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Barony of Aquaterra

The Barony of Aquaterra is located in the Kingdom of An Tir, in the modern-day U.S. state of Washington.

Barony of Rowany

The Barony of Rowany is the SCA branch in the Sydney, Australia metropolitan area. They are part of the Kingdom of Lochac.

Camera Lucida

A combination of blog and aggregator site run by Ze'ev ben 'Arye, a SCAdian musician.

Pennsic Independent To Include Court Reports

The Pennsic Independent plans to include court reports this year, and needs help from the populace to accomplish this.

Blue Dragons

The Blue Dragons are a Middle Ages reenactment group that specializes in theatrical combat techniques. They provide instruction in the use of various medieval weaponry, and their programs are open to both men and women.

Erevnite Asteron

Erevnite Asteron is a small household whose members hail from various parts of the Middle Kingdom. Several members of the staff are members of this household, which was founded in 1992 by Milica and Justin. The web site contains, among other things, extensive photo albums of events attended by Erevnite Asteron members.


Like many web sites, provides a "syndication" mechanism to allow other sites to display our headlines with clickable links back to the full story on our site. on LiveJournal

Someone has created a user called "scatoday" on LiveJournal™. Those who read newsfeeds through this web site can add this user to their "friends" list to see the newsfeed on their personal blog page.

The Quarter

The Quarter is a humorous — and entirely unofficial — parody newsletter published (well, duh!) quarterly by a band of rogues and scoundrels located in Antarctica, which surprisingly is within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Trimaris. Making fun of peerages, royalty, heralds, A&S mavens, fighters,, and more heralds is all in a day's work for The Quarter. Definitely worth the reading!

Mystic Mail

An Internet café at Pennsic War? You bet!

"Pennsic.Net is a collection of (unofficial) information about Pennsic War and other things useful, useless, and entertaining. There are many interactive forums where you can meet members of the Pennsic community all year round."

Pennsic Independent to be Available in PDF Format

Pennsic Independent Publisher Heirusalem Crystoma has announced that a "Home Edition" of the paper is now available by subscription in PDF format.

Pennsic Independent Changes Location

The Pennsic Independent will be in at a new location this year.

Pennsic Independent

The Pennsic Independent is a newspaper actually published in paper and electronic form directly from the Pennsic War each year.

The Battered Blade

The online newsletter for the shire of An Dun Theine

Midnight Fantasy

A poetry web site with some erotica (may be unsuitable for young web surfers) is a web site devoted to helping female warriors from all kingdoms to achieve their best possible proficiency.

Known World Web

Known World Web is a general-interest SCA news site.

House Stalhgeist

House Stahlgeist is a large and prestigious household in the Middle Kingdom.

Legio Draconis

Legio Draconis is a publication of a fighting household in the Middle Kingdom. The site is primarily devoted to armoured combat, but also includes other martial arts and some general news items.