New Discoveries Show Use of Roman Fortress Walls

British Archaeology: Archaelogists working on the site of the medieval St. Leonard's Hospital have discovered that Roman fortress walls may have been in use until after the Norman conquest.

An Tir Announces Scribal Contest

The Kingdom Scribes Office of An Tir has announced that it will sponsor a contest for original award scrolls.

Photos from Lochac Crown Tourney Available

Lady Katerina da Brescia has posted photographs from the Lochac Crown Tourney held November 2, 2002 at Longwood in Innilgard.

Lochac Has New Heirs

Cornelius von Becke, fighting for Morwenna Branwynt, was the winner of the weekend's Lochac Crown Tourney.

SCA Budget Online

Members interested in the numbers may now take a look at the SCA budget online.

SCA President Addresses International Aspects of Nonmember Surcharge

In a message to the SCA Announcements list, Her Excellency Baronessa Francesca di Pavia, President, SCA Inc., addressed the issue of the Non-Member Surcharge outside of the United States.

Drachenwald Seeks Seneschal for Southern Region

THL Barcsi Janos, Chatelain of Drachenwald, announced yesterday that Drachenwald is seeking a Seneschal for the Southern Region.

Trick or Treat SCA-Style

For SCAdian children around the world, trick or treating is just another chance to wear garb. Branwen ferch Katerin, a ten-year-old holder of the Midrealm's "Dragon's Treasure" award, used her imagination to take trick-or-treating one step beyond the realm of Muggles.

Vigils Set for Feast of the Hare in Ealdormere

Two Ladies of Ealdormere will be sitting vigil at Feast of the Hare, November 9, 2002.

Duct Tape: It Isn't Just for Armor Anymore

From the battlefield to the most formal court, duct tape is always appropriate - at least according to

Riding the Trebuchet

Ever wonder what it feels like to "ride a trebuchet?" Ron L. Toms will tell you.

Midrealm Seeks Volunteer Needleworkers

Sir David deKunstenaar has requested that gentles interested in working on a Midrealm sewing project contact him.

East Kingdom University: A Day in the Guild Hall

The Shire of Iron Bog (Camden, NJ) will play host to EKU - A Day in the Guild Hall, January 18, 2003.

Drachenwald University Classes Updated

The Autocrats of the Drachenwald University, to be held November 15-17, 2002 in the Shire of Harpelstane in Glasgow, Scotland, announce changes to the class list.

Viking Ships on Display in Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway hosts the three best-preserved Viking ships in existence.

Lochac Order of Precedence Online

Master Gwynfor Lwyd, Baron Stormhold announced that Lochac's Order of Precedence and Gentry Lists may be searched online.

Hewlett-Packard Posts Vatican Treasures Online

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Computer giant Hewlett-Packard is working with the Vatican to put selected treasures from the Apostolic Library online.

Calontir Award Artwork Available

THL Toli the Curious of Barony of Mag Mor has made available downloadable images of Calontir's award heraldry.

Illuminated Manuscripts on Display in Leuven

Over one hundred illuminated manuscripts are on display at the Museum Vander Kelen-Mertens in Leuven, Belgium until December 8, 2002.

Medieval Monastery Uncovered in Bern, Switzerland

Swissinfo: Imogen Foulkes of Swissinfo reports that construction workers in Bern have uncovered the remains of a medieval monastery.

SimSCA Game Lets You Build Virtual Personae

The Quarter: The Quarter has an hilarious SCAdian parody of the popular SimCity (TM) series of games from Maxis.

Stronghold of the Warriors Gate Demo Garners National Coverage

Stars and Stripes: A demo manned by members of the Stronghold of the Warriors Gate of the Western Kingdom, a shire at Osan Air Base in South Korea, was featured in a recent Pacific issue of Stars and Stripes Magazine.

Textile Treasures on Display in Munich

Stella Seraphina von Leuchtenberg announced that the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich will host "Textile Treasures from Renaissance and Baroque."

Malta Fever Linked to Bad Cheese in Ancient Italy

Discovery News: Medical researchers studying remains from the towns of Herculaneum and Stabiae have discovered a disease of the joints thought to be caused by contaminated cheese.

Iron Age Ranching in England

Researchers from the English Heritage, a conservation society, believe that mysterious crop lines provide evidence for Iron Age cattle ranching.

Italian "Stonehenge" Discovered Two columns of granite blocks, reminiscent of Stonehenge, have been found in Calabria in southern Italy.

Viking Remains Found in Warburton, England

Manchester Online: Archaeologists from the University of Manchester have discovered both Viking and Roman artifacts at a site near the village of Warburton, England.

Treaty for Estrella War XIX Online

Robert of Deerbourne, Kingdom Webminister for the Outlands, has announced that the Treaty for Estrella War XIX is now online.

Grimm's Tents Notes Deadline for Reservations at 2002 Prices

Grimm's Inc., a major supplier of rental tents to Pennsic staff and to attending groups and households, announces January 1, 2003 as the deadline of reserving Pennsic 32 tents at the same price as Pennsic 31.

Barony Flaming Gryphon has New Champion

The Barony of Flaming Gryphon, located in southwestern Ohio, hosted its Baronial Championships last weekend. Here's an excellent report written by a gentle who was there.