Merchants offering goods and services of likely interest to readers

Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises

Chivalry Bookshelf/Revival Enterprises is a source for historical military & civilian clothing, footwear, and books on arms & armor, medieval history, and Western martial arts.

Chivalry Sports

Chivalry sports has medieval and Renaissance costumes, accessories, armor, swords and other weapons, as well as games, gifts and collectibles.


Shrewwood sells uniquely carved items with an eye to the past in horn, antler, wood, leather, amber and bone. Designs are influenced by Celtic and Scandinavian Dark Age artifacts.

Talbot's Fine Accessories

Talbot's offers replica medieval jewelry and accessories, historical artifacts and antiquities, and books and pamphlets on topics on shoemaking, metalworking, and other topics.

Blackwood Jewellery

Replica jewelry, belts, garters, and other accessories are available from Blackwood Jewellery.

Fettered Cock Pewters Fine Medieval Wares

Fettered Cock Pewters sells pewter items, belts and belt fittings, games, fine jewelry in silver and gold, furniture, household goods, dress accessories and more!

Billy and Charlie's Finest Quality Pewter Goods

Billy and Charlie's Pewter offers replica medieval pewter jewelry, belt fittings, pilgrim signs, spoons, bells, whistles, and knicknacks which are cast in handmade stone molds.

Designs by Kate

Designs by Kate provides all sorts of medieval and renaissance garb, including "cloaks, capes, doublets, jerkins, shirts, tunics, breeches, leines, chaperons, cowls, flat hats, tams, coifs, monk's ensembles, robes, snoods, buttons & clasps, ostrich feathers and feather cockades, as well as books about Renaissance clothing and general knowledge of the Renaissance period."


Urweg specializes in Nordic-themed items, including jewelry, hairpieces, belts, pouches and bags, and drinking horns.

Lady Pegleg Gifts & Crafts

Lady Pegleg's Gifts and Crafts offers period game boards and pieces, wood furniture, and ornamental wood carvings (mostly with a Celtic theme).

Thorny Rose

Thorny Rose provides men's and ladies' garb, cloaks, and accessories.

House Morningstar

House Morningstar supplies hand-made garments of natural fibers, costume accessories, books, leather goods, and pewter feast ware, along with various other medievalist items.


Realeather provides bulk and specialty leather, hides, strapping, tools, and supplies. Leather is available in a variety of weights, textures, and colors. They also carry armour-weight leather.

Historic Enterprises

Since 1996, Historic Enterprises has been bringing high quality reproduction items to historic sites and historical enthusiasts worldwide. All of their offerings are based on historical material, and many are exact reproductions of pieces from museums and private collections. They provide an historical accuracy rating and documentation online, quick shipping, first rate customer service.

Amazonia Enterprises

Amazonia Enterprises, also known as "Swords by James the Just", provides rapier weaponry and protective gear suitable for use in the SCA and other groups.

Drachenstein Treasures

Master Lothair von Drachenstein runs this jewelry shop which provides all sorts of jewelry and decorative metalwork, crowns and coronets, emblems and medallions of state for officers, and various garb accessories.

Crafty Celts

The Crafty Celts specializes in jewelry from the Celtic period of European history.

New Web Magazine for SCA & Folk Musicians

AmberWyvern Studios, a recording studio and publisher that focuses on medieval and folk music and features SCA bardic arts, has announced a quarterly web-based magazine for SCAdian and folk musicians and bards.

3rd Annual Day at the Medieval Faire Demo

The Shire of Kings Crossing is proud to announce that it will be having its 3rd Annual Day at the Faire Demo, which will be held from 11:00 until 5:00 on Saturday, February 19, 2005 at the Washington Mall in Washington, PA.

AmberWyvern™ Studios, LLC

Amber Wyvern provides high-quality multimedia production and editing services to a wide range of consumers, individuals, small businesses, and major corporations. Their production facility features state-of-the-art media production equipment, software, and tools.

Market Day at Birka

The winter months herald the onset of many gatherings, not the least of which is the annual Market Day at Birka.

Hill Art

The Hill Art's mission is to supply the re-enactor with quality hand spinning and needle felting equipment. They are also a source for all-natural yarns and woolen fabrics.

Estrella Merchant Advertising Deadline Approaches

Lady Anita de Challis, Publicity-crat for the Estrella War, has announced that the deadline for merchants wishing to advertise in the Estrella War gatebook is fast approaching.

New email list helps SCAdians "recycle" unwanted items

Do you have something you don't want or need any more, and would like to give free to another medievalist as an alternative to throwing it away? This new YahooGroups list can help.

Medieval Holiday Gifts

Dame Aoife presents her guide to historical holiday gifts and their modern counterparts for the medievalists on your list.

Ring Lord

The Ring Lord provides raw materials and tools for making ring mail and chain mail of various sorts. The web site also has an extensive gallery of customers' finished projects and works-in-progress.

Lonely Mountain Forge

Located in Blakely, Pennsylvania, the Lonely Mountain Forge is an armour and weaponry manufacturer that provides highly-authentic fighting gear as well as Tolkien-inspired fantasy creations. They specialize in the period from 500 BC to approximately 1100 CE, but also branch out into later periods.

Polar Bear Forge — Custom Blades

Polar Bear Forge is committed to making fine blades, ranging from an everyday work knife to a historically influenced reproduction. Custom orders are available on all blades so that you can add your own touch to your design. Quality is very important, and all blades are built to be used, abused, and then used some more.

Calontir Trim

Calontir Trim is exactly what you would expect from their name: a merchant based in Calontir, with a very large selection of trim for making garb.

Knights Next Door

The Knights Next Door: Everyday People Living Middle Ages Dreams, by Patrick O'Donnell gives an inside look at the people and events of the Current Middle Ages.