Gulf Wars

[GLE] Gulf Wars XX

Gulf Wars XX will be held on March 13-20, 2011 at King's Arrow Ranch. 26 Kings Highway, Lumberton, Mississippi.

SCAdian filmmaker debuts film

Indie filmmaker and SCA member Dana Elise recently premiered her new film set in the "fantasy middle ages." Cagin of Chrysaint debuted June 26, 2010 at the Petal Civic Center in Petal, Mississippi. (video)

Videos from Gulf Wars XIX

Giacomo Falcone of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann reports that he has posted seven videos from the recent Gulf Wars XIX on YouTube.

Edward of Yarbourgh elevated to Pelican at Gulf Wars XIX

Dame Fianna reports that Edward of Yarbourgh was elevated to the Order of the Pelican by Their Majesties Boru and Deirdre of the Kingdom of Meridies.

Aerial photos of Gulf Wars XIX online

The Wish You were Here Pics website hosts aerial photos of events, including some from the recent Gulf Wars XIX.

Kieran Hunter knighted on Gulf Wars battlefield

Gisela Neried reports that on March 19, 2010, after the Gulf Wars Field Battle, His Majesty Vladimir of Atlantia offered elevation to the Order of the Chivalry to the Honorable Lord Kieran Hunter.

Gulf Wars XIX photos online

A large number of photo albums from Gulf Wars XIX, offered by multiple photographers, are now available to view online.

Fighting and archery at Gulf Wars XIX

THL Egil Haraldsson, Rangemaster for Live Weapons at Gulf Wars XIX, offers announcements regarding tournaments, at the upcoming War.

Shava's Gulf Wars bardic project

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva of the Kingdom of Northshield reports that she will be creating video of bardic performances at the upcoming Gulf Wars.

Ansteorra to host Known World Party at Gulf Wars

Duke Ulstead the Unsteady as announced that the Kingdom of Ansteorra will host the Known World Party at Gulf Wars 19 on March 19, 2010.

Known World Party


Open A&S at Gulf Wars XIX

Countess Gwendolen Isabella Stewart of Meridies brings news of the Open A&S competition to be held at this year's Gulf Wars.

Robert Magnus to be knighted at Gulf Wars

Duke Wolfgang Grothe de Verron reports that Lord Robert Magnus will be knighted by Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands at Gulf Wars. Lord Robert was placed on vigil at Caerthe's 12th Night celebration.

Gulf Wars still needs Teachers!

Solveig Eiriksdottir, coordinator for the Artisans Row at Gulf Wars XIX, reports that January 15, 2010 is the deadline to submit classes and have them listed in the site booklet for the upcoming War.

No authorizations for general riding or mounted games at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd and the Gulf Wars Equestrian Team reports on authorization rules for the upcoming War.

Mounted Watch at Gulf Wars

Baroness Chiere wreic Maredud, of the Gulf Wars XIX Equestrian team, reports on the expansion of the Mounted Watch at the upcoming War.

Gulf Wars XIX Volunteers Wanted

Several event staff departments are seeking volunteers for Gulf Wars, March 15-20, 2010.

Pre-registration open for Gulf Wars XIX

Master Gottfried von Koln, Lead Autocrat-Gulf Wars XIX, has announced that registration is now open for Gulf Wars XIX

Finalization of Gulf Wars master schedule near

Her Grace Duchess Mary-Grace of Gatland, Gulf Wars 19 Master Schedule Coordinator & Deputy Autocrat, has announced that the master schedule for Gulf Wars 19 is close to being finalized.

[GLE] Gulf Wars XIX

Gulf Wars is the annual contest between the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and the Kingdom of Trimaris. The war is hosted by the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann and the Kingdom of Meridies ; all of which are member groups of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Gulf Wars Needs Teachers!

Lady Charmayne D'aix-la-Chapelle reports that teachers and artisans are needed for the 2010 Gulf Wars.

Gulf Wars XVIII galleries online

Lady Brenna MacDonald reports that she has posted a number of photo and video albums from the recent Gulf Wars XVIII on her SmugMug website.

Caelin on Andrede's Gulf Wars photos

Caelin on Andrede has posted his photos from the recent Gulf Wars XVIII on his Flickr website. The six albums of pictures are divided by days at the event.

Gulf Wars A&S photos online

Mistress Hanna von Dahl reports that she has created an album of photos from the Arts & Sciences Championship at the 2009 Gulf Wars.

Gulf Wars XVIII photos online

Baron David le Ymagour of the Kingdom of Meridies reports that he has created a number of photo albums from the 2009 Gulf Wars.

Herbalists to meet at Gulf Wars

Morin inghen Ruairc of the Chapter of Compagnie of Gleann Abhann Herbalists reports that the first Gulf Wars Interkingdom Herbal Roundtable Discussion will take place at 1:00 p.m. March 20, 2009 at the Herbal/Botanical Pavilion.

Interkingdom Herbal Roundtable

Morin inghen Ruairc of the Chapter of Compagnie of Gleann Abhann Herbalists reports that the first Interkingdom Herbal Roundtable Discussion will take place at the Herbal/Botanical Pavilion at Gulf Wars on Saturday March 20, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.

Gulf Wars Open Arts and Sciences Faire

Once again the Kingdoms of Gleann Abhann and Meridies are pleased to host the Gulf Wars Open Arts and Science Faire. This event is opened to artisans of all skill levels from all kingdoms in the Knowne World.

Gulf Wars BBQ Championship

At the next Gulf Wars, the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann will host the First Annual Known World Barbecue Championship.

[GLE] Gulf Wars XVIII

Listen, in the distance... can you hear the sound of the drums? Our scouts bring news that war is brewing in the Southern reaches of Gleann Abhann. The armies of Ansteorra, Trimaris, Meridies, and others are gathering on our borders. Whilst their intentions are as yet not fully known, we must nevertheless prepare to defend our lands against the impending unrest!

Your Crown and Kingdom are in dire need of your loyalty, strength and might! Gather your Baronies, Shires, and Households. Don your armor, pack your bow, and your arts and sciences projects. Gulf Wars approaches and we seek every able bodied person amongst us to bring their skills, talents, and knowledge to the War to share with the known world. Location:
Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Lumberton, Mississippi)