Youth Activities

Activities intended specifically for the enjoyment of young people. (Apply this topic along with others to specify the type of activity.)

Mimir's Well

The Great All-Father Odin gladly sacrificed an eye for a drink from Mimir's well of wisdom, and was thereby granted knowledge of the Runes. You too, will want to give up an eye (or at least an eyetooth!) for the chance to drink from the Well on October 20th in the bountiful lands of the Mountain Freehold.

Mimir's Well will be held at the Warren Elementary School in Warren, Vermont (technically in the Shire of Panthervale, but they are graciously allowing us to host this event there). The site is dry and no open flames are allowed. Location:
Mountain Freehold (Warren, Vermont)

Harvest Festival

Please join us for a day of fun and celebration. The day will start out with a small court. Then we proceed to the fun with a bells and pillows tourney and a bottle jousting tourney, both of which are open to all ages. There will also be table games available to use. We will also be hosting a Deed of Arms, where Sir Cadfarch will take on all challengers for glory and honor. Throughout the day we will have bardic performances, showing the talents of our barony. Location:
Incipient Canton of Ravenhyrst (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Autumn Rose XIII

The Shire of Rokeclif is proud to announce Autumn Rose XIII August 31st - September 2nd (Labor Day Weekend)

Trempeleau County Fairgrounds (Galesville, WI)

Escape to the Current Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Shire of Rokeclif as they celebrate thirteen years of hosting their signature Autumn Rose event. See the Arts of War (armored combat, fencing and archery) side-by-side of with the Arts of Peace (medieval crafts and demonstrations). Location:
Shire of Rokeclif (Galesville, Wisconsin)

Revel in the Vale

Greetings one and all! The Shire of Schattentor would like to cordially invite everyone to a weekend of fun, fighting, and just good ole relaxation!

Come join us over Labor Day weekend for Revel in the Vale!

When: Site opens Friday 8/31/07 at 9:00 and closes Monday 9/3/07 at noon

15925 Deerview Road
Piedmont, SD 57769

Site fee: Ages 14 and up - $3 per person… Ages 13 and under - free Location:
Shire of Schattentor (Piedmont, South Dakota)

Cecil's Siege III

Cecil's Siege III, sponsored by several Northshield groups, takes place September 13-16, 2007.

Ufford Hills Event Grounds
3821 E Main St
Vermillion SD 57069

Site Opens 5 p.m. Thursday and Closes Noon Sunday
No Reservations or advance payments accepted.

$15 per adult Site Fee for SCA members. $18 for non-members. (Under 16 Free. $45 Family Max). $5 per Rider Fee to cover Equestrian Insurance. Location:
Shire of Border Downs & other Northshield shires (Vermillion, South Dakota)

Photos from Leodamus of Thebes Tourney 2007

Henri le Juif and Arabella Gotokirke have posted photos of the recent Leodamus of Thebes tourney in Calafia.

Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition at Pennsic XXXVI

Mistress Safia would remind everyone that the Pennsic Second Annual Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition will take place August 7, 2007 at Youth Point.

Mid Summer Knight's Dream XV

MSKD is coming! This Labor Day weekend (August 31-Sept 3) the Shire of Smythkepe presents Mid Summer Knight's Dream XV: The Siege of Malta.

Amir Rashid ibn Hilal will valiantly lead the Turkisn invaders against the stalwart Maltese defenders.

This year promises to have something for nearly everyone from Heavy Weapons fighting (including a Boar Hunt) and Rapier fighting (featuring the return of the Flux Tournament) to Siege Artillery, Youth Combat and the Assassin's Tourney. Location:
Shire of Smythkepe (Ione, Arkansas)

Lyondemere Anniversary

Come one, come all! The Barony of Lyondemere invites all good gentles to join us on July 21st as we celebrate our anniversary. Come and enjoy the fighting, fun, and revelling with us.

Calle Mayor Middle School
4800 Calle Mayor, Torrance, CA 90505

Take your favorite freeway to the I-110 southbound. South of the I-10 interchange, south of the CA-91 interchange, south of the I-405 Location:
Barony of Lyondemere (Torrance, California)

Three Stags II: Autumn Battle and Faire

Horns sound and drums roll, banners dance on the breeze, Chevaliers parade in armor shining and merchants call their wares. Mummers prance, jesters grin, laughter swells like the seas, Archers shoulder their quivers full and music fills the air. Juggler's entrance, food delights, excitement buzzes like the bees, Fencers flash their blades dazzling and little children stare. Come one, come all, Gather for the opening of the greatest event of the fall days Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Elizabeth Colorado)

Raid or Trade V

Come join us again in the heat of the summer sun for a weekend of fun. A recreation of the wonderfully successful invasion of England in 1066 is to occur. Be one of the Good (Normans), Bad (Vikings), or Ugly (Saxons) (autocrat preference definitely shows) as we try to relive a bit of England's important history.

There will be fighting, archery, and maybe some more fighting. The fighting will include Warlord tourneys, hill battles, and bridge battles, and whatever else comes to mind. Weapons may be restricted to those of the time. There may even be a torchlight tourney. There may be War Maneuvers afte rthe tourneys if time allows. Location:
Barony of Coeur d'Ennui (St. Charles, Iowa)

Beggars Rebellion 2007

The Shire of An Dun Theine (who else?) presents - Beggars Rebellion 2007: Another Totally Silly Event based loosely on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and their stage production Spamalot.

Games, weapons scenarios, stuff for the kids AND the over-35 "I'm not dead yet" fighters!

At The Cumberland Centre: 3407 Gillespie Lane Columbia, Tennessee 38401

See our webpage at: Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Columbia, Tennessee)

Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic 36

Once again, the Kingdom of Atlantia will host the Known World Children's Fete at Pennsic. This year the event will take place on Wednesday August 8 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed!

Slay the Dragon

The Humble Shire of Vogelburg cries out once again for a Champion. The evil dragon once again terrorizes the populace of Vogelburg. Call forth all brave warriors to champion our cause. Call on the Artisans to try and placate the beast with their beautiful works of art. Bards come and sooth the savage beast.

September 2, 2006
Kiwanis Campground in Pineville, LA Location:
Shire of Vogelburg (Pineville, Louisiana)

Barbarian Brawl

Barony of Small Gray Bear invites you to join us in a celebration honoring the Age of Discovery at the beautiful air conditioned campus of the Arkansas State University - Beebe, 1000 West Iowa Street Beebe, Arkansas

Activities Include:

    A&S Competitions
  • Barony Regalia - Documentation encouraged
  • Open A & S - Documentation required
  • Youth Open A & S (ages 12 - 17) - Documentation encouraged - sponsored by Lady Eithne and Lord CuCullan the Bald Location:
    Barony of Small Gray Bear (Beebe, Arkansas)

Celts for kids has a website to teach kids about Celtic history and life, from who they were to how they celebrated, the structures they built, and their religion.

A Midsummer Gathering and Kingdom Equestrian Championship

Hounds race, Fighters brace, Steeds give chase, and Rapiers show their grace. Come and enjoy some summer fun with their Majesties, while watching the Equestrians compete for the honor of Champion, as well as watching the Fighter and Rapier Tournaments. Or sit in on the exciting classes before the evening of feasting, singing and dancing. During the heat of the day, only moments away, a fruity refreshment of Italian ice to enliven the day, (Kingdom fund raiser). Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Meridian, Idaho)

Exhibit on Renaissance Children on display in Austria

"Prinzenrolle," an exhibit on children and childhood in the Renaissance, will be on display at Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck, Austria.

Talons of Fury

This weekend will be a fun-filled event with a three-person team competition. Each team will be a random draw and consist of an archer, a heavy fighter, and a fencer.

28011 WCR 56

Fees: Whole weekend: $15.00 for adults, $10.00 for children (15 and under), Kids 5 and under are free. Day-Trippers $10.00 per day. The Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Kersey, Colorado)

Pennsic 36 Youth A&S Exhibition

Mistress Safia al-Khansaa', Pennsic 36 Youth A&S Exhibition Coordinator, has announced that the Second Annual Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition will take place August 7, 2007. Young SCAdians attending the War are encouraged to participate.

Steppes Artisan XX

Pay heed all artisans of Ansteorra and the Known World! Her Excellency Katheryn Cunningghame invites you to enjoy a day of fun, learning and outstanding displays of the arts as we hold our 20th competition to name the next Steppes Artisan.

Steppes Artisan is a body of work competition. This means that you are not limited in number by what you display, but we suggest that you bring examples of your best work and display it in a pleasing manner. No research papers, please. Alcohol judging will take place off-site due to site restrictions. Location:
Barony of the Steppes (Murphy, Texas)

Stierbach Baronial Birthday

Our yearly gathering to celebrate another wonderful year of our Great Barony of Stierbach!

Martial Activities: There will be heavy and rapier scenarios in the woods that will attempt to use this year’s Pennsic Woods Battle combat conventions. As well as archery and thrown weapons scenarios in a wooded glen. If you have any questions, please contact our Marshal in Charge: Lord Allen of Wolfou (Allen Miller) at Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Locust Grove, Virginia)

Children's Event

Children of the Knowne Worlde unite! Finally an event dedicated to you! No standing on the sidelines and watching the adults play, it's your turn!

Not walking yet? Join us for baby races! Preschoolers? Have fun playing our running games! School age? Teenagers? Don't think we've forgotten you. There will be Youth Boffer, Archery, A&S, and Bardic Competitions!

And if they promise to behave themselves and are under your direct Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Central Square, New York)

Privateers' Gathering

Will you too join the ranks of the privateer in defense of Queen and country? Those skilled in blade or bow & of great fortitude, make haste & mark the day! The fleet needs those of armored combat, archery, privateer & rapier skill to compete for the bounteous treasure.

Those small of stature but mighty in heart are much needed as well & there be special feats of skill reserved for the smalls to aide in the battle. Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Hagerman, Idaho)

Melee Madness

Madness in the form of battle fever has once again descended upon the Barony of Endless Hills! The Barony invites all to join us as Melee Madness returns with the classic Warlord tourney and five man melee team combat. Enjoy a day of melee combat in preparation for Pennsic.

A Gold Chain Tournament will be hosted by Earl Sir Yngvar the Dismal and Sir Murdoch Bayne. For the fencers, there will also be a fencing "Armor-as-Worn" tourney and a Warlord tourney. For both the heavy and fencing Warlord tournaments all are invited/requested to bring along something to place in the Warlord's treasure chest. Sir Murdoch humbly asks that participants in the Warlord’s tournament refrain from using duct tape or pads as their submission to the Warlord chest. Torch lit fencing will also be held, weather permitting. In addition to heavy fighting and fencing, there will also be archery, youth combat and thrown weapons available. A number of A&S classes will be held as well. Location:
Canton of Riverouge (Clifford, Pennsylvania)

Highlands War XIII - CANCELLED

Welcome! All ye gentlefolk of the great kingdoms from around the knowne world are hereby invited to attend Highlands War XIII, hosted by the Barony of Ered Sul in the Kingdom of Atenveldt!

This event is held in the cool pine forests of the high mountains surrounding Flagstaff, AZ, and will take place from Fri., Jul. 27 - Mon., Jul. 30, 2007.

Come cool your brow and enjoy festivities and events in the clean and cool air of our beautiful mountain barony! Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff, Arizona)

SCA shines at 12th annual Medieval Faire

Sixth graders at Dartmouth Middle School (Riverside County, California) learned all about the wonders of the Middle Ages when members of the local SCA group took them on a trip back in time.

Youth Combat at Gulf Wars XVI

Dietrich Uhl has posted photos and several short videos of the youth castle siege from this year's Gulf Wars.

Announcement from the Board on the background check policy

Patrick Anderson, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., responds to concerns dealing with the upcoming background check policy from the SCA's Board of Directors.

3rd graders study medieval history with the help of the SCA

“'Don’t hit so hard that you break these things,' he told the kids, brandishing a sword with a foam blade covered in silver duct tape. 'Do not hit in the face. Use it to block. Now, find a partner. Find a sword,'” commanded Gunnarr Snaebjorn (aka Cory Beard) during a recent demo.