Youth Activities

Activities intended specifically for the enjoyment of young people. (Apply this topic along with others to specify the type of activity.)

[ATL] Hidden Mountain 25th Birthday Celebration

The year was Anno Societatis 18. His most noble and Gracious Majesty, King Olaf Askoldsson was traveling the southern reaches of his Kingdom, and came upon a Mountain, Hidden at the southern tip of Atlantia. King Olaf found the people there to be good, strong, and wise. He and his beautiful Queen Aislinn Schattenwald saw fit to charter a Barony in these southern lands, and was inspired to named it for the mountain he had found. He ordered the populace to choose leaders for their new Barony, and with His Blessing, Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix and Marie-Simone de Barjavel la Fildena became the first Baron and Baroness of these new lands. Then, as the night fell, the Mountain became Hidden once more, only to reappear once a year, to celebrate her recognition and the work by these fine people, and all who have followed. Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Kings Mountain, South Carolina)

2008 Murder Melee photos now on line

Lord Alexander has posted several albums of photos from the recent Murder Melee event in the Kingdom of Ealdormere on the Two Ravens website.

[ANS] Steppes Artisan

The Barony of the Steppes is proud to present our Artisan event on August 16th, in which Steppes will host not one, not two, but three yes three Arts and Sciences Competitions.

The premier is for our titled Artisan of the Steppes, and is a body of work competition. The second is for anyone that has not ever won a competition title from any Barony, Shire or Canton; single entry only with limited documentation. Lastly, the children of Ansteorra (ages 5-12) are invited to display as many pieces as they like at Artisan in Location:
Barony of the Steppes (Allen, Texas)

[WES] Selviergard Family Day

Selviergard is having a Family Day at the Mat-Su River Park on Saturday, 2 Aug. We have Pavilion A reserved for the whole day. There will be lots to do for all, including but not limited to: fighting, A & S, children's activities, chit chatting.

Food as well; the Baron and Baroness are bringing hamburgers and hot dogs, Fathir and Etain will bring a mix of sodas, diet green tea, water and juice, Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Palmer, Alaska)

[GLE] Aphar Faire

The Shire of Lagerdamm proudly presents Aphar Faire - to be held in Conway, AR on 8/8-8/10.

There will be:

  • Heavy Fighting
  • Light Fighting
  • Archery
  • Equestrian Activities (YES you read correctly - Equestrian Activities)
  • Classes
  • Children's Activities
  • Merchants
  • and a wonderful feast prepared by Lord Ibrahim and THL Arianna...

Mark your calen Location:
Shire of Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)

[MER] Beggar's Rebellion

Return with the Shire of An Dun Theine to the days of yore, with Borton-on-Water and Sodbury in bitter competition once again. This is an event where all titles and regalia will be left behind. We're serious. And you probably will get dirty. We're very serious.

We will have misting stations set up to aid in the the comfort of the populace.

An Dun Theine is proud to celebrate the elevation of THLady Theodosia Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Columbia, Tennessee)

[AET] AEthelmearc Coronation

The Coronation of Christopher Rawlyns and Morgen of Rye will be held on September 20th in the Shire of Heronter. In addition to the Last Court of Khalek and Branwyn, and the Coronation and First Court of Christopher and Morgen, the day will include tournaments to select the new Rapier Champion, Youth Combat Champion, and a competition at which Christopher and Morgen will select their Arts and Sciences Champion. Location:
Shire of Heronter (Randolph, New York)

[MER] Arabian Nights

Come one come all to the 30th anniversary of the Shire of Arenal celebrated at Arabian Nights this July 4th and 5th, in Pensacola FL. This year's theme is A Mongol's Paradise XXXanadu! We are focusing on the melding of cultures resulting from the Mongol invasion of the Arabs in the 13th century.

The traditional Lion of the Desert double elimination tourney and Lord Malcolm Mcphee light weapons Rose Tourney will be held on Saturday. Location:
Shire of Arenal (Pensacola, Florida)

[AET] Children's Event

Children of the Knowne Worlde unite! This event is dedicated to you! No standing on the sidelines and watching the adults play, it's your turn! There will be Youth Boffer, A&S, Heraldry and Bardic Competitions, as well as classes/activities for all ages! There will be a modest dayboard throughout the day, and no feast. AND, because they were SO WELL BEHAVED last year, under your direct supervision we will allow your parents and guardians to accompany you throughout the day. Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Camillus, New York)

[ATL] TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks

TNT 14 -- Treaties Not Turks / The First Crusade Arrives in Constantinople. It's autumn of 1096 and we're in Constantinople, the capital of a mighty empire that considers itself the successor to Rome as the center of learning and culture. As the western endpoint of the Silk Road and other caravan routes, and a major seaport, it's also a major crossroads for commerce.

DATE: October 24-26, 2008 Location:
Barony of Bright Hills (Street, Maryland)

[ATE] Highland War XIV

Invaders are coming!!! We have heard invaders are amassed upon the borders of the Barony of Ered Sul and the Northlands of the Kingdom of Atenveldt! Yet our network of spies is active and our intelligence is bountiful, as we have discovered the route of the invaders! Hence, the armies of the Northland now march to meet this scourge in the high meadows and forest of Mormon Lake, AZ (30 miles south of Flagstaff, AZ). Mark ye, thine calendar to join us as this contest is played out Thursday, August 7th through Sunday the 10th, 2008. Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Mormon Lake, Arizona)

Volunteers needed for Pennsic Children's Fete

Baroness Hanim Kisaiya Zingara reports that volunteers are needed for the Pennsic Children's Fete which will take place Wednesday August 6, 2008 from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. (Click "original article" below for more details)>

Siege of Talonval IX Fight in the Forest of Fables

Siege of Talonval IX: Fight in the Forest of Fables
Noon-Friday, June 27 to Noon-Sunday, June 29, 2008
Wheel Inn Campground - 240 Fogg Rd, Leslie, MI 49251


US-127 between Lansing & Jackson: Barnes exit-east, to Meridian-right, Left on Fogg Rd. The Shire of Talonval needs YOU! We are under siege and our damsels need rescued from the towers... Location:
Wheel Inn Campground 240 Fogg Rd, Leslie, MI 49251

Bowdoin College Museum of Art presents exhibit on Renaissance marriage

Beauty and Duty: The Art and Business of Renaissance Marriage, an exhibit which "examines the manner in which art played a vital role in the rituals and celebrations of Renaissance marriage" will be on display at the Bowdoin College Art Museum (Brunswick, Maine) until July 27, 2008. The event's website also includes games and activities for children.

Panteria photos online

Alaxandr MacLochLoinn of the Shire of Mountain Freehold has posted an album of photos from the recent Panteria event in the Kingdom of the East.

[TRI] Trimaris Coronation

The Barony of An Crosaire Proudly Presents The Coronation of Thorstenn II and Zephyrine II August 28 - September 1, 2008

4H Camp Ocala
18533 Nfs 535
Altoona, FL 32702-9119

Site Opens at 4:00 pm Friday and Closes at 11:00 am Monday

Registration opens with site & closes 3:00 pm Sunday There will also be Heavy Weapons Lysts, Rapier Lysts, Youth Combat, Archery Competition, Troubador Laureate Competition, Children's Activities, and much, much more! Location:
Barony of An Crosaire (Altoona, Florida)

[ATE] Barony of Twin Moons Baronial Birthday

The Barony of Twin Moons celebrates their "Sweet 16th Birthday" on June 21, 2008. Come and help us enjoy the party.

LOCATION: John Calvin Presbyterian Church, 1130 E Broadway Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85219

ACCEPS is now available for pre-payment of all fees, go to

The event can be accessed under "Kingdom of Atenveldt" -> "Barony of Twin Location:
Barony of Twin Moons (Apache Junction, Arizona)

[EAL] Pikeman's Pleasure XVIII

Pikeman's Pleasure XVIII Featuring Death, Mayhem & Destruction! Located at the North Monaghan Community Centre, 4 Needlers Lane, Millbrook, Ontario L0A 1G0. The Event happens Rain or Shine!

Saturday June 7, 2008 • Gates open at 10:00am until 11:00pm

Indoor space is readily available if necessary

Site fee :
Adults $8 per person,
$4 for 16 and under,
Babes in arms free Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Millbrook, Ontario)

[OUT] Baron's War

Let these Words be known Around the World! The Armada of Dragonsspine prepares to prove it's ability to defend the lands it calls home. We invite any and all to come test the mettle of the water-bourne defenders of the Sleeping Dragon!

Barons War
August 1-3, 2008
Hosted by the Barony of Dragonsspine

Lost Burro Campground, 4023 Teller Road #1, Cripple Creek 80913 Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Cripple Creek, Colorado)

Youth A&S Exhibition at Pennsic War XXXVII

Mistress Safia al-Khansaa', Pennsic 37 Youth Arts and Sciences Exhibition Coordinator, has announced that there will once again be a Youth A&S exhibition at Pennsic.

[EAL] Murder Melee in the Meadow XXV

The Barony of Ben Dunfirth presents Murder Melee in the Meadow XXV JUNE 12 - 15, 2008 at the Blue Springs Scout Reserve

As spring arrives, the sounds of battle can once more be heard among the fields! Dare you answer the call? Come join us at our ALL-NEW location, as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Murder Melee!

FIGHTING! Location:
Barony of Ben Dunfirth (Acton, Ontario)

[GLE] Troll Fen’s Swamp Romp and Hunt for the Prize

Troll Fen’s Swamp Romp and Hunt for the Prize Or is that Hunt in the Swamp for the Prize and Romp? May 30 – June 1, 2008.


  • A qualifying round for the Tournament of Champions;
  • Troll Fen Defender Tournament, Rapier competition, Youth Combat
  • PLUS Her Majesty’s Yeoman and
  • Her Majesty’s Rapier Champion competitions
  • AND Youth Yeoman, Sentry and Youth Sentry shoots Location:
    Shire of Troll Fen (Pineville Louisiana)

[TRI] Trimaris Memorial Tournament 2008

Come bear witness to the choosing of our fair Kingdom's Heirs! Revel in the splendor that is unmistakably, uniquely TRIMARIS!


Presented by the Kingdom of Trimaris & the Barony of Oldenfeld May 23-26, 2008 Camp Ocala 18533 NFS 535 Altoona, FL 32702

Site opens at 4pm Friday and closes at 11am Monday. Registration closes 3pm on Sunday, and all fees must be paid at this time. Location:
Barony of Oldenfeld (Altoona, Florida)

[ART] High Seas Quest

A plea goes out to all of Artemisia. Your neighbors in Gryphon’s Lair are under attack! The invaders have swarmed us from the sea, with nefarious plans to move inland. Dragon ships, corsairs, privateers, buccaneers and good old-fashioned pirates threaten to loot, plunder and ravage our good lands. Prepare yourself for battles of wit and skill, and for ample enjoyment of this year’s nautical themed Quest. Location:
Barony of Gryphon's Lair (Marriott-Slaterville, Utah)

[GLE] Forest Maiden

A call goes out for all noble fighters to take part in a Heroic Tourney and vie to claim for their consort the title of "Forest Maiden".

The snows have melted; the sweltering heat has yet to arrive. It is time for a Pilgrimage.

The Shire of Blackmoor Keep welcomes you to Northern Spain where, in a tradition dating back to the 8th Century, Santiago de Compostela is the destination of pilgrims. Location:
Shire of Blackmoor Keep (Pineville, Louisiana)

[NOR] Ages of War

The Shires of Silfren Mere and Heraldhill present Ages of War: The Great Italian Wars 1494-1559 23-26 May 2008 at the Mower County Fairgrounds in Austin, MN

Armored Combat, Rapier Combat, Archery, A&S Competition, Bardic Activities, Classes, Equestrian, Feasting, Youth Activities

Mower County Fairgrounds
700 12th St. SW
Austin, MN 55912

Fees & Registration
Adults arriving: Location:
Shires of Silfren Mere and Heraldhill (Austin, Minnesota)

[AET] 13th Annual Siege of Glengary

Last summer was a time of great hope in the Shire of Sylvan Glen. After months of intense negotiations and diplomacy, we had reached an agreement with our long time enemy, the Barony of Highland Foorde in the Kingdom of Atlantia. We entered into an alliance with our former nemesis with the goal of ridding our respective lands of the bold and brash brigands menacing our highways and byways.

In the fall, we marched onto the field of battle to Location:
Shire of Sylvan Glen (Hedgesville, West Virginia)

[EAS] Sommer Draw

The Shire of Quintavia and the Barony of Bergental are pleased to once again join efforts and talent to produce a quality event that will appeal to the young, the old, the new and the experienced by offering a wide program of martial activities, a sampling of evening entertainments, a lovely site, bounteous hospitality, and all the rough pleasantries of a traditional camping event.

HEAVY WEAPONS -- Come one, come all! Sommer Draw will host both spear and melee tournaments, featuring innovative as well as traditional formats, with prizes to be given out. Inspections and authorizations will begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, with the tournaments starting around noon. Our site boasts fine fields for your favourite martial activity. Rest assured, there will be plenty of fighting for all! Should you have any questions, please contact our heavy Marshal-in-Charge, Lord Arik Coer du Luttrere (contact info below). Location:
Shire of Quintavia (Greenfield, Massachusetts)

[GLE] Grand Tourney of the Torque

Come join us in celebrating a Baronial Investiture & the 32nd Anniversary of the Silver Torque Tourney at St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center – Gates Pavilion 4577 Billy Maher Rd., Memphis, Tennessee 38135

In days of olde, it was a warrior’s duty to defend the honor of the one who’s token he bore. It was the consort’s duty to support and inspire her champion. That was especially true in the Grand Tournaments of the 14th century. Come join us for a day of competitions and tournaments leading up to the final battle to determine the best of the best and the Queen of Love and Beauty. Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Memphis, Tennessee)

[EAL] Coronation of Aaron and Rustique

The Barony of Rising Waters welcome one and all to The Coronation of Aaron and Rustique

Saturday, April 26, 2008

German Village
6854 Garner Road
Niagara Falls ON L2E 6S4

Site opens at 9am and closes at midnight.

Join us to celebrate the Coronation of Aaron and Rustique! A full day of activities is planned, including the Coronation itself (Court at 11am), dancing on the 1800 square foot dance floor, a lunch table presented by Baron Petreus and Lady Maria Katharina, heavy weapons, fencing, youth combat, archery and thrown weapons tourneys (please note ALL martial activities will be outside, no matter the weather. Be prepared!). A wonderful Eastern European feast is being prepared by Lady Yllaria. The site is licensed, please no BYOB as per Ontario law. No open flames or pets, please. Feast and Merchant reservations and allergen inquiries will be accepted until April 18th. Location:
Barony of Rising Waters (Niagara Falls, Ontario)