Merchant Information for Ice Dragon

Due to miscommunications, the merchant information for the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael (Hamburg, NY), March 15, 2003, was not listed in the January newsletter.

AEthelmearc Increases Population

Their Majesties of AEthelemarc welcome Veronica Rose Gramm to Their Kingdom.

David Cooper of Tyndale to Become Pelican at Crown Tourney

On January 18, 2003 at Crown Tournament in Three Rivers, (Calontir) David Cooper of Tyndale will be elevated to the Order of the Pelican.

Scadians on Active Duty in the Persian Gulf Listed

Dagonell, Webmaster of Heronter in AEthelemarc, has created a website to list all Scadians on active duty in the Gulf.

Anglo-Saxon for Computer Programmers

According to Carl T. Berkhout, a glossary of Anglo-Saxon words for computer programmers is a handy tool for technical writers who "strive for greater clarity and simplicity in their writing."

Tolkien Editor Aids in Learning Old English

English professor Michael Drout has provided a course in Old English, including "King Alfred's Grammar Book," and "King Alfred," an Old English translation program, which allow users to learn the language and discover its beauty.

SCA Minstrels Have Home on the Web

The SCA Minstrel Homepage, hosted by Gregory Blount of Isenfir (Greg Lindahl), offers a home for those interested in all manner of performing arts from the fall of Rome until 1600.

Directory of SCA Households Returns to the Web

Jeffrey C. Smith of Parsberg, Germany has re-posted his Directory of SCA Households with a new, automated look.

Virtual Museum of Medieval Middle Eastern Artifacts

Calontir List: Lord Michael and Lady Neathery have shared their wealth of knowledge, photographs, and travel experience in a virtual museum on their websites.

Unicycle Jousting

While a student at Oregon State University, Brian Lewis tried unicycle jousting with a closet rod topped with a tennis ball. Since then he's refined his game.

Topica to Host On-Line Discussion of Medieval Deeds of Arms

Finnvarr de Taahe will lead an on-line discussion of medieval deeds of arms on the Tournament Companies List starting Jan. 13.

A Wealth of Information on Medieval France

Aoife (Lis) of Endless Hills shares her annotated list of websites and links dealing with Medieval France.

AEthelmearc and Chirurgeonate Mourn Passing of Lady Aine Morgwen na Dhirmida

Charleston Gazette: Former Blackstone Mountain Herald and Chirurgeon Lady Aine (mka Susan Cobb Harshbarger), has died.

Missing Ad Won't Stop Festival of Maidens 30 in W

The Barony of W

"The Big Project" in Calontir

The citizens of Calontir are being encouraged to put their biggest, best and darkest plans and schemes on paper for this winter's Crown Tourney.

Search for Tweed Bridge Planned

The Scotsman: Archaeologists in Scotland are searching for the remains of an Anglo-Saxon bridge spanning the River Tweed believed to have been commissioned by a 7th century king.

Chivalry Makes a Comeback

Great Falls Tribune: In March or April, The Discovery Channel will air a re-creation of a jousting match with museum-grade armor and weapon reproductions.

Early Highlanders Spoke Norse

The Herald: Archaeologists have found artifacts in the Scottish Highlands nearly identical to those in Norway.

SCA to Participate in Miniature Gaming Convention

SCA members in Pennsylvania will offer a demo at the Cold Wars Convention of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society-East March 7-9, 2003 in Lancaster, PA.

MK Order of the Rose & Viscounty Site is Live

I am most pleased to announce to you that the Middle Kingdom's Order of the Rose and Viscounty site went live today! Happy 12th Night!

University of New Paris to be Held in Estonia

The University of New Paris will be held January 17-19, 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Renaissance Terracotta Brings Record Price

The Art Newspaper: Riccio's extraordinarily rare and tender terracotta of the Virgin and Child sold for a staggering

Magna Graecia Through Jan. 5 at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Magna Graecia, the groundbreaking exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art is in its last few days. If you can, go there in person. If not, be sure to visit the on-line exhibition. The show features Western Greek art from eight different museums, and most pieces have never been seen in the US.

Coffee: "Lovelier Than a Thousand Kisses"

If you are a true worshipper of the Bean, you will want to visit the Coffee Science Information Centre for a scientific explanation of why coffee is the nectar of the gods.

Knattleikr - Not Just for Vikings Anymore

Bored? Looking for an exciting new/old game? Try Knattleikr, a cross between rugby and hurley, a Viking sport that will be demoed at the 2003 Medieval Conference.

Note to Article Contributors

The Webmaster provides some reminders for those contributing articles on this site.

Armoring Links

Here is a Christmas present for armorers: an extensive annotated list of armoring links and related websites posted by Lis on the AEthelmearc listserve.

History of the Crusades Online

An online version of the six-volume narrative history of the Crusades is now available online.

Points to Ponder: The Two Towers as a Badly-Run D&D Game

EN World: Find yourself switching into gaming mode during The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? So have others....

Middle Kingdom Welcomes New Subject

Their Majesties Tarrach and Fina of the Middle Kingdom have a new subject, Veronica Irene Lilly.