Merchants offering goods and services of likely interest to readers

Badger's Den

Purveyor of tents by Panther Pavilions as well as clothing, boots, feastware, scribal supplies, children's toys, sheepskin rugs & pillows, lanterns and oil lamps, badger balms, rattan, rubber axe heads, sword hardware, and and more. is designed to link SCAdians offering to sell, or barter, modern-world or period skills, with those seeking to purchase such services.

SCA Business web site connects buyers and sellers of period and modern services

Sir Colin MacLear is creating a web site designed to link SCAdians offering to sell or barter period or modern services with other SCAdians who are seeking those services. The site is scheduled to be online in October 2004.

Panther Primitives

Panther Primitives has tents and other canvas structures from numerous cultures and historical periods, including the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Native American, Viking, Roman, and the American Civil and Revolutionary Wars.

Pillaged Village

The Pillaged Village is a medieval-themed "general store" with garb, fabric, accessories, trim, trinkets, and other items to round out your wardrobe and campsite.

Sewing Central

Sewing Central, run by Lord Vlad de Jaffa and Lady Eliseé du Lyonnais, has period patterns, fabrics, and books related to costuming and other textile arts.

Qamar Franji Eastern Arts

Qamar Franji is a SCAdian merchant specializing in books and supplies for those interested in Middle Eastern persona.

Treasure Cast Pewter Products

TreasureCast designs and manufactures pewter jewelry, cloak clasp, belts, and more.

Mystic Mail

An Internet café at Pennsic War? You bet!

Renaissance Jewelry & Medieval Jewelry by Dorothea

Beautiful handcrafted Renaissance, Medieval and Elizabethan jewelry designs incorporate unique handmade glass stones & Czech glass pearls among other components.

Idaho Company Builds Real Castles for Medievalists

Who among our readers doesn't secretly dream of living in a medieval castle, except without all the draftiness and lack of plumbing? A company in An Tir combines modern features with medieval construction — and they offer a discount for SCAdians!

Castle Magic

Do you secretly long to live in a real stone castle? Believe it or not, there is a company in Idaho that will actually design and build it for you. Small castles start at around US$200K, while large ones cost several times as much.

Sapphire & Sage Renaissance Jewelry & Accessories

Handcrafted Renaissance/Medieval Era portrait-inspired jewlery: girdle belts, necklaces, earrings, bodice jewelry, brooches, circlets, collars, rings, beaded trim, loose pearls and stones, and more. Custom orders welcomed.

Master Knuut's Welded Chainmail

Master Knuut, who has been making chain mail in the SCA for 30 years, offers welded-link coifs, aventails, hauberks, and other products in stainless steel or titanium, flat or round wire.

Merchant Reports Large Theft, Seeks Help Locating Goods

A merchant, Autumn Tree Productions, seeks help in locating US$4000 in goods that were stolen last weekend.

Sign of the Tiger Woodworking

Run by Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery, and his wife, Teofilia Karaszkiewicza, they produce musuem replica and custom furniture and camp goods.

Baron's Haven Freehold Inc.

Baron's Haven Freehold, Inc., is an effort to build a full time year round and very large historic living facility. Although similar to a Ren Faire in that it will be open to the public, BHFI differs in its attention to historical accuracy, its open-participation model for medieval living history groups, and its mission to be a full-year facility.

Effingham's Heraldic Avatars

Baron Edward of Effingham, creator of Effingham's Heraldic Avatars, is a graphic artist who creates sophisticated 2D and 3D renderings of heraldic devices and other logo-like graphics for a modest fee.