Equestrian Combat

Equestrian archery, equestrian melee, jousting, and related activities

Mists Investiture and Mists-Cynaqua images online

Lord Martin of Rivenstar has posted an album of photos on his SmugMug website from Mists-Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West. The pictures were taken by Martin, Johanna, and Victoria.

Mists/Cynagua War images

Gelis of Balwery has posted her album of photos from the recent Mists/Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West.

Equestrian photos from Mists/Cynagua War

Lady Zinaida Or'Shinaia has posted an album of photos of equestrian activities at the recent Mists/Cynagua War in the Kingdom of the West.

[ATL] Hero's Portion

Once again, the Barony by the Sea needs a Hero! So the word needs to be spread that a Hero is called upon to defend the Keep of Marinus from those that would steal it's wealth. Will the young Squire William return to defend the Keep, or will another rise to become a Hero?

All fighters, archers and Siege Engineers are call upon to help defend (or sack, wo wo!) the Keep of Marinus. In addition, the Sergeants of Saint Aiden will be running a War Academy in the Morning before the main event. So all ye novices that seek knowledge, or those who wish to polish off there old skills, please attend. Location:
Barony of Marinus (Spring Grove, Virginia)

Kristina and the Red Knight

8-year-old Kristina Roberts is no spoiled princess! What she dreamed of most was to enter a real joust. Recently her dream came true at Warwick Castle in England. (photo)

[ART] Fletch and Foal and Frolic

Come one come all as the beautiful blue sky provides the canopy over our heads while we watch the spectacle unfold. Come attend this camping event to determine the next Kingdom Champion Archer and Kingdom Champion Equestrian of Artemisia. In addition, Their Excellencies of Arn Hold join Their Majesties of Artemisia in inviting you to join them all for some exciting Rapier and Heavy Fighter tournaments, as well as a Baronial Archery Competition, hosted in the lovely Barony of Arn Hold. Location:
Barony of Arn Hold

[ANS] Lysts at Castleton

Come visit the medieval village of Castleton with its fine streets and buildings, our many taverns, and "The Curtain" theater! The day will feature great tournaments, both mounted and foot. The evening will be filled with fine feasting, revelry and a royal court.

Gather your retainers and venture to Castleton and be a part of this historic event!

The Lysts at Castleton
A Mounted and Field Combat Pas Location:
Bryn Gwlad (Austin, Texas)

[ART]Academy da Cavalaria

Academy da Cavalaria will take place May 24, 2008. We will start at 9a.m. with some ground work on classical riding skills followed by saddle-time to put these skills to work.

We will start with cavalry drills, advance to handling swords Academy da Cavalariafrom horseback and end with crest combat. Protective headgear for crest combat is a helmet with a face grill (about 1" squares) or fencing mask. Location:
Oasis, Idaho

AEthelmearc Coronation photos online

Barbary Rose of Endless Hills has posted an album of photos from the recent Coronation in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc on her Flickr account.

[ART] Venture the Silk Road

Merchants, soldiers, horsemen, princesses, monks, courtesans, artists and thieves alike had to survive during their travels across this ancient route. Many adventures were had and many tales were told. If your persona was to make the journey, how would you dress, hunt for your meals and tell your story? In other words, how would your persona live daily life while on caravan?

Their Excellencies invite you to display and demonstrate your Location:
Barony of Arnhold (Mountain Home, Idaho)

Gulf Wars trailer on YouTube

Lynnvander Productions has made the trailer for official Gulf Wars XVII video available to view on YouTube.

Brendokenfest photos available for viewing

The Barony of Brendoken, located in the northeastern part of the Middle Kingdom, chose its new martial and A&S champions last weekend at the Brendokenfest event. Our own THL Milica of Varna captured an extensive photo album from the day's festivities.

[ANT] Summer Hunt IV ~the other Sport of Kings!

Always wondered what nobleman did when they weren't at war? What was a favorite pastime of Royalty? What outdoor activity did women ride astride at and carry their own birds of prey with equal ability to the men? It was hunting! Several Kings wrote their own books on this sport, many illuminations showed women riding to the hunt, and falconry was enjoyed by everyone. This is an event not to be missed and it will be your chance to learn about period hunting techniques and game, hunting weapons, and animals used for hunting in period. Location:
Shire of Earnrokke, An Tir

[MID] Brendokenfest

Join the Barony of Brendoken at Brendokenfest!!

Where: Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds
259 S Tuscarawas Ave
Dover, OH

When: April 12th -- 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

Activities Include:
Equestrian authorizations and open competition
Archery championship and open shoot
A&S championship, open competition, and noncompetitive display
Heavy combat championship & open tourney Location:
Barony of Brendoken (Dover, Ohio)

Youngest Recipient of Grant Level Equestrian Award in An Tir

The Shire of Earnrokke's own Lord Giraldus Evienece was awarded the Lion et de la Lance, a Grant level Equestrian award of An Tir at the Youth Allthing February 23, 2008 in the Shire of Midhaven. Giraldus is now the youngest recipient of a Grant Level award for the Equestrian Arts in An Tir and perhaps in the Known World.

Esmeralda's photos from Estrella 2008

Esmeralda of the Lakes, of the Kingdom of the West, has posted her galleries of photos from Estrella War XXIV on her website.

[AET] Melee Madness

Madness in the form of battle fever has once again descended upon the Barony of Endless Hills! On May 30 - June 1, the Barony invites all to join us as Melee Madness returns with the classic Warlord tourney and five man melee team combat with broken field fighting. Enjoy a day of martial activities in preparation for Pennsic. If enough fighters arrive Friday evening there may be a torchlight tourney. Participants in the Warlord tourney are asked to bring something for submission to the Warlord chest. Location:
Barony of Endless Hills (Meshoppen, Pennsylvania)

Built to Spill offers soundtrack to medieval life

Without uttering a single word, the rock group Built to Spill captures the drama and reality of the modern medieval life in a video on YouTube.

[ATE] Mixed Weapons War

SunDragon's spotlight event, Mixed Weapons War will be on March 14th through 16th, 2008.

We would like you all to know that this year you can go to the ACCEPS web site and preregister and prepay your site fees and feast fees at: http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php

Due to the popularity of this event we strongly encourage that you take advantage of the advance payment system through ACCEPS. There Location:
Barony of SunDragon (Buckeye, Arizona)

SCA Equestrians lead the charge in California

Equestrians from the Kingdom of Caid prepared for the Estrella War at a practice near Camarillo, California recently. Sylvie Belmond of the Moorpark Acorn had the story.

Mongol Invasion equestrian photos online

Eowyth Eorwine has posted an album of photos from the Mongol Invasion event in the Kingdom of Calontir on the Lionskin Photo Galleries website.

Estrella to feature jousting tournament

Lady Isabol de Chateau Cheval Noire has announced that there will be a Jousting Tournament at this year's Estrella War on Saturday, February 16, 2008.

Photos from First Annual Trimaris Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Tournament

Lady Hilary of Marcaster, Historian/Chronicler for the Trimaris Equestrians, has posted albums of photos from the recent 1st Annual Trimaris Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Tournament.

[MER] Northern Cavalry Practice

Just a friendly reminder, the Northern Cavalry Practice will be held Saturday December 29 in Mentone Alabama. We have well trained rentals available for $10 you get a horse for the day, for any level of rider from first timers to the more experienced. If you are interested in attending the practice please e-mail me off list (logansilveraxe@gmail.com) so I can make arrangements for the horses. Location:
Kingdom of Meridies (Mentone, Alabama)

[WES] Vino Comperio Veritas Venator

We invite you to come and share the day with us as our Noble Equestrian Hunters compete for the Title of "Venator!" of the Caer Darths 1st "Vino Challenge Course!" After which expect a "sport" challenge!

Don't have a horse?! You can still participate in the Hunt! We will have a Rapier Tournament! to celebrate the "Glory of the Hunt!" There will be a Spear and Javelin throwing competition! - Show off your prowess! The equestrian challenge course will be made up of obstacles that a Huntercould face while trying to complete a Quest Hunt! Location:
Barony of Caer Darth (Santa Cruz, California)

Time Team reenactor dies in joust

A re-enactor, filming a segment of the BBC's Time Team series, was killed recently when a splinter from a lance flew through the eye slit of his helmet and entered his eye.

[OUT] Sir Berold's Southern Outlands Unbelted Tournament Series

The first two Unbelted Tournaments will be held at Nahrun Kabirun's SCA encampment at the DAAC Renaissance Arts & Crafts Faire to be held on the 3rd & 4th of November respectively.

The first Tournament of the series fought on Saturday the 3rd will be fought using Single Sword, on hand. If the on hand is struck, then the off hand may be utilized.

The second tourney of the series will be fought on Sunday the 4th using Location:
DAAC Renaissance Arts & Crafts Faire (Las Cruces New Mexico)

Pictures from Bryn Gwlad's Fall Baronial event

Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon has announced the publication of an album of photos from Bryn Gwlad's fall baronial event in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

[WES] Cynagua Fall Coronet

Their Highnesses of Cynagua, Dregel and Bronwen, invite one and all to witness the choosing of Their successors! Do you want to come to a site where there are no city lights, no close neighbors, no factories, no car races and no boom boxes? Then come to Cynagua Fall Coronet at the Camelot Equestrian Park located between Chico and Oroville, which we will be using this site for its first time.

Are you new the SCA or know someone new? Come one, come all, to the Newcomer's Forum at the Evenstar Keep Sunshade at 1:00 pm, Saturday. Location:
Barony of Rivenoak (Chico, California)

A Day in Medieval Life photos online

Antonio Felluci has posted an album of photos from the recent Brockshire Abbey demo "A Day in Medieval Life." The demo took place in the Kingdom of Atlantia.