Merchants offering goods and services of likely interest to readers

DeCordene Wireworks

DeCordene Wireworks is a chainmail purveyor offering armor, jewelry, fun stuff, ladies' wear, loose rings (over 370 styles), tools, custom work, specials, garage sale and miscellaneous items. The web site also offers How-To guides with a sizing chart.

Waldryk's Armory

All armor produced is as close to period/cultural reproduction as possible without deviating from the standards of safety required on the battlefield. Period re-enactment groups are also welcome. All armor can be made to reproduction specs and of lighter gauges of steel than SCA regulation armor. Custom arrangements can be made for items not in the catalog.

Darkridge Jewels

Darkridge Jewels is a goldsmith and silversmith, and offers items of the lapidary arts as well. They feature handcrafted jewelry, crowns, and coronets.

Thaden Armory

Thaden Armory specializes in custom-tailored armour reproductions and armour-related hardware.

Burnt Village Wares

Burnt Village Wares is a merchant source for all things Norse -- swords, knives, axes, spears, throwing knives & axes, chain mail, jewelry, handcrafted items, drinking horns.

Brazen Button

Brazen Button offers a wide variety of buttons and clasps. They specialize in buttons and clasps for SCA usage.

Long Island Meadery

Long Island Meadery is run by Lord Magnus (mka Paul Holm), a SCAdian brewer from the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn in the East Kingdom. Among his other accomplishments, Magnus has been the keynote speaker at the New York City Homebrewers' Guild in May 2005.

Garb the World

Garb the World provides custom made clothing and period shoes for all body sizes. Choose your own styles, colors, and trims. They offer a wide variety of goods, including tunics, pants, cloaks, dresses, kilts, shirts, robes, veils, etc., and they have leather goods, including long ring belts of all colors. Featured items include "First-Time Specials" as well as outfits for Vikings, Normans, Anglo-Saxons, and even Jutes.

Stuart Corporation of America is "Stuart Corporation of America", a family-owned business in the state of Washington (U.S. west coast). They import mass-produced boots that are suitable for use in many living history organizations. Levels of authenticity vary; some of the boots have zippers and some do not, as described on the product catalog pages.

SCA Auctions

Exclusively for SCA members, SCA Auctions allows you to buy and sell period clothing, apparel, collectables, weapons, and everything else SCA-related. Sign up and begin to buy and sell by auction or "buy it now". There is no charge for a basic auction with up to one image.

Viking's Hoard

The Viking's Hoard is located in Marche Three Towers, Barony of Brendoken, Middle Kingdom. They sell incense, massage oil, children's toys, clothing for size small to 5X, blankets, handcarved walking sticks, and wooden "folding" chairs.

Reenactor Fest

I am thrilled to announce that Reenactor Fest, the first EVER national convention for historical reenactors and military history enthusiasts is OFFICIALLY ON! The date is February 3-5, 2006 at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Park, IL.

Brigid's Forge

Brigid's Forge is a silversmith merchant featuring Celtic, Norse, and Pagan themed jewelry and accessories. Located in the state of Mississippi, this is a family business founded in 1991.

Noir Records

Noir Records is a U.S. record label that has become the home of many of Europe's most popular medieval bands, including Corvus Corax, Estampie, Irfan and Qntal.

New film showcases SCA at Estrella War

Underachiever Films has just released Estrella XX (A Beautiful War), a feature-length documentary about the SCA. The documentary was filmed on location at Estrella XX, held in Atenveldt in February 2004.

Underachiever Films

Underachiever Films is the production company offering Estrella XX (A Beautiful War). The feature-length documentary was created as an introduction to the SCA and features 45 minutes of armoured combat footage as well as interviews with SCA folk.


Armlann offers footwear, forgework, castings and leather goods.

Minnesota reporter discovers delights of Pompeii

Chris Welsch, a reporter for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, walks the streets of the city of Pompeii, a city frozen in time by a volcanic erruption.

SCAdian from Calontir to appear on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Steven Boyd, known in the SCA as Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis, owner of Calontir Trim, will appear on the daytime gameshow "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on Thursday, February 17.

Rusty Rapier

The Rusty Rapier is a purveyor of fine handcrafted medieval games and other sundries for the refined medieval enthusiast. They have games ranging from the classic morris family to the little known, like fanorona and surakarta, and they are adding more all the time.

Gallowglass Academy

The Gallowglass Academy is a professional martial arts school that provides classes on rapier, schlager, and fencing combat techniques. They also offer modern-world self-defense classes in martial arts and firearms.

GreyCat Designs

Custom crafted medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy garb for men and women.

Promise Land Ranch — Medieval Arms and Armor

Promise Land offers everything from chain maille to wooden weapons to leather armor, all built by hand for an authentic look that cannot be achieved by the use of machines. They offer many exclusive custom products as well.

Raised Gold

Raised Gold is a purveyor of quality illuminated miniatures professionally painted by Countess Nerissa de Saye, OL.

Shopping at Estrella

Want to plan your spending spree at the Estrella War? A complete list of merchants is now available online.

Sir Blackhand

Sir Blackhand prints the SCA Kingdoms' devices on window stickers. Each Kingdom and a generic SCA sticker are available, as is the "Take Courage" tennis ball crossbow for use in SCA combat archery as done in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Jeff Brown Pottery: Medieval Raeren Stoneware Pottery

This potter offers a collection of stoneware jugs, mugs, and bottles, based on interpretations of original examples, diagrams, and photographs of Raeren pottery of the 15th century.

Steve Millingham Pewter Replicas

Steve Millingham supplies a wide range of historically-accurate pewter replicas of medieval and Renaissance jewelry and accessories, as well as some drinking vessels and other goods.

Jelling Dragon

The Jelling Dragon is a purveyor of Roman, Viking and other medieval replicas, including swords and weapons, armor, jewelry, leathercraft, eating utensils, and clothing and accessories.

Syke's Sutlering

Syke's offers books, clothing, and other accoutrements (largely for 17th century goods, but also some for earlier periods).