Equestrian Combat

Equestrian archery, equestrian melee, jousting, and related activities

Historic photo proves early equestrian participation

Those who believe that equestrian activities are new in the Society for Creative Anachronism, will want to pay a visit to the The History of the Kingdom of The West: The First Coronation and Crown Tournament website and view the photo of Henrik of Havn.

[MID] Brendokenfest 2009

The Barony of Brendoken cordially invites you to attend Brendokenfest 2009, to be held April 25 at the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds in Dover, Ohio.

[ATL] Journey Through Time

Join us on our journey to celebrate time periods of the Known World! We will compete on the field, on horseback, and the gentler pursuits of the arts and sciences. And for those who love a challenge, join the Quest and find out who was who in our time! Prizes will be awarded for each martial discipline and for A&S competitions.

Lysts at Castleton video highlights best of the SCA

"The most beautiful event in the SCA" (at least to Ansteorrans) is featured in a wonderful short film posted by Sir Giotto" on YouTube. The beautifully-edited film advertises the upcoming Lysts at Castleton event.

Mountains Gate at the 2008 Placerville Christmas Parade

Miriam reports that a small album of photos taken at the 2008 Placerville Christmas Parade are now available online. The Shire of Mountains Gate (Kingdom of the West) participated in the parade.

2nd century bronze chariot found in Bulgaria

A bronze-plated, elaborately-decorated chariot dating to the 2nd century was found recently at an ancient Thracian tomb in southeastern Bulgaria. Experts believe the vehicle was buried as part of the belongings of a wealthy Thracian aristocrat.

Bordermarch's Autum Melees photos online

Lady Brenna MacDonald has uploaded an album of photos from the recent Autumn Melees in Ansteorra's Bordermarch (BAM).

Website provides history and patterns for horse barding

Ceara ní Néill has found online documentation covering the history of barding for horses during the Middle Ages. The document, in PDF format, also offers patterns.

Crimson Sands photos online

Rizardo has posted an album of photos from the Crimson Sands event which took place recently in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Syr Loric Silvestris winner of Gleann Abhann Crown Tourney

Magdalena reports that Syr Loric Silvestris, fighting for Mistress Diana of the Isles, was the winner of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

[OUT] Caer Galen Toys for Tots

The time draws nigh for people of the Outlands to once again come forward and show the world how things should be. How the concepts of Chivalry, Courtesy, and Honor didn't die in the Middle Ages, but live on today in those of us who think those things still matter. Time once again for us to help those less fortunate find hope in these troubling times.

Caer Galen Toys for Tots
November 15, 2008 Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Longmont, Colorado)

Jousting at WOW III

Elisabeth Hansler of the Canton of Attillium has posted photos from equestrian activities at the recent War of the Wings III in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

[CAI] Queen's Equestrian Championship

Hark! 'Tis the thunder of hooves! Valiant riders and their noble steeds shall compete in honor of Our Queen in a competition of skill and strategy. Join Her Majesty Kolfinna and Her Court on Sunday, November 16, 2008, for the Queen's Equestrian Championship Tourney.

Riders of all skill levels are encouraged to take part in the many competitions and activities honoring Queen Kolfinna. Garb your destriers in their most elaborate trappings; bring your most colorful banners and pennants; display your courtesy and your martial prowess in this day of challenge and competition! Activities are planned for non-riders and non-combatants as well, so that everyone may share in the pleasure of the day. Location:
Barony of Altavia (Chino, California)

World Invitational Joust, 2008 coming to California in November

The only competitive jousting championship outside of the UK will take place in Poway, CA November 1 and 2, 2008. The Tournament of the Phoenix is sanctioned by the Royal Armouries of England.

[ATL] de Montfort Open Barn

Atlantian Cavalry Workshop: Opportunities to learn more about horses and equipment used in several mounted games. Please wear comfortable jeans and closed toe shoes (tennis shoes are fine) if you plan on being around the horses. No fee for use of horse(s) during this time. There will be 7 horses available. Complimentary overnight stalls available if hauling.

de Montfort Open Barn
5001 Fontanelle Lane Location:
Effingham, South Carolina

World Invitational Joust, 2008

Think you've seen jousting? Think again! This is no dinner show, this is real competition. Cheer top riders from around the world as they battle it out in a weekend of exciting jousting action. Historic Enterprises brings you the only competitive jousting outside the UK sanctioned by the Royal Armouries of England. Don’t miss a single thrilling moment of this unique, world class event.

World Invitational Joust, 2008 - Tournament of the Phoenix Location:
Historic Enterprises (Poway, California)

[OUT] Renaissance Arts Faire

Hear ye, hear ye good and gentle people of the Known World. The time is nigh for the Renaissance Arts Faire in the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun. We would be honored to have you all join us for the festivities. There will be jousting, fighting and dancing and crafts enough to please everyone.

Young Park
1905 Nevada Ave.
Las Cruces , NM 88001

Date: Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd Location:
Shire of Nahrun Kabirun (Las Cruces , New Mexico)

Shava's photos from Autumn Rose

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her photos and memories from the recent Autumn Rose event in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Equestrian photos from Valor 2008

Doe ni Floinn has posted an album of equestrian photos from Valor 2008 which took place recently in the Kingdom of Calontir.

[ANS] Protectorate XXXII

Their Excellencies, Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair and Muriel ingen Gille Crist do bid all warm greetings and are pleased to invite all the populace of the known world to Namron's Protectorate!

This year, as every year, courageous warriors from around the kingdom and the known world will compete to be named Protector of Namron. Three champions will be selected by way of honorable combat. One protector each will be selected in the arts of Armored Combat, Rapier Combat and Equestrian Combat. Location:
Barony of Namron (Cleveland, Oklahoma)

Academy da Cavalaria 2

"Teaching the History of Horsemanship and the art of riding well."


(25 Minutes East of Boise, ID)

September 6th, September 20th, & October 25th, 2008

Also see:
ht Location:
Dream River Ranch, Arh Hold, Artemisia. (25 Minutes East of Boise, ID)

[ART] Academy da Cavalaria 2

"Teaching the History of Horsemanship and the art of riding well."


(25 Minutes East of Boise, ID)

September 6th, September 20th, & October 25th, 2008

Also see:
ht Location:
Dream River Ranch in Arn Hold, Artemisia. (25 Minutes East of Boise, ID)

Equestrian Authorization Clinic

Rannveigr and I will be holding a free authorization/rider clinic on September 6, 2008, from 11 AM until 3 PM at Van Dee Stables in Waterford , PA.

This is not an event. However, it will be the last official practice we hold in Stormsport for the balance of 2008. Since we have paid for SCA equestrian insurance we can do authorizations. We will provide equipment for basic games and a few specialty authorizations. To a more limited Location:
Waterford , Pennsylvania

Shava's views of Poorman's Pennsic XVI

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, of the Kingdom of Northshield, shares her thoughts and photos of Poorman's Pennsic XVI which took place recently in the Shire of Falcon's Keep.

Re-enacting medieval cavalry with Henrik Olsgaard

Finnvarr has posted an "account of Duke Henrik of Havn's participation in the reenactments at Hastings in 2000/2006" on his blog. The article discusses re-enacting the medieval cavalry.

West Kingdom June 2008 Crown Tourney and Golden Rivers Rapier Championship photos online

Aine de Lacy reports that she has created an album of photos from the recent June Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the West. She also sharea an album of photos from Golden Rivers Rapier Championship & Collegium.

[GLE] Aphar Faire

The Shire of Lagerdamm proudly presents Aphar Faire - to be held in Conway, AR on 8/8-8/10.

There will be:

  • Heavy Fighting
  • Light Fighting
  • Archery
  • Equestrian Activities (YES you read correctly - Equestrian Activities)
  • Classes
  • Children's Activities
  • Merchants
  • and a wonderful feast prepared by Lord Ibrahim and THL Arianna...

Mark your calen Location:
Shire of Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)

[OUT] Coursers & Quivers

Come out one and all to the Unser Hafen Equestrian and Archery Championships at Coursers & Quivers. We are looking forward to a good turnout of Northern Outlands best archers & riders.

Sunday, August 3rd
Sun Pony Ranch, Berthoud, CO (http://www.sunponyranch.com/ for directions)

Site Opens 9 a.m.
Archery check-in/warmup 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Berthoud, Colorado)

Preparing for the International Jousting Circuit

You know that jousting begs recognition when it's being covered by the Wall Street Journal. In the video, reporter Max Colchester interviews jouster Fred Piraux.

Caelin on Andrede's photos from Lysts at Castleton

Caelin on Andrede from the Kingdom of Ansteorra has published four sets of photos from the recent Lysts at Castleton event.