held up by a single central pole."


Dein-Larp-Shop.de is an online store which offers almost any kind of equipment and accessory for LARP (live-action roleplay), for reenactment and fantasy events. Dein-Larp-Shop.de provides many LARP-style weapons from different manufacturers. Dein-Larp-Shop.de offers foamed weapons, leather goods, armour, clothing, costumes, masks and make-up, accessories for camp life and medieval tents.

Pennsic shower in a pavillion for sale

For sale at Pennsic 40, one 10 year old camp shower in a pavillion.  Hot water heater not included.  Shower is a free standing modern fiberglass unit from loews with a glass door and Pavillion is a Tentsmiths officer's marquis with two original doors, a roof vent, green romanesque trim and green poles.  Pavillion has been modified to add a 3rd door.  Shower stall i

Gryffon Armory and the Green Gryffon Inn & Pub

The Gryffon Armory provides leather armor and accessories for the SCA, Larp, or anything in need of leatherwork. From costume and armor grade leather pieces such as bracers, gorget, and even full suits to frogs, sheaths, quivers, and, for the completist, dog harnesses for carts. They also deal in llamelar, scale, and even chain armor and jewelry.

Glamping: the new trend in tent camping

Those who enjoy luxury in their camping may want to take a look at the Tiny House Blog which discusses "glamping," the new term being used for upscale — or glamorous — camping. (photos)

18 foot designer yurt for sale

18' Custom made Mongolian Yurt for Sale

$3,500. + shipping

This has too many features to list. It's the most luxurious Yurt in the Known World. 

It is entirely hand made by skilled and very particular artisans.

Choosing the Right Pavilion for You

Master William McNaughton of the Barony of Thor's Mountain in Meridies offers excellent and comprehensive advice for selecting a great pavilion to fit every need and all the trimmings that go along with it.

Medieval tent documentation and construction

Stephen Bloch and Deborah Peters have created a website to discuss the creation and documentation of medieval pavilions. The website, Deborah and Steve's Plausibly Medieval Pavilions, chronicles the pair's construction of medieval tents, as well as sources used for research on period tents.

Building an Iron Age Celtic roundhouse

A PDF with complete instructions for construction of an SCA tent version of an Iron Age Celtic roundhouse is available to download online.

How to buy a tent

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra of the Kingdom of Ansteorra has updated an article written in 2006 on buying a tent. Selecting A Tent For SCA Camping: Tarp-Mender's Tales #3 gives many tips for those who are new to the SCA or who want to change their camping experience.

16th century Spanish military tent

Rhys Terafan Greydragon has posted photos of an elaborate military pavilion, once owned by Carlos V of Spain, on his greydragon.org website. The photos were taken at the Museo del Ejercito in Madrid, Spain.

Kris Kinder pictures

Eowyth has posted a photo album from the recent Kris Kinder event in the Kingdom of Calontir.

Photos of Great Western War and West Kingdom's October Crown Tourney online

Martin of Rivenstar has posted photos from two major events which took place recently in the Kingdom of the West: Great Western War and October 2008 Crown Tournament on his SmugMug website.

Pop-up makeover adds medieval look to modern tents

Interested in making your modern pop-up sun screen more medieval-looking? Randall Whitlock can help. His article, How To Disguise Your Portable Pavilion for Renaissance Faires and Medieval Events is available online.

Living in period style

Toward a (More) Period Encampment, an article on the Dragonwing website, discusses how striving for a more period encampment can be a rewarding experience.

Build yourself a yurt

Raoul, St. Florian de la Riviere, of the Kingdom of Lochac, has posted instruction on how to build a yurt or gher.

Wolf Company sunshade disapears from Pennsic battle field

This article is a plea to the populace of the Known World to please help Wolf Company locate their battle field sunshade.

Raj Tents offers exotic ambience

Want a more exotic tent experience? Want to make a statement with your dining fly? Check out Raj Tents, a company which understands the romance of the tent.

Custom Pavilion Pattern Generator

Planning to sew your own pavilion? On his website, Dr. Stephen Bloch has posted a pavilion pattern generator that allows users to customize construction of a period tent.

Amazing medieval tent

Members of House Greydragon share images taken at the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany in 2003 including an amazing medieval tent and armor.

Yurts invade Canada

The Muhlberger's Early History website has a story about how yurts are now being manufactured and sold throughout Canada as cheap housing. (Photo)

Market umbrella pavilion

The designers at Dragonwing have created a website entitled Adventures in Tent Design: How I Turned a Market Umbrella into a Medieval Arming Tent which chronicles the steps needed to create a small arming pavilion. (photos)

Raj Tents

Based in India, Raj Tents manufactures elaborately-decorated pergolas, pavilions, tents, and other shelters in sizes up to 34x40 feet (10.3x12.2 meters). They offer rectangular and octagonal shelters of canvas, as well as cloth liners that can be used to dress up modern vinyl tents. The company also offers a selection of furnishings, accessories, and lighting fixtures in an Indian or Middle Eastern style.

Living in the Mongolian Lap of Luxury

Interested in a nomadic existence - but with all the comforts of home? Consider visiting the Colorado Yurt Company where you can own a yurt complete with refrigerator, range and deck.

Mongolia Tourist Site Treasure Trove of Information

The Mongolian Department of Tourism offers a wealth of information about the people, culture and history of their country on the department's official website.

Props Needed for History Channel Program

Andy Oakland, a props master for the History Channel, is looking for some Bronze Age props in the Boston, Massachusetts area.