Estrella War

Greetings from Atenveldt: Estrella War Information

Mineko of Twin Moons, Estrella War Promotions Officer, has released a number of announcements for the upcoming War.

Estrella Acceps is Open

The Estrella War XXVIII Pre-Reg Staff has announced that Pre-Registration for Estrella War XXVIII is now available through ACCEPS.

Estrella War: Pre-Reg at Events!

Pre-Registration Staff for Estrella War XXVIII reports that Pre-Registration for Estrella War XXVIII is now available.

Weddings and pre-registration at Estrella War

Lord Marek the Jew, Estrella War Emergency Deputy Promotion Coordinator welcomes weddings at the 2012 Estrella War, and the Pre-Registration Staff reports that pre-regisistration is now available.

Estrella War XXVIII moves to new site and date

Mineko of Twin Moons, Estrella War Promotions, reports that Estrella War XXVIII (2012) will be held at a new site and a new date.

Photos of Atenveldt A&S entries at Estrella War XXVII online

THLord Raven Mayne, Atenveldt Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, reports that he has created an album of photos from the Estrella War XXVII A&S Competition.

Outlands A&S entries at Estrella War XXVII

Lijsbet, of the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that she has created a small album of photos from the A&S Competition at Estrella War XXVII. The photos are available on Photobucket.

Thank you from Estrella War

The organizers of the recent Estrella War XXVII send their thanks to all who attended the War.

Estrella Update for Youth Activities and Airport Shuttle

Lord Alystyr Stewart, Promotions Deputy for Estrella War XXVII, has several announcements dealing with activities and services at the upcoming War.

Fireworks banned at Estrella

Lord Alystyr Stewart, Estrella War Promotions Officer, discusses the status of fireworks use at the upcoming Estrella War XVII.

Judges Needed for Estrella A&S

HL Raven Mayne, Kingdom Of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Minister, and Mistress Lijsbet vande Visschereye, Laurel Representative to the Outlands War Council, report that A&S judges are needed for this year's War.

Estrella trash talk

Thomas Godefroy, Land Deputy for Estrella War XXVII, has announced rules regarding trash for the upcoming War.

Esquestrian services at Estrella XXVII

The Equestrian Coordinator for Estrella War XXVII has announced services that will be available during this year's War.

Volunteers needed for Estrella War XXVII

Lord Iamys, Estrella War Site Coordinator, has announced that volunteers are needed for the upcoming War.

Firewood at Estrella

The Estrella War XXVII Staff has announced that there will be firewood available to purchase at the War.

Estrella War A&S Collegium schedule online

Raven Mayne, the Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Minister, reports that an updated schedule for the Estrella War A&S Collegium is now available online.

Estrella pre-registration extended to January 31, 2010

The Estrella War Staff reports that it has extended the pre-registration deadline for Estrella War XXVII until January 31, 2011.

Estrella Camping Map is now Online

The Estrella War Promotions Staff has announced that the Estrella XXVII camping maps are now online.

Important Deadline for Equestrians at Estrella War (Horse Rental)

Mineko of Twin Moons, Deputy for Estrella War Promotions, has announced that the deadline for renting horses for the upcoming Estrella War XXVII is February 1, 2011.

Estrella War Artisans Showcase

Lady Siobhan MacCumhal, Artisan Showcase Coordinator for Estrella War XXVII, offers information for the A&S community attending the upcoming War.

Estrella Special Events Deadline / A&S Categories information

Katrina von Rosenberg, the Special Events Coordinator for Estrella War XXVII and THL Raven Mayne, Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences, have posted information about the upcoming War.

Youth Combat at Estrella War

John Ailewrde, Youth Combat Coordinator for Estrella War, reports on plans for youth combat activities at the upcoming war.

Top ten list of things that are more expensive than going to Estrella

Lord Alystyr Stewart, whose charge is promoting the Estrella War for 2011, has created a "Top Ten" list of things more expensive than goint to Estrella War.

Estrella War Pre-Reg Information

The organizers of Estrella War XXVII would like everyone to know that online pre-registration is available. They have created a FAQ with information about registration.

Estrella War Gatebook art

The organizers of the 2011 Estrella War are seeking artwork for the event's gatebook.

Estrella War Gatebook Advertising

The organizers for the 2011 Estrella War have announced that they are now accepting advertising content for the event's Gatebook.

Estrella War XXVII Pre-Registration now open

Every year in the Kingdom of Atenveldt, a horn blows, a horn heard far across the Known World, beckoning all to prepare as War speedily encroaches upon us. That time to prepare begins now, and there is no better way to prepare han PRE-REGISTERING yourself and your family for EstrellaWar XXVII.

Estrella XXVII staff announced

The Mains of Estrella War XXVII are happy and proud to announce the staff for next year's Estrella.

Eden Blacksmith offered Pelican at Estrella

Katharine of Cate Hall reports that Their Majesties of the Kingdom of Atenveldt have placed Lady Eden Blacksmith on vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

Estrella War XXVI photos online

Lady Ailish, Séaghdha mac Roberd, and Christmas report that they have created albums of photos from the recent Estrella War XXVI. Ailish's photos are available at PicasaWeb, and Christmas' on Flickr.